Legal official: Zygier affair may prompt indictments
Ynet reporters
Published: 15.02.13, 00:27
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1. 2+ yrs after the fact
marcel   (02.15.13)
because the case has come to light, now you want to file indictments???!!! The man was not convicted yet held in solitary confinement. Suppose he was found not guilty.Is it right to place him in solitary for some 9 months which would drive any normal person to suicide. And what was he charged with in any case? if he was not yet convicted, and bail not permitted, then he should have been kept in normal quarters, not a locked box that would cause 50% of inmates to try suicide. the death penalty is more humane than a locked box for 40 years.
2. the evidence
milson   (02.15.13)
teh evidence against zygier had better be beyond a reasonable doubt. Anything less, anydoubts, any problems in the case should see the head of mossad at the time and the attorney general at the time held responsible and charged criminally with negligence. Furhturmore, locking a suspect in a box is inhumane. The death penalty would be more humane. It is primitive revenge against the prisoner, is costly and does little good for society.Solitary confinement in dead end b ox for life is torture and should be replaced by a mutually productive venu. And what if zygier gave some secrets away? Was any agent harmed as a result. Dagan and his assistants have some complaining to do. Mossad should reevaluate its recuiting specifications.
3. he was a threat to israel
jeff ,   bev .hills ca   (02.15.13)
so why u guys upset israel jailed him
4. Please Ynet. 3 days the same issue please stop.
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (02.15.13)
5. Whay nobody says he was killed?
Ivan ,   Haifa   (02.15.13)
6. 2 the evidence
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.15.13)
the evidence is part of state secret and will not be revealed to every dick and harry. had this man lived, he would have received a fair, albeit secret trial in accordance with due process of law. solitary confinement is commonly practiced against high value targets who betray the state secrets. divulging state secrets is a fundamental violation of the agent's oath of office to the mossad and to the state. he was put in solitary as a pretrial means of trying to get from him all that he had done and knew in the course of his espionage. espionage is not a game, and members of mossad are on the frontlines against islamic terror. the death of a single fallen agents is worth keeping safe the children of israel
7. so they will throw a guard to the wolves
Cipora Julianna Kohn   (02.15.13)
the smallest are always the one to suffer. the man killed himself because he could not face being incarcerated or the shame to his family. it is obvious that if in fact there is a bathroom in the cell, a trained intelligence agents will find a way to kill himself. israel should ask the americans how to treat rogue members of their military. they are expert at this stuff. maybe the americans will offer the use of various methods of torture, and very long prison terms.
8. isolation was cruel punishment
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (02.15.13)
Knowing that he was suicidal, the govt needed to give him some of his peers to speak with. It doesnt make sense that a man with a wife and 2 kids wants to commit suicide.
9. Indictments?
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.15.13)
I wonder if the institutionalized torture called "isolation" and its appliers will be indicted. Despite the knowledge of what this causes, it was inflicted on a human being. I don't care what his crimes were, instituting such a "precaution" or "punishment" is inhuman and brutal. Those guilty of such crimes should be prosecuted.
10. Grief and pain and sorrow.
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.15.13)
Some twelve or thirteen years ago an idealistic young man left Australia and immigrated to Israel. He did it for ideological reasons, for the love of his people and the country he wanted to serve. He learned the language, did military service, married and had children, found happiness. But things went downhill for this man because stronger forces than he could handle took control of his life and led to his demise, and he was destroyed. How could a thing like this happen? What could be the justification for an idealistic, good, healthy life like his be destroyed so quickly, in the prime of his life? And what about his children whose father was taken away from them? I will never believe it had to happen, that there weren't better ways to deal with crises, whatever those crises were and whose. Yes, conclusions must be derived and measures taken to not have catastrophe like this ever happen again.
Riva ,   Israel   (02.15.13)
The statements in this article... "It's an expression taken from dictatorships where people were made to disappear without having seen a lawyer or family. There was no such thing here." is NOT TRUE! which has been witnessed especially in protestors of Oslo such as people residing over the Green line in certain Yishuvs are constantly harassed and interograted, most often without a lawyer present!! It is not uncommon to even beat these people up under questioning or to jail minors (without their parents knowing as well). i know this personally!!! Our "justice system" has a long way to go until it's really called JUSTICE! That this prisoner could "hang" himself in an isolated and probably sucide proof cell doesn't sound likely.
