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Rabbis: Don't drink too much on Purim
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 14.02.13, 15:19
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1. I hope the rabbi did not say that
Larry ,   Los Angeles   (02.14.13)
"Haman was drunk, but we must practice good manners," - It could be that my Megillah is different, but it was Achasverush who was drunk.
2. Oh shut up!they never let us have any fun
3. Let them learn Mahara"l first!Drink until you're in a stupor
Tevye ,   Chelm   (02.15.13)
4. Not only religious zionists!
Joseph ,   London England   (02.15.13)
The full range of top rank Rabbonim have for years object to youth getting drunk, and drink driving especially. As a Pirchim madrich I went with my group if they were spieling [entertaining to raise money for charity] and I made sure the many kind hosts knew where to draw the line in offering wine to my teens, whose costumes made them look older than they were. Here in London the Purim seudah brings to many minds the tragic death of an outstanding young husband and father zl who died in a auto accident on Purim.
5. Number 1. Who was drunk?
Sherlock Holmes ,   London England   (02.15.13)
You are quite right that the Megillah says Ahasuerus was drunk, but it also says everyone else was encouraged to drink. Advising the King to execute the Queen -- or to banish her according to some -- would be a dangerous proposal, suggesting Haman may also have been drunk. This assumes Memuchan is Haman.
6. Here i agree with those Rabbanim
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.17.13)
who show that they are educators too . Hope that youths will listen .
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