Report: Turkey to build hospital in Gaza
Published: 12.02.13, 15:00
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1. How long it it take for Hamas to destroy it?
David ,   The Galilee   (02.12.13)
That's all they know how to do! Kill, maim and preach hatred is the norm in Gaza and is becoming the norm on the West Bank which they want Juden Rein. Israel builds and they destroy but the world only sees what it wants to see!
2. Size the opportunity
Dr D ,   Jerusalem   (02.12.13)
The Palestinians should stop investing in weapons and develop Gaza in to a corner of paradise. They should turn Gaza in to the best medical heaven for the Arab world. There are many excellent Palestinian doctor working around the world and I am sure they will join any project. At the moment thousands of Arabs are in Bangkok spending a huge amount of money for healthcare, commerce's and hotels. Why not in Gaza? Just say YES WE CAN and do it.
3. Well, well, well
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.12.13)
Aren't the Turks generous! How many hospitals have they built in Syria -- their immediate neighbor -- where hospitals are desperately needed? For that matter, how's medical care doing with respect to Turkey's Kurdish population? Or are they simply following the directive of their Iranian masters to provide something concrete and structurally sound where Hamas can hide weapons, and throw white coats and stethoscopes over terrorist scum and call them "physicians?" My money is on the latter.
4. it wont be long
JL   (02.12.13)
before turkey breaks the blockade on gaza...
5. to #4 right after Assad steps down
II ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
6. the hypocritical turks
are building a hospital for a terrorist organization and its people but has never seen fit to build a hospital or have compassion for 1.5 million armenians they murdered and starved in cold blood. the first known genocide of its kind belongs in turkish history.
7. #4 JL
Anadelfos ,   Athens Greece   (02.12.13)
Do you mean turkey, the bird? Because Turkey, the country, is unable to do it.
8. Sarah
anton ,   istanbul   (02.12.13)
do you even know what you are talking about lady? :) 1 how do you expect turkey to build hospitals on hostile land like syria? turkey already spent close to a billion dolar for feeding and sheltering syrians in her soil 2 kurdish people have access to every hospital in turkey prove me wrong and i'll apologize :) 3 do you know turkey and iranian realations soured after turkeys stance over syria?every move of turkey angers persians so i ask you humbly how can iran be turkeys master? :) 4 do you know your comments are getting extremly funny? :)
9. # 8
Thessalonian ,   Canada   (02.12.13)
Anton you are right on your 1-2-3. As far as Sarah's last point is concerned, I think she is right as Hamas has been known to use civilians as a shield and that includes medical facilities. Regards
10. Community Care for terror weapons
Get Real ,   UK   (02.12.13)
Perhaps in agreeing Israel should have stipulated that weapons inspectors regularly monitor the new building for weapons and missles and for any nuclear materials Iran supplies for medical research. Wouldn't be surprised to see soon that a number of countries friendly to Hamas want to build new mosques and schools in Gaza.
11. Turkey does have nice hospitals of its own
William ,   Israel   (02.12.13)
Which is why it would be easier and cheaper just to fly Gazans to Ankara for
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