Israel acknowledges 'Prisoner X' existence
Naama Cohen-Friedman
Published: 14.02.13, 00:48
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1. so, in fact, the man was held perfectly legally
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.13.13)
he was arrested under warrant iissued by court order. he was duly represented by several well known attorneys. the proceedings were overseen by seniour officials in the justice minstry. his family was immediately informed of his arrest. all of his legal rights were protected. the last person to see him was civil rights lawyer avigdor feldman who states that ben alon was coherent and asked him pertinent legal questions regarding his case. this proves that ben alon was fully aware of the charges against him. after his alleged suicide, there was a judicial inquiry under the authority of a magistrate. nothing whatever illegal was done to this man. his arrest and incarceration were carried out in accordance to normal legal procedures. those who have shamelessly and without any proof have accused israel of making ben alon "disappeared" have been playing on the worst antisemitic fantasies.
2. What the hell was the treason
alexi   (02.13.13)
If for example, zygier was working for hezbollah while with mossad, does locking someone up in solitary for 50 years achieve any purpose. There have to be other ways, better ways. Who in their right mind wants to sit in solitary for 50 years. Death penalty in a few cases would be far more humane and economic as well.
3. You have a really hot potato on your hands ,...
split ,   US   (02.13.13)
Pass it to Sarah B. please ;) ,...
A HOAX ( He aint dead )
5. To: Alexi at No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.13.13)
I doubt that Zygier ever worked for the Mossad. But if he worked with terrorists, or aided and abetted terrorists, then the death penalty would be appropriate. That would constitute treason, and treason is a capital crime in the State of Israel. Do you realize that if we ever start enforcing the penalty for treason, the first two to go would be Tibi and Zoabi? Followed by a whole string of other Israeli Arabs who have been convicted of aiding and abetting groups such as Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad and others. The hangman would be the busiest person in all of Israel.
6. Relieved to know he was treated fairly under the law
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.13.13)
What we still need to know is what happened that he ended up in jail. The fact that his family has kept quiet these two years says a lot.
7. Ben was no traitor
jem engy ,   melbourne, Australia   (02.14.13)
I knew Ben personally and i can categorically state he loved Israel with a passion. He was a zionist through and through. He was a humble person who wanted nothing more then live in Erez Israel. He would have had nothing to do with any persons or groups who seeked the destruction of Israel. Ben was always and will always be remembered as a passionate man who loved his adopted country of Israel
8. shame on the Australians
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.14.13)
ben alon did not harm australian national interests. he spied against common enemies, including iran. israel is not an enemy of australia. if they were upset by his use of the australian passport, all they had to do was deny him renewal of the passport. they did not have to resort to blackmail.
9. All that ABC has done is hurt his family!
David ,   Israel   (02.14.13)
We heard his father on Israeli TV Channel 2 tonight and his grief and sadness came over quite clearly! They knew about it and so did the Australian Government. The whole ABC report was designed to vilify Israel AGAIN! When you look at this report by an Australian TV station with a record of Anti-Israel reports and you add to this disgusting behavior of the two halfwits in the Duchess of Cambridge affair, you see how low the Australian media have sunk! I hope that Ben Zygier/Alon's family sues ABC for the heartbreak they have caused! As for Trevor Borman, well, all his foul claims about "no trial", "no legal council" and other derogatory statements, he should be held accountable on charges of blood libel.
10. @6 & @1
Er der   (02.14.13)
@6: The fact that his family remain quiet says that, if you read above, they were immediately informed upon his arrest and were required to sign confidentially and nondisclosure agreements vis-à-vis the State; preventing them from being otherwise... @1 youre 100% right.
11. #5 Sarah
Vlad   (02.14.13)
I think there is a very good chance Zygier was a Mossad agent. This has never been officially confirmed, but according to info that's available, that may very well be true, including testimony from ex-Mossad officers, the Mossad seems to prefer foreign-born Jews with a second passport, viewing them as attractive recruits.
12. what was the basis of the treason charge
mohson   (02.14.13)
what did Ben do that was treasonous and over which he would kill himself. There is a big black hole and no one is saying anything. However, if Israel is to be believed, it should explain generally why he was in jail?
13. The Mossad better tell us what was the treason.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.14.13)
Without it, the suspicion will forever remain that Alon was destroyed by Israel without a just cause, that his civil rights were grossly violated.
14. the whole affair
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (02.14.13)
'funny' how pro-Israel's cyber army now try to start shifting the blame on Australia really. He died in a highly secretive Israeli jail people. It wasn't a Sidney jail. The reasons for which he was jailed are unknown and likely to stay that way but don't start blaming other country's.....
15. #7 Jem
Shalom Hartman   (02.14.13)
We never really know another person. Obviously he DID do something of such proportions that Israel had no choice but to act as they did. We don't normally go around throwing people into ulta-high security solitary confinement. I am sure you remember him with good memories - and you should
16. thank you y-net for breaking this story
jack ,   jer is   (02.14.13)
he did no wrong- knew too much; there are hundreds of similar jewish prisoners every moment since 1948.there is no legal justice here. his parents are cowards leting their son die for the good cause
17. this is how israel treats its immigrants
j ,   jer is   (02.14.13)
and then they find out the truth
18. this man is a hero
jack ,   jer is   (02.14.13)
and we are the blind followers of evil
19. To: Vlad at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
The Mossad also highly prizes individuals who know how to keep their mouths shut. Besides, since when does any intelligence agency shy away from crafting their own passports? The CIA and MI6 have turned that into a cottage industry. All you ever need is one original.
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