Palestinian protest for hunger strikers turns violent
Elior Levy
Published: 15.02.13, 15:45
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1. Abbas and his wild imagination!
Maurice ,   Montreal   (02.15.13)
"The dream to release all of the Palestinian prisoners from Israeli jails will be realized just like the dream of a state was realized," he said. What state is he talking about? As far as I know the West Bank is still under Israeli control.
2. Why Does It Always Turn Violent?
emanon ,   USA   (02.15.13)
Why are these arabs so aggressive that everything involving them ends in violence they start?
3. Laughable."The dream of a state was realized"
Sam ,   Canada   (02.15.13)
Are Palestinians dumb enough to fall for this? This is what your leaders get you. Where have they led Palestinians for 65 years? To nowhere,
4. It Is Always Violence With These People
emanon ,   USA   (02.15.13)
They commit violent acts against Jews, Christians and any other religion not their sect. They commit violent acts against their own people: Sunni against Shia, Hamas against Fatah, MB against other arabs. They commit violence against women through forced FGM and dishonor killings. They commit violence against the own children by brainwashing them into becoming homicide bombers. The list goes on.
5. I hope the Israeli government
Mira ,   Vienna   (02.15.13)
will remain steadfast and tell the traitors that if they turn WB into Intifada, many more will die. These rogues are speculating with Obamas near visit.
6. Incitement
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.15.13)
"Tibi told the protesters that should one of the striking prisoners die, the 'entire region will burn, and the occupation will be held accountable for the results.'" It REALLY is time to kick him out of the Knesset, take his pension and send his rabble-rousing ass packing to Ramallah. Israel can forcibly restrain all of the hunger strikers and insert feeding tubes. And then Tibi will lead the charge, screaming about violation of the prisoners' right to starve themselves to death. Can't have it both ways. And Israel should not allow threats of violence to result in the release of dangerous security prisoners. Violence will be met with deadly force. That will put a stop to the nonsense. Otherwise, it will only get worse. The ersatz "Palestinians" riot at the drop of a hat. Time to put a stop to that, too.
7. I can never understand why rock throwers are not shot.
stoning is a death ,   sentence   (02.17.13)
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