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Oscar contender on West Bank irks many
Associated Press
Published: 16.02.13, 07:46
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1. Burnat and Davidi, maybe U could earn a living some other
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.17.13)
way. What about filming comedy ?
2. Hollywood blackout on Israel continues, why, fear of truth
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.17.13)
3. Quality of 5 broken cameras
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.18.13)
No where in the film does it make mention that this wall/fence was built to prevent suicide bombers from easily crossing into Israel and killing innocent people. Every scene shows some IDF soldier firing live ammunition, throwing grenades, etc. Never are they portrayed as trying to verbally tell these people to step back. The protestors are always portrayed as "innocent victims"- never hitting a soldier with rocks and concrete and taking a soldiers eye out or breaking his jaw. Never does anyone ask, "should we be taking our children into a situation where they could be hurt?" This certainly isn't a documentary although as anti-Israel propaganda it will succeed to stir the uninformed. Too bad it doesnt touch on the complexities of the situation.
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