Losing the home
Elyakim Haetzni
Published: 12.02.13, 11:06
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1. A 'two headed snake' is suicide for Israel
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.12.13)
No nation can absorb their mortal enemy and not be crucified. There is no place in Israel fro the pals. NONE! End this charade once and for all NO TWO STATES WITHIN ISRAEL PERIOD !!!!
2. He ho
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.12.13)
It makes the fierce political debate in my country about gay marriage to be rather mundane.
3. BB & Likud failed to abolish the TAL law
Haim ,   TA   (02.12.13)
4. Very good overview
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (02.12.13)
Which makes it even more puzzling how Nethanyahu has mananged to scrape through for another term. It seems like the only possible reason is the lack of an established, credible alternative. The "trickery" is how he has managed continue on, offering promises to a nation in turmoil. The disaster of all of this however, is that in his terms as PM, nothing has moved forward on any front, and it is this inaction, indecisiveness, procrastination, that puts Israel in it's very difficult situation today. This election has been very timely and we continue to live in hope that it will create a space for 'clearing' and lead to a goverment that represents the aspirations and hopes of major parts of the population.
5. #1...I couldn't agree more!!!!!
Linda ,   NC USA   (02.12.13)
6. Israeli P.A. must reject evil Two State Final Solution.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
It was always a stupid game to pretend Israel endorses the monstrous evil Two State Final Solution. Any child, who can read a map, knows it would destroy Israel within a decade. Judea and Samaria legally belong to Israel and are vital for Israel's survival. Israel must have a P.M. with the courage to totally reject the abominable Two State Final Solution.
7. Afraid of Obama advisors
Bibi was afraid of Obama. His leading advisors (not the people who help to elect him) are two Professors: Khalidi (New York) and Cornell West (Princeton). These 2 people that Obama listen most. Ok, maybe some words on money from Soros who not only financed him but also considers himself the leading world thinker/
8. bibi is on his way out
marv   (02.12.13)
newleaders bennett, liberman, lapid will compete for the leadership. Bibi's constant bell aching for concensus and world support on iran has run its course. he should step down in the next 6 months. israelis want new leadership and someone not stuck at the hip to barak or mofaz.
9. The Only REAL Two State solution
Eliezer ,   HAIFA   (02.12.13)
Jews keep their state and Arabs give up 21 out of their 22 states to keep one state in Saudi Arabia and so we then have a two state solution. Simple!!
10. Bibi is the antithesis of a strong leader... that is why he
Daniel ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.13)
can't stick to Likud's original platform. Because that doesn't go along with what the US or EU want. He doesn't have the backbone to be a proud Jew or a proud Israeli. THAT is why Beit Yehudi and Torah and Israel loving real Jews (aka those wonderful LEGAL "settlers") will eventually win everything. G-d is watching over His Israel and He won't be made a fool of. Not even for Bibi (or Frau Sarah) Netanyahu.
11. I wouldn't worry too much
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.12.13)
Netanyahu set Israel's parameters -- no preconditions; no laundry list of ersatz "Palestinian" demands. Since Abbas will never agree to this, the two-state nonsense is officially dead. Actually, it died quite a while ago, but now it's time to sign the death certificate. Abbas hammered the final nail into his coffin in November 2012. It's all over except for the partying when we send that terrorist rabble packing!
12. No deal with the devil !!!
Don Rosenberg ,   Palatine USA   (02.12.13)
Israel must control Judea/Samaria. Hamas would get control immediately if these racists were give the land, and what happened in Gaza would be seem like nothing. Arabs should be given the option to leave and go to jordan, their homeland. The 2 state solution was forced on Israel and should be refused, period. Giving in would be suicide to the arab muslim racists. You can't make peace with savages that want to kill you. It should be obvious to anyone with a brain.
13. Israel has had enough of Bibi and Sarah...
Yoni ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
they are just out for themselves and everybody knows it.
14. #6 If you reject "two-state" you are chosing "one-state."
