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Pope Benedict XVI to resign
Eyal Lehmann
Published: 11.02.13, 15:10
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1. I would like to apply. Whats the wages?
Haim ,   TA   (02.11.13)
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.11.13)
3. Haim #1
Dovid ,   Haifa   (02.11.13)
you would be a good choice. you are a goy so leaving the israel you seem to hate would be great for us all.
4. I am going to be glued to this live broadcast all day...
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (02.11.13)
5. That EVIL old man will NOT be missed !
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.11.13)
6. That decision is the writing on the wall for the
Chris Rettenmoser ,   Bayerisch Gmain Germ   (02.11.13)
WHOLE of the Catholic church ! TICK...TOCK...TICK...TOCK...!
7. Blessings
Adam Neira ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.11.13)
Blessings to Pope Benedict. He has done a good job in his tenure as head of the Roman Catholic Church over the last seven years, the recent peacemaking trip to Lebanon case in point. At his age he deserves a break from active and demanding public service.
8. No big deal
Brod ,   USA   (02.11.13)
He is an old man. He should have retired a long time ago. There is no big deal on this. The world's media should stop making a big deal from some insignificant thing. There is no point focusing on a man-made god of Paganism.
9. good decision & exciting prospects
Francesco Beroldo ,   UK   (02.11.13)
As the Pope stated the world has changed and it needs a fresher, younger and stronger person to deal with it. Maybe the relationship between the Catholic Church and the Jewish People, and the state of Israel, will also improve. These talkbacks attracts many spiteful remarks, as it often seems to be the case with religious orthodoxy in general, of any denomination; not very constructive or interesting; however the article is not opinionated, it is a simple nice piece of journalism by Ynet; thanks.
10. OK, maybe this Vatigate! Somone ratted out Ratzinger.
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (02.11.13)
With those naughty letters he obviously didn't learn from Tricky Dicky Nixon! Don't they have a shredder in the Vatican? The question is what have they got on him? Married to the Church....So much for "Till death do us part"! Maybe he will convert to Islam as he loves the Muslims so much!
11. Some of our Rabbis should do the same!
David ,   The Galilee   (02.11.13)
12. Vatican was buit on Lord Mithra's Temple!
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (02.11.13)
Mithraism was the ancient religion of the Persians (Before & around Zarathushtra). The Romans were defeted by the Persian Armies many times so they started believing in Persian Gods, Lord Mitra - The God of Light. His birthday was 21 December the Winter Solstice. It was a toss up as to what religion Romans choose between Christianity (Catholicism actually) or Mithraism. They were worried about the Persian Influence over the Roman Legionares who had been defeated by the Persian Armies so many times that they became Catholic. True Christianity is something else than what they claim. By teaching our children regardles of being Jew, Christian or Moslem etc.. That for us mortals the Holy Trinity is Good Thoughts, Good Words & Good Deeds and maybe most of these issues facing us all will be resolved especially Islamic Fundementalism.
13. But Peter's Ship goes on.
Luiz F Haddad ,   Niteroi, Brazil   (02.11.13)
Pope Benedict, despite of being too conservative, has talked very much with Jewish Rabbis, on the scope of reconciliation. After him, I do hope my Catholic Church upholds the renewed way, begun in II Vatican's Council. Past sins and crimes can not be denied, but they must be assumed and fought. Judeo-Christian friendship, and union, for a better world, pleases our God Unique.
14. #2
kkvbatman ,   brooklyn ny   (02.11.13)
#2 why dont u show some respect an shut your mouth people like u are the ones that make things worse let the man have some peace
15. #12 - Son of Cyrus
Devorah   (02.11.13)
Mithra is alive and well in the catholic church. Google "pope, mitre, mithra." The mitre represents the Babylonian sun fish. There is much, much more if one takes the time to investigate.
16. good riddance
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (02.11.13)
maybe obama can take the hint.
17. He realizes, he CANNOT stop the MARRIAGE of priests and HE
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (02.11.13)
opposed it. BUT the increasing cases of RAPES by priests did NOT let him with any choice left.
18. The Vatican is temporary,Israel is Eternal!!!
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome-Italy   (02.11.13)
19. Resigned my holy butt!!
Ilan ,   Ramat, Ilan   (02.11.13)
20. resigned my holy butt!
ilan ,   ramat gan   (02.11.13)
this was so forced! blackmailed maybe? gee,what could he have done?
21. #16, you guy got his sitting down place kicked, get over it
miki ,   tampa   (02.11.13)
22. #15 Devorah
Son Of Cyrus ,   UK   (02.11.13)
Dear Devorah, Greetings, Dorood & Shalom to you from UK and thank you for your talkback! Indeed there is a lot more to it! If you happen to have any links I will appreciate it very much if you could kindley send it to me. Thank you.
23. # 9...Would that more old men in high office
Edithann ,   USA   (02.11.13)
be so responsible and caring, as to think about the future instead of trying to maintain the past... TATA
24. nominate Sarah B
zionist forever   (02.11.13)
If they can be convinced into taking a female pope then I nominate Sarah B. She will soon have the Catholic church eating out the palm of Israels hands. She might even be able to get the church to return the things the romans stole from the temple but are now hidden away in the Vatican vaults.
25. His resignation is causing USD and Euro to move up/down
Ben R   (02.11.13)
who says us Jews rule the world - to coin the phrase..!?! :-)
26. maybe an opportune time
i ,   jerusalem   (02.11.13)
to liquidate the evil corporation and to return the stolen goods. I'm sure they have some qualified managers.
27. #15 are you for real?
muriel   (02.11.13)
are you for real? What a bucket of horse manure- and would you please mind your OWN business?
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