Egypt sentences Israeli to 2 years in prison
Roi Kais
Published: 11.02.13, 23:32
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1. Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Alan Schm├Ąck   (02.11.13)
Please official Egypt, make that 20 years plus. WE *real* Israelis could not be happier and content seeing a first class traitor suffer and be welcome by our dear neighbours' hospitality in your luxurious 5 star hotel prisons meted out for him, you sweet Egypt! (Although I also made aliya like him, I happen to be a homeland-loving, loyal Israeli.) Cheers!
2. He wanted to give up his israeli passport
prue ,   miami   (02.11.13)
Being with all pro Palestinians crap, clearly anti-israeli, anti-jewish why bother with him? Ask Abbas to take care of him. Please, let him enjoy his stay in Egypt with his Muslims brothers in heart.
3. naive . now he can serve as a lesson to others.
ralph   (02.12.13)
4. If an Egyptian had infiltrated Israel
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.12.13)
He would have been summarily shot subjected to indefinite incarceration without trial
5. #1 #2 a look at Jewish compassion.
6. Shame on Egypt
AA ,   UK   (02.12.13)
But at least he wasn't shot dead at the point of infiltration a fate usually waiting for Gazann or Africans ( shot by both Isreal and Egypt).i don't know the young man but judging by venom of the first two posts sounds as though he is a genuine peace activist a rare animal in Israel needing full protection by all.
7. Lydia at No.4 - Get out of Australia
Mark ,   Perth, Australia   (02.12.13)
Leave Australia you anti-semitic thug! Go and leave these shores of freedom and democracy. If it wasn't for the stuff we dig up in WA, you wouldn't have an economy. Saudi Arabia awaits you. Go and get your drivers license there!!
8. Enjoying the fleas
Ilan   (02.12.13)
If you lie down with dogs, you get up with fleas, or in Latin, qui cum canibus concumbunt cum pulicibus surgent. "He that lieth down with dogs shall rise up with fleas"
9. #4 Weirdo comment as usual
NudNik69   (02.12.13)
10. #5 Nothing to do with "compassion" at all
NudNik69   (02.12.13)
Just desserts given to a naive, little puppy who doesnt know not to play with fire. This is how his 'friends' really are.
11. "peacniks" not tolerated by anyone else but Israel.
NudNik69   (02.12.13)
12. To idiots #4, #6
Expat ,   Adelaide   (02.12.13)
You are right about one thing - infiltrators to Israel indeed tend to be shot - BY THE EGYPTIAN TROOPS, for target practice. If they make it past them, the IDF soldiers give them water and take them to safety. Nowadays there is a fence so that infiltration through the border is much harder. As for 'venom' - I bet you and your Arabist friends would be the first to say that all Arabs "convicted" for spying for / helping Israel are traitors who get what they deserve. No difference here.
13. #4
Smiley ,   Sydney   (02.12.13)
Your statement kinda reminds me of what Aussies are still doing to Aborigines. Hypocracy is alive and well down under.
14. #5
Erich   (02.12.13)
Actually Arab "compassion" is far better, as indicated by the sentence imposed on this 'peace' schmuck.
15. 4 and 6 you are wrong
Carlos de Farias ,   Brasil   (02.12.13)
4 and 6 don't say lies. Syrians, Lebanese and african infiltrant in Israel and never are shot. Today live in Isreal more than 100.000 africans. In the Egipty the police and the army kill the africans. But no problem, I recommend that his mother go to peace now, adalah, New Israel Fund, yossi beilin, ... and look for help.
16. Leftist scumbag!!!
GHook93 ,   Chicago   (02.12.13)
Chickens come home to roost! Now in an Egyptian prison, let's seem how you live side by side with Arabs!
17. Lucky Andre ,...
split ,   US   (02.12.13)
What do the Israelis do in case like this to a so called an 'infiltrator' in their so called 'buffer zone' established on occupied foreign soil not even close to the border fence? They shoot and kill everything that moves in their gun's range, including kids ,...
18. #4 - except that Egyptians have infiltrated israel before
William ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
and were not "summarily shot", and in most cases, not harmed as they were arrested. Can't say the same about the Black Africans who try to cross the border and get shot in the back by Egyptian soldiers. Lydia - do you feel proud that you actually have to lie to support your position? Pathetic really.
19. #5 - even Jewish compassion has its limits
William ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
and clearly, in our Nation State where citizens have equality, this man chose to denounce his Israeli citizenship and live in Egypt. Clearly, it was his right to do so and the results remain his as well. You know what they say about showing kindness to enemies....
20. #6 - um, big difference between Gazans and Africans
William ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
Africans are coming into the country for economic and security reasons, and Gazans are sneaking into Israel for economic or terror reasons. Just yesterday a Gazan tried to sneak under the fence of a Kibbutz.. He was unarmed (and therefore not harmed when arrested - though he tried to run) but rather than looking for work it's believed he was sent to test security responses - which is very common prior to an attack on civilians. Judging from the article (and not the posts) this guy is a twit and very anti-Israel. A peace activist need not be anti-Israel - except maybe in your world. A real peace activist - which is indeed rare - is one who works objectively for the benefit of both sides to reach a common goal of peaceful co-existence. Though Israel produces a few of these, the Arabs have produced none of them in decades.
21. Two years will do the Poopystinian-lover good
Mario   (02.12.13)
Builds character, perhaps it will turn him into a pro-Israel Israeli?
22. Hates Israel but wants Israel to get him out!
Shoshanna ,   Tel Aviv   (02.12.13)
Oh the Hypocrisy. He hated Israel and lived with the Palestinians, but the minute he gets into trouble he appeals to Israel to save him. Dhimmi idiot
23. #5 & #6
Anshel ,   Canada   (02.12.13)
Please, put up your money and find him a good lawyer, if you feel so strongly about this misguided individual...
24. Do NOT help this guy! He is crazy and very
Frank ,   Los Angeles   (02.12.13)
25. He does not deserve anyone's compassion
He is a bad ,   He deserves it   (02.12.13)
Mazal Tov, perhaps he can learn something!
26. Do not be fooled by his momma's pleas
Phil ,   USA   (02.12.13) behind. The guy is hateful toward Israel and humanity. He made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. What did his mother raise? Shame!
27. Long Live Egypt for keeping him!
Dan ,   USA   (02.12.13)
28. Lets collect the funds to send to Egypt to keep him there
That is where ,   he belongs: Jail!   (02.12.13)
for good!
29. thank you, Egypt!
jerry ,   USA   (02.12.13)
thank god - great lesson to him- let's see how much this idiot would appreciate Israel after two years with the Egyptians. Interestingly enough, the guy is not Jewish - that mythical jewish grandfather got him to Israel
30. @Iydia
Yoni ,   Toronto   (02.12.13)
No he wouldn't have; you're an idiot.
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