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (02.13.13)
Why is it so hard for Israelis to understand that you can either DIVIDE the land or SHARE the land, BUT eventually you will be forced do one of the other. There are NO OTHER OPTIONS no matter how much you wish there were. As for the dream of ethnically cleansing the entire area, the world will NOT let that happen and there is no way for the US to protect Israel from the terrible price it will have to pay if it tries. The non-Jews in the area west of the Jordan River are NOT, repeat NOT, going anywhere. So make your choice before one is forcibly imposed on you - divide or share.
15. #14. Pay "Palestinians" to leave our land.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.13.13)
#14. There is a very simple solution. Pay "Palestinian" poseurs to leave Israel. "Palestinians" have been consistently telling pollsters, for decades, that most of them want to leave. So it is win/win for almost everyone. For Israel, it is a one time investment with permanent returns.
16. #15 Chiam
BH ,   Iowa   (02.13.13)
You don't need to pay them to leave - just stop paying them to stay! Cut off their welfare and they'll be off to greener pastures in Europe. Those who work will stay.
17. Bibi's a snake but
Robert Haymond ,   Tekoa, Israel   (02.14.13)
he's our snake! Having said that, I, as so many others (see previous Talkbackers) am fed up with his and his party's proclamations which suddenly dissolve, with his tortuous faction making and unmaking and with his contempt for his own voters (recall that Moshe Feiglin was voted into a high standing by Likud party faithfuls four years ago and then "flunked" by Bibi). So I've had it. On the other hand, HaBayit HaYehuda offered a new, principled vision, one I agree with, so veered away from Likud-Beteinu towards Jewish Home. From reading this article and the previous talkbacks, I suspect that a strong number of other |Israeli citizens felt the way I did.
18. Palestinians are not leaving, not selling and not accepting
Edithann ,   USA   (02.14.13)
Israel as a Jewish State..All UN regulations on borders etc, will eventually be settled..and the Diaspora Palestinians will come home to their land or be generously paid off.... Get used to it..it's here to stay... TATA
19. My political Barometer
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.14.13)
Whenever Haetzni is unhappy about something, I know that something good is taking place in Israel.
20. Bibi had to much to say but there were alot of reasons
zionist forever   (02.14.13)
True Bibi had to much to say I think another part of the problem was Libermans indictment. Originally the tactic was join forces with Liberman get a bigger share of the pie together, then Liberman was indicted and it cost Likud alot of the Russians. Whilst Bibi might have been talking to much Liberman wasn't talking enough to rally the Russians round Bibi. Lapid did so well because he went on popularise but at the end of the day a trivial policy/ A haredi draft is not going to stop Iran going nuclear or deal with economic issues etc its just popularist, people like to hear it because everybody loves to hate hared and don't think beyond that otherwise they would say what else does Lapid have? Shelly was a complete ammeter and her announcement in advance turned alot of swing voters away from Labor and to Lapid. So whilst some of his seats may have come at the expense of Likud alot of them came because Labor couldn't get their act together. If we had another election and Labor had a more responsible leader Lapid would loose alot of seats. Bennet had a slick campaign and he seemed trustworthy and alot of the more right wing Likud voters went with him
21. American influence
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.14.13)
Whoever is elected has to recognise the role played by Washington in Middle Eastern affairs. Bush, like most Republicans, is a genuine friend of Israel, and accepted the settlement blocs as facts on the ground, but he still expected a PA state on the West Bank. In pre-Messianic times we must work within the international community.
22. 8
zionist forever   (02.14.13)
Bennet & Lapid have done a deal whereby either they are both in the coalition or neither are. Without Bennet Bibi can only get 59 seats at best so Peres will then give Lapid a chance to form a coalition. With Bennet, Labor, Kadima, Livni and Meretz then Lapid can get the minimum 61 seats making him the PM. that will probably last about a year before Bennet's party hold a leadership contest to get rid of him and then out of the leftist coalition and that will bring down the Lapid government. If Bibi can form a coalition with Bennet & Lapid, Livni without the haredi which is what Lapid & Bennet want. Tere will be alot of friction between him & Lapid and eventually things will come to a head and Lapid will pull out brining down the government again will probably happen within a year. Only with Bennet, Lapid, Livni and the religious can Bibi form a stable government. If not then expect another election very soon so whilst Bibi won't step down in 6 months we will probably have an election in about a year.
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