1976 – 2010: The life and death of Ben Zygier
Published: 14.02.13, 14:20
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1. Very resourceful these ex Mossad...
Robert ,   Australia   (02.14.13)
.....people. Managed to hang himself in a suicide-proof cell.
2. Nothing special about this dufus...he was a spy
aL   (02.14.13)
plain and simple. Move on shall we.. He, thru his actions put my son who is on the front today in danger. I have no sympathy whatsoever for anyone who puts our soldiers in danger. That includes so called lost kids from the golus.
3. #1 -Robert
Anna ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.14.13)
Your knowledge of the Israeli prison suggests you may have helped this guy to avoid his legal troubles.
4. maybe they should check his body for foul play
Lemmings hotline ,   sd usa   (02.14.13)
Since suicide is not likely, maybe someone killed him
5. #2 look at his story
He was a member of the radical Left "Shomer Hatzair" youth movement. Maybe this should have been expected. Udi Adiv was also Shomer Hatzair.
6. story full of bull $*!t
moti ,   usa   (02.14.13)
the aussies would have never let him leave if he was mossad, they would of crucified him and have a media party. if he was mossad and returned to israel then he probably was a double agent which intended to release classified info and if so "rot in jail". if he wasn't gonna harm state security then he would not of bin incarcerated in israel from the begining. so this whole story is giving the media just ongoing chatter
7. A tragic death. He seems to have done wrong and
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (02.14.13)
rather than face a long, lonely jail sentence he killed himself. He may also have felt a great shame about his actions. He started off so well and ended so sadly, it was too much much for him. He was not like Vanunu who just waited out his sentence and remains unrepentant.
8. not killed in jail
james ,   boston, ma   (02.14.13)
mossad is perfectly capable of killing someone in the field. there is no need to bring him into a prison in Israel and kill him there
9.  The man behind the letter X Photo: AFP The man behind the
david howe ,   dubbo australia   (02.15.13)
sounds like he had big heart but took to much on got into mess , sounds like he was trying impress his parents , sadly he wasted his own life any one knows the depth of security around and within Israel knows the reasons why and how important it is to the state of Israel , sadly for his family and wife and children i hope some ones looking after them
10. #6. Bravo. Journalist intel is back of Kellogs Cereal Box
adi ,   Zurich   (02.15.13)
#6. Bravo. Journalist intel is back of Kellogs Cereal Box
11. was immature enough
to be a spy or a hero such one must not be in his place as agent for mossad .he could not bear his prison
12. Aliyah not in 1994
Michael ,   France   (02.18.13)
I was in the group that went to gazit in 1994. It was a standard one year leadership training course you do after finishing high school, not Aliyah. I left early and I heard that Ben made Aliyah unlike the rest of the group. I later heard a rumor he was killed in a helicopter being shot down over Lebanon before the withdrawal - a cover for his name change? Anyway, I saw his grave when I went to visit my dad's in 2011. It is strange to be buried in Melbourne a week after dying in Israel. Either the shame of suicide to a religious family or Israel getting rid of the body? I NAND say I liked the guy. W used to bait him about being good for betar given his politics. This was 1994 and the peace process was iin the air. He was aloof, had lots of connections all over the country through his family ... And was a misogynist and racist pig when he did too. I remember him flashing his dick at Adam women to provoke them a the army looked on. People can change, but ideologically, that's Mossad. I must say I am surprised they took him as he was obviously a golden boy who didn't himself have the sort of qualities you would expect from someone to go undercover.
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