12. #1 and #2
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.15.13)
Don't be selective with the facts. Zygier had access to the four top human-rights lawyers in Israel. The High Court under Leftist Dorit Beinisch reviewed his case. ACRI decided to back-off after the High Court politely asked. Apparently what Zygier did was very serious, and as Feldman said, the only question was whether he should take a plea bargain or a trial. Considering he killed himself immediately after his meeting with Feldman probably means that whatever happened he would be in jail for a long time so he took his own life. The failure to prevent suicide should be investigated, but if you know anything about Israel you know that someone like Zygier could easily outsmart prison guards. The only thing this public exposure did was endanger the lives of Zygier's family in Australia, and maybe ruined the life of his Israeli wife and kids.
13. #9 closer to home
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.15.13)
You should be worried about your own problems. Isolation is torture? What exactly happens to people that Obama "extraordinarily renditions" to certain countries, what happens at Gitmo, what happened at the CIA annex? Those victims wish they were isolated. As for prosecution? Are you aware that President Obama has taken the power to execute, without trial, lawyer or judge, anyone he considers a danger, US citizen or not? Are you aware that this is unconstitutional and no one cares? As an American, you have far bigger problems than Mr. Zygier.
14. #5 Ivan. Because he wasn't killed
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.15.13)
15. Secret news info sources are kellogs packets
Adi ,   Zurich   (02.15.13)
Secret news info sources are kellogs packets
16. This is shame
Mike ,   Israel US   (02.15.13)
Somebody out to be indicted and punished for the fate of this guy and his broken family. This is NOT GOOD for Mossad and Israel
17. Kedrai was not guilty for negligence
observer ,   Egypt   (02.15.13)
the problem was in Racial discrimination in jury selection.
18. Shame will always hang on this man family
Sam Sweiry ,   Eastbourne UK   (02.15.13)
The Trueth will never be known - It is now buried with this young man - However - I put my trust in the hands of those deffending the security of Israel - Let them get on with there job in secret - I salute the Men & Women who take care of our National Security
19. citizen
john ,   toronto   (02.15.13)
Bad treatment for a citizen.
20. Zyglier Innocent....think about this....
Michael ,   Tel Aviv   (02.15.13)
Innocent! Maybe Zygier is 100% innocent and he hung himself because he refused to sign a plea bargain stating that he betrayed the country that he loves. That means that someone else betrayed the Mossad and he is still out there. Or, it is entirely possible, that the Australian intelligence put the pieces of the puzzle together on their own. In other words, there is no mole, no leak. The Australian intelligence put it together and decided to do nothing, because they support Israel's efforts to stop Iran's nuclear ambitions. All the Australian's wanted was plausible deniability. However, this was not enough for the one member of the Australian intelligence, who, evidently, tipped off the Australian journalist. When this journalist started asking questions about the Mossad operation against Iran, everyone in the Mossad went ballistic and started to accuse Zyglier. But they were wrong! He did not betray the country that he loves and he refused to sign a document admitting that he did. He felt trapped in the system. No one knew where he was; he was separated from his family; and for six months never saw the light of day. He felt trapped both physically and spiritually. His options were limited. This is a tragedy on all sides. And if what I am hypothesizing is true, the Mossad has suffered a completely self-inflicted wound. All because, they accused the wrong man, who loved his country and his honor.
21. #20 Don't forget that 2010 was federal
tallo ,   Au   (02.15.13)
elections year in Australia and there is another one this year, somebody was and is trying to make it embarrassing issue for Australian gov during election year.
Joab ,   New York   (02.17.13)
I was censored several times on ynet please do not do that again! In a high security prison where Zygier was and for prisoners like Zygier, it is IMPOSSIBLE to commit suicide!! CONCLUSION: Zygier was murdered by the MOSSAD because he refused a guilty plea deal and wanted an open trial!!! That is the truth on this shameful matter. It is easy to accuse anybody of security crimes, especially when Zygier was murdered in his cell!!!
23. #6 - Cipora
Matti   (02.17.13)
"The death of a single fallen agent is worth keeping safe the children of Israel" yeah, unless it's your son. How dare you ? Noone knows as yet what's the story, so keep your stupid comments for yourself
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