Shas slams Tel Aviv 'abominable' video
Gilad Morag
Published: 13.02.13, 22:10
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1. Did Dan And Dany are looking for a sinagoge?
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (02.13.13)
Of curse not.
2. great to see
gays4Israel ,   Toronto   (02.13.13)
hope to join my gay brothers and sisters for Tel Aviv pride.
3. Sick bastardization of representing Jews
JP ,   NJ, USA   (02.13.13)
How did it get to this level? Even in the US, you don't see these kind of commercials. There would be an uproar if kids were exposed to this. Doesn't Israel have an FCC equivalent? Looks like the Galut (Greeks/Romans/Egyptian) ways have invaded. Time to stop this now, G-d willing, before he once, again casts us all out for not keeping each other in-check. This is why the Moslem terrorists attack. They see us as perverse. Only takes one rotten fruit to spoil the bunch.
4. Frankly,I believe that the mayor of TA should be deposed
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.13.13)
He is a bad example.He is the example of what is worst in Israel.He acts like a deranged pre- puberty teenager. What is he gaining by allowing such things ?votes of the gay public? What would be so wrong just not to release things that are offensive to a great parcel of Tel Aviv? If he is going to lose votes because of that it is because he is indeed a drek and should not be mayor of Tel Aviv. I think that Ron Huldai is deranged.
5. I'm more offended by the über blonde
We were fed with enough pictures of über blondes in Europe during WW2.
6. #3 and #4: The Homophobes are back!
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (02.14.13)
So they are cartoon characters holding hands ans how often to we see Haredim dancing together? The real "abomination" is the religious and psuedo religious lot telling other how to live their lives! #3: Stay in the hypocritical USA! No wonder they kicked the Puritans out of the UK and Europe! So much for "The Land of the Free". #4: I think that you should gp back to Brazil and protest against Gay people there and see how far you get! Start with the Rio Carnival. So you condemn Gays and side with those who don't serve in the IDF, leech off the land, don't work and don't pay taxes and tell other when they may shop, when they may travel and whom they marry! Most don't even recognize the State of Israel that supports them and prevents the Arabs from cutting their throats!
7. if we are good enough to fight and die for Israel
Twice Blessed ,   Toronto   (02.14.13)
then we are entitled to equal rights. 3 cheers for Israel ! the only Democracy in a sea of death and destruction !
8. Less offensive if it was more accurate of TA
William ,   Israel   (02.14.13)
From this video, all I see is a single young woman at work and two gay guys holding hands. Not exactly an accurate representation of Tel Aviv. It's one thing to include the LGBT community which is a part of the Tel Aviv, it's another to pander to them and appear to be an overly gay city. Pandering never helped any ethnic or other group, it only promotes segregation. Show all of TA's residents as a whole and allow for pride by every group in the city. Gay Pride parades and pandering to the community is so 1990s and not acceptable anymore.
9. Not wrong
Robert ,   Romania   (02.14.13)
Do you prefer people who are dress like a 17th century Russian peasant in the Middle East? I presume Moses also wore a fur hat!
10. No 1 but you Sir should look for an English course
11. #3 moron
mark ,   ca   (02.14.13)
"..This is why the Moslem terrorists attack. They see us as perverse.."
12. #10
Dovid ,   Haifa   (02.14.13)
you should learn hebrew.
13. what's the point?
tom ,   toronto, canada   (02.14.13)
does the municipality also depict straight people hugging and kissing? or is this about "making a point" by singling out a gay couple? i am not uncomfortable with homosexuals, but i am very uncomfortable with politicized sexuality, in publicly funded advertising.
14. so enlightened?
Dan ,   Miami, USA   (02.14.13)
Oy! Making me nostalgic for 20 years ago. Why are same sex relations acceptable now, but polygamous relations among consenting adults still considered taboo?
15. #4 Keren
Oscar ,   USA   (02.14.13)
I agree with you 100.3%. Not only Ron Huldai should be deposed as mayor of Tel Aviv, Tel Aviv itself should be closed and instead of it Shaslandia should be built
16. #3 Please mind your own business in the NJ
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (02.14.13)
17. Unbelievable!!!!
Ilan ,   Ramat Gan, Israel   (02.14.13)
And i'm not talking about the video! more than half of the people who commented don't even live in Israel, and you think you have the right to open your mouth? The Video "BOL" represents tel aviv!
18. Haredim find Tel Aviv video abominable
Alice ,   Delray Beach, FL, US   (02.14.13)
Talk about the "pot calling the kettle black"! I personally find the haredim more than a little abominable. What are they doing watching videos, anyway? they are supposed to be davening & praying -- that's why they can't get jobs or serve in the army....
19. A bit provincial, ain't it? We're so proud of our "progres-
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.14.13)
sivness, that we feel we have to flaunt it at every occasion- very strange place to do it, really... I understand the financial motive behind it (getting the rainbow-people to visit& part with their shekels) but there must be many other different interest-groups just as financially affluent?
20. Religion in Government?
Damien ,   Tel aviv   (02.14.13)
Just as most people in Israel want a separation of Religion and Government. There should also be a separation of Sexual Orientation promotion by Government. This is fair, no??!!
21. tel aviv, what is it worth?
ma nishma ,   modiin   (02.14.13)
Tel Aviv is the business center of Israel, but in terms of ethic, it is certainly a long distance from being a place of happiness. More divorces and singles, less families and children. They try to make business by appeasing the nations of the world, but they make themselves miserable in the long run
22. And why should they?
Dan ,   Frankfurt   (02.14.13)
To be called abominable? By people like Babayof and his ilk, who openly shield child molesters in their midst from prosecution?
23. @6: +1
david ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.13)
bravo, my exact thoughts, but you articulate it way better than i could
24. Really?
Bar ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.13)
After making the brilliant ''Ma, at lo yehudia?'' video, Shas talks about abominable? They're abominable!
25. Great online map
Tova ,   Tel Aviv   (02.14.13)
Regardless of the marketing of the project, the online map itself is great. Should also be in English for tourists.
26. Dan and Dani
Bob ,   Los Angeles, CA.   (02.14.13)
I personally feel this was very tastefully done and it is sad to see the oposition. I have been to Israel on a number of occasions and was happy to see diversity welcomed. Live and let live.
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