Australia told of Israeli detention before death
Associated Press
Published: 14.02.13, 08:04
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1. You know, I really DON'T care
Why? Net... ,   Israel   (02.14.13)
the real story here is that the far left in the Knesset is out to harm Israel. Whether it's riding on flotillas that attack soldiers, underming fellow citizens in Jerusalem or Judea or supporting anti-Israel propaganda, there should be a prosecution by the state to put on trial any MK who seeks to undermine state security secrets. Will this be on the agenda to discuss with Obama when he comes too? Instead of focusing on this, Pres. Obama should be given a tour of Nitzan, where Jews who were expelled from Gush Gatiff 7 years ago still live in cardboard homes.
2. Why was he not buried in Israel?
Arzt ,   US   (02.14.13)
That's where his wife and children live. Makes no sense.
3. huh?
"He was referred to as Zygier or not referred to by name by senators during a Senate hearing on Thursday."
4. From 2010?
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (02.14.13)
Why bring it up now? Had his wife ever asked what happened? Are they being looked after by the State of Israel or have they left the country?Pity to stir up strange relations between the two countries now?
5. Gag order
Mark ,   Jerusalem   (02.14.13)
Its been 3 years, why did the wife not make a big deal out of this or the family. Israel should come clean with what Zygier done it may help. The other thing is did any one see the dead body or may be he is now living another life some where else, I guess I watch to many spy movies. And I feel Australia is as much to blame for not bringing this out sooner. The whole story is fishy.
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