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Will church welcome black pope?
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Published: 11.02.13, 19:51
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1. Get Annat Hoffman
zionist forever   (02.11.13)
Annat Hoffman that trouble from Women of the Wall I am sure she will try. They have had a Pole & German and for the first time in 600 years a pope who stepped down rather than die in office so I think they will want something a little more traditional in the form of a white Italian. I think its going to be a while yet before Vatican is ready for a black pope.
2. I heard Obama stepped right up and
Steven Wilson ,   Anchorage, Alaska   (02.11.13)
sent a letter telling the Vatican that he felt up to the job... because he was already being worshipped in the United States by the Liberal News Media...and liberals in general. Their can be no other God in Obama's mind.
3. If there is a black pope.....
Robert ,   Australia   (02.12.13)
......he certainly wouldn't be welcome in Israel. On second thoughts neither would be a white, yellow, brown.......................
4. Two descendandts of slavers
Lorenzo M. ,   Powahtan,VA   (02.12.13)
Oh this is rich,,,,, 2 west coast African descendandts who's ancestors sold the black and brown Hebrews into slavery in the western world, these Americas,,,, and just think Obama the first African,,, American black president,,,,,, but not of the black American slave descendant experience,,,, really an insult to black American male descendandts of slavery here in North America,,, first black American president,,, yes and no. When newly elected African American President Obama was ask about reparations for the decendandts of black American descendandts of slaves,,, Obama's amswer was "A good education", LMAO. Several world leaders said Obama will pass because of his light skin,,, LOL,, wow,,, there have I believe been black popes before,,,, skin color,,,,, I forget,, is that the subject of this article? If these Popes are conscecrated or what ever they do to elect the big BaBa, now we will have someone possibly to blame for killing sweet Jesus LOL,,,, just felt like babbling.
5. Whatever happened to Cardinal Sin?
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.12.13)
6. 1.
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
was America ready for a black president? A black Pope just may be voted in. Be patient & wait.
7. #3 what are you talking about.
Moshico ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.13)
We don't care what colour a person is as long as they are a friend of Israel. We are a melting pot here with many colours and religions living together. Thats the wonderful thing about Israel.
8. good work of human understanding, what Benedetto did
mikhael   (02.12.13)
Black -from outside- or not, its not imp. - some will do their outmost, to establish someone what is BLACK from INSIDE (!), to destroy or level to Zero the good Work of Human Understanding, what Benedetto did and tried to do... So, therefore we also can send over YAIR LAPID for eternal stay: making together a perfect Conference with the Topic: how to disconnect the Human (Noah`s) values from inside of the human beings/people, peoples... - added with topic2: How to sell poison as sweets - Open up Your Eyes !
9. #4, No, don't poach our heritage, please.
Jake   (02.13.13)
Igbos, Yarubas, Ashantis , etc. have nought to do with Hebrews.
10. #3 You're obssessed.
Jake   (02.13.13)
Seeing Jews/Israelis everywhhere. You obviously have Jewish foreskins for eyelids.
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