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Jews, Muslims unite against anti-Semitism
Published: 16.02.13, 07:43
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1. An imam denounces anti-semitism, a rare voice of
A ,   Belgium   (02.16.13)
islamic moderation and peace, requires "round-the-clock police protection". Why is this necessary, I wonder. Guess that says enough about how willing moslems are in accepting a single islamic voice denouncing anti-semitism and promoting interfaith dialogue.
2. A . Belgium
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.17.13)
This while fouad belcasem was released from jail in Antwerp . He's the contrary to this imam , he preaches hate and sharia law in the whole of Europe
3. The murder of three Jewish schoolchildren
Charles ,   Petach Tikva   (02.17.13)
And was the father of two of them NOT murdered ?
4. #2 Can't agree with you more
A ,   Belgium   (02.17.13)
The Belgian judicial system is pathetic. The sad thing is, while Belcasem will walk and will continue to preach his hatred, the imam Chalghoumi has to fear for his life, and only because he is threatened by his own people for denouncing anti semitism.
5. French imam
Paul Winter ,   Sydney   (03.04.13)
While it is good to read that there is an imam who is prepared to denounce antisemitism at his own risk and that Muslims saved Jews, the simple fact is that the fates of Jews and of Muslims have no similarity. Methinks, the good imam is trying to gain sympathy for Muslims on the back of Jewish suffering. Can anyone recall the last time Muslim children were murdered in France?
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