Report: Zygier planned to disclose intelligence info on Israel
Published: 14.02.13, 15:24
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1. so it seems that other lives may have been put at risk
ky   (02.14.13)
by this Mossad tosser
2. Regardless of how, I'm glad he's dead
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (02.14.13)
3. The truth is this guy was a spy for the enemy..
Al   (02.14.13)
He put our Israeli soldiers who are on the front in danger. Move on and stop the sap fest. We have much bigger fish to fry.
4. So he was working For Australia
Bill Klien ,   USA   (02.14.13)
Again just theory sounds like he was working for the Australian Goverment possibly others he was indeed a traitor to Israel and the Jewish people.
5. traitor
Danny ,   Modiin, Israel   (02.14.13)
if the story is true he betrayed his country, the Jewish people, Israel and G-d. I would not want be in his sandals when he stands in judgement above. HE is no Eli Cohen, who died a hero.
6. Sensitive information can get agents killed
Johnny ,   TA, Israel   (02.14.13)
If this man was about to betray Israel, he deserved to die.
7. # 1
Philip ,   Afula, Israel   (02.14.13)
Dont be so fast in your judgement, wait for more facts.
8. Australian !
eddiE ,   sa.   (02.14.13)
can someone please tell me the original nationality of vannunu?
9. In that case ....
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
.... he needed to die.
10. Sad story desert for Israel bashers
Ahmad Rinawi ,   USA   (02.14.13)
About a year ago during the last Gaza war SIX Gazans were excecuted for espionage for Israel without trial and their bodies dragged by motobikes throughout Gaza city. Pictures were availble and no out cry happened. No human rights organization protested, no UN, Be'tselem or HRO. Oh, brutality is expected from Hamas. In Hamas, Iran Ben Ziegler would have been excecuted on the spot without trial. End of story. In Israel prisoner X had three lawyers, appearance in courts for crimes that were obviously treason. Suicide is a leading cause of death in any prison. In Finland 47% of inmate death are suicide. Same in USA where suicides of inmates were a major problem. Australian government was aware of this imprisonment which served their efforts to combat terror too. The whole issue was exposed to bash Israel while Israel prisons provide humane care of inmates as can be found in the media.
11. To number 8
Shimon ,   Poleg   (02.14.13)
Mordechai Vannunu was born in Morrocco and was originally a Morroccan citizen
12. To: Eddie at No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.14.13)
Vanunu was born in Morocco. But he was very definitely an Israeli citizen.
13. leaders
john ,   toronto   (02.14.13)
Neither are the leaders of Israel Eli Cohen. All the more the reason that proper investigation be done.
14. So, he was spying on Israel was put in jail
And committed suicide, I don't get the big deal about this case. Either it's a tabloid plot or another attempt by Israel-haters to in some twisted way using it against Israel.
15. If this is true, he did commit serious treason.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.14.13)
Israel had good reasons to arrest and try him. He wasn't a very smart agent, no Mata Hari, so I doubt there will be books ...
16. to #10 - you are 100% right!
nadav ,   tlv   (02.14.13)
i couldn't have said it better. It just goes to show that "Jews is News". No one cares about what goes on in other countries whether or not they are democratic or not.
17. Double agent
Most probably he was double agent !!!!
18. Commendable journalistic work, Ynet. Thank you.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.14.13)
Journalists defend us, the citizens, from abuse and violations by government, courts, police, fascists of various sorts. It is good to know Israeli citizen has Ynet to rely upon. Thank you again.
19. Israel and the Mossad
John Robey ,   Austin, Texas   (02.14.13)
ought to get out of the dual citizen spy shit....Pollard, Zygier et. al., they are not good at it and it causes more embarrasment and suspicion of disloyalty of Jews than it is worth.
20. Nothing is definitive
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.14.13)
Will the full story ever come out ? I will hold my judgement till it does.
21. You have no right to ask for Jonathan Pollard freedom
Joy ,   NJ   (02.14.13)
22. traitors
judas ,   the holy land   (02.14.13)
with all of this talk of death to traitors, well then, i think you can understand americans position on the jonathan pollard case, he was lucky to get by with a life sentence, and not swinging by the end of a rope. wich he deserved.
23. Johnny , TA, Israel
lightharry ,   New York   (02.14.13)
That´s the spirit Johnny, just like in Berlin in 1938 kill them without thinking....
24. Sad story desert for Israel bashers
lightharry ,   New York   (02.14.13)
I don´t know, one expects a lot more out of the people of Israel. I would not expect a Jew to act like he is a product of Germany in 1938 or mamber of the Ku Klux Klan. Is seems that Israel just because it is the home land of the Jew people would present it self on a higher level .
25. #10 don't forget
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.14.13)
In their eagerness to expose Israeli wrong-doing (they failed) the Leftists have endangered the life and liberty of the judges and lawyers, as well as the innocent family of Zygier, who will soon be forced to come to Israel.
26. The problem
Brod ,   USA   (02.14.13)
If this is true then he is an idiot. Why would an idiot be recruited to do such a complicated work in the first place?
27. When someone enters espionage, he goes by new rules.
nibor ,   israel   (02.14.13)
No one ever said spying was easy. In Iran collaborators are hung in the street. In Gaza they tie them to the back of a car and drive until they are dead. It is not an innocent person who chooses this world. I for one am very glad terrorist masterminds that want to kill people are murdered, by any means.
28. He did not 'deserve to die'. He chose death over prison.
Bob K ,   Orlando USA   (02.14.13)
29. #9 Sarrah
Harold ,   USA   (02.14.13)
Are you a member of the Purple Gang or Murder Inc gang.
30. To all Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (02.14.13)
Is Israel a democratic state or a Stalin look alike state.
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