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Holocaust commemorated in Istanbul
Published: 19.02.13, 07:21
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1. Political fudges and mixed messages
Tim ,   Brighton   (02.19.13)
How can it be logical or clever to create such a divide between Turkey and Israel when more than ever we need Turkey Israel Egypt Jordan and Saudi Arabian leadership and cooperation to steer us through these difficult times in the face of Iranian hegemony and their pursuit of a bomb? Because at the moment the likes of Vahidi are guffawing into their breakfast cant believing their luck...With such squabbling we are doing our own DIVIDE and CONQUER for them! Far from uniting together we either still work at arms length or dont talk at all...when we must have strength in UNITY at the highest levels to confront this potential menace of nuclear blackmail Even in the area of equitable allocation of water resources around the Euphrates for example whos to say if Iran acquired a bomb they would not use nuclear blackmail to demand the lions share?
2. Holocaust memorial in Istanbul
kenneth Margo ,   Israel   (02.19.13)
Perhaps those Turkish officials who attended should also be remembering and apologising for the Turkish holocaust of the Armenians
3.  Holocaust commemorated in Istanbul
split ,   US   (02.19.13)
While Muslim cemeteries are being desecrated by Jews in Jerusalem ,...
4. 3
and visa versa in hor tzedek cemetary yesterday when palestinians sprayed swastikas on jewish graves in that cemetery. and so with muslim and palestinian terrorists that blow themselves up in pizzerias and plazas and restaurants inflicting death to youth and children.
5. #3
do you have a job? i wonder. i have been following your posts and they are totally imbecilic and idiotic. you must be a janitor by night and spend most of your day on ynet instead of sleeping. poor choice. ynet and jews and israelis seem to make your blood boil. not good for your health, mate.
6. Israel isolation is a myth
marcelo tuchman ,   RIO,BRAZIL   (02.20.13)
Israel isolation is a myth. Israel will never be isolated.
7. @3 split
is that like in split personality? i am just wondering because you seem to be suffering from highs and lows. something resembling manic depression. this is a very serious condition. please take care.
8. And where is the memorial
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.20.13)
for the 750 jewish victims of the Struma ship. They were massacred by the turkish government, everybody knows that.
9. #8 - Struma - plenty of blame to share
Ben ,   Chutzlaaretz   (02.21.13)
Istvan, Yes, the Turks bear huge responsibility with the Struma, but they didn't sink the ship, the Russians did. They didn't refuse entry to Israel, the British did. They simply towed the ship into harms way. A pox on all of them! But realistically, can't hold modern day Turks responsible any more than we demand responsibility from the Russians or Brits on this affair. Time to move forward. Note! I didn't say forget, just move forward with a wiser, more careful eye!
10. memorial in turkey
Steve a ,   Manchester England   (02.21.13)
Maybe Israel should hold a memorial for the Armenians who were murdered during the 1st World war ? Bet the Turks would be less than pleased !
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