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PM gets NIS 10,000 ice cream budget
Tomer Avital, Calcalist
Published: 16.02.13, 07:47
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1. Warped personality
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.16.13)
Netanyahu's hedonism at the public expense is indicative of his contempt for that same public.
2. Suddenly he finds it unacceptable. As our king he must enjoy
Leonard ,   Carmiel, Israel   (02.16.13)
Spoiling himself.
3. It's a political ploy to aggrevate Obama since ...
Col. Sherman Potter ,   USA   (02.16.13)
Obama and Michelle have to pay for all the ice cream they stuff themselves with outside of the White House. Also since Bibi won't share it with him, he won't visit unless he has to. Kerry will get it just to make the Obama's jeleous. Bibi is brilliant. They don't teach this stuff at MIT.
4. how long will it take??
michael ,   israel   (02.16.13)
how long will it take for the hard working people of Israel to reconise the netanyahu familly for what they are???
5. Spare us this nonsense !
miri ,   israel   (02.16.13)
6. That's odd
jeremy ,   israel   (02.16.13)
It's very strange how Netantahu didn't find the agreement with the ice cream parlor "totally unacceptable" when he made it.
7. Hope he shares it.
Jarvis ,   Joseph USA   (02.16.13)
8. Unacceptable is as unacceptable does...
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.16.13)
9. this article & the comments are unreal
nva ,   jerusalem   (02.16.13)
The Obamas cost US taxpayers OVER 1 BILLION USD. on things like dog handlers $102,000, a movie theater IN the WH manned 24 hours a day, $1,000,000 (that's 1 million) to fly their daughter and 12 of her friends to Mexico for spring break, $10,000,000 in vacations. The most expensive president the US ever has had. Ice cream outside the WH paid for by them personally???? What planet do you live on?? Bibi will get bashed no matter what he does...I'd like to see what Olmert spent. People in this country are delusional...
10. Governmental budget cuts
Arie ,   Tel Aviv   (02.16.13)
I read Stanley Fisher talking about additional taxes and necessary budget cuts, and when you read this non-sense about a politician spending tax-payer money in ice cream, I feel like asking for my money back.... or if this money is going to be spent anyway, at least Netanyahu and Yishai should ask themselves, how many poor people can we feed using NIS 10,000 today, or how many Holocaust survivors can we help today living in Israel? .... you just wonder...
11. If it's nearby why not just go out when he wants some?
Jacob E ,   Holon, Israel   (02.16.13)
12. Let Them Eat Phistuk!
Mashtin Bakir ,   Merkaz   (02.16.13)
Let's see, approximately 14 kg, a month, subtract the days Bibi and Co. were at their Casarea villa, traveling abroad...that's quite a sweet tooth! Also, when their are families, Survivors, Retirees who can't feed themselves and the PM and family have the chutzpah to spend 10K a year on ice cream?! A family could feed themselves for that! What would've happened had the lite not been shined on his habit at our expense?! Now, who's paying for his Cubans habit?!
13. Trivialities
Mario   (02.16.13)
Amongs all the abuse the 99% suffer at the hand of the trillionaire familycluster, this is a trivial little story. Typical journo-shmourno behaviour, ignore the big issues and focus like an insane person staring at their hands on something inane.
14. substituting one wasteful item for another
Norm L Jew ,   Galut   (02.16.13)
It seems that expensive ice cream has replaced Bibi's appetite for expensive cigars (all paid for by the overtaxed Jews of Israel)---as he used to spend USD $3100 per month on the old indulgence.
15. sickening
Ilana   (02.16.13)
I am feeling sickened by his wasteful attitudes. Many of his expenses are ridiculous and he does not deserve such frivolous nonsense when children in this country go hungry. Shame on him. I wish he could realize how absolutely disgusted many people are with his behavior. I hold zero respect for this creep.
16. 10,000nis for frozen dessert : This must b a JOKE, isnt'it ?
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (02.16.13)
While SINGLE mothers eat dust and drink wind..........
McDonalds sell a wonderful and very tasty ice cream here in Israel for 3.90 shekels. Cheap and delicious.
18. Cleaning up
Taxpayer ,   Hod Hasharon   (02.16.13)
To spend the cost of buying an average Israeli apartment just on cleaning suggests either a complete disregard for the public or the inability to run a household sensibly - and if he cannot run a household properly how can he be trusted to run the country?
19. We have holocaust survivors
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.16.13)
sleeping on park benches in areas where their fellow Israelis take their dogs to defecate. And our glorious leader decides he wants 10,000 shekels for ice cream. Glad to see he has his priorities right
20. King David's descendandt, King of the Jews
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (02.16.13)
"Let him eat Ice Cream let him eat Cake".
21. Obamas White House budget
Bill Stein ,   USA   (02.16.13)
How much of the budget goes to Obamas food bowling alley, putting green, private movie theater beer expensive parties, culinary chefs. And yes even Ice Cream. The trolls out out agan today. This is a stupid article.
22. I scream, you scream
Glida ,   Los Angeles   (02.16.13)
We all scream for ice cream. Not sure why this is news. He's the Prime Minister of Israel and he likes ice cream. For perspective, the U.S. spends hundreds of millions of dollars every year to support the American President and provide for his residence and personal needs. This is a lot of money to spend on dessert, but is it really an issue of national concern? I think it's funny. Pistachio? Really?
23. He desrve it he is the first minister I make the
NATAN ,   ISRAEL   (02.16.13)
average Israeli family budget and 4 people family spend in ice cream more than $1,000. And we are talking about the First Minister Family house, please he is no Chauchesku. If this make's him Happy is Ok.
24. sara really needs to eat ice cream every day!!!
sue ,   jerusalem   (02.16.13)
25. We can all see where the calories went
Bruno ,   Haifa   (02.16.13)
a further reason why Sara should wear less transparent dresses
26. ice cream and zygier
milson   (02.16.13)
ynet obsesses over bibi's liking ice cream. Yet in the matter of zygier, press reports iindicate his lawyer said that zygier told him that he did not do what israel has alleged. If he was arrested on the basis of what he might have done or his conversation/s with press in Australia(australian press contact him and not the the other way around) and if it turned out that it was a stretch of imagination, then why the hell did israel hold him in solitary. Again, if it turns out that zygier did violate mossad rules, then heads should role in themossad, the AG office and the PM at the time. Heads should bloody well roll as I do not see that he gave away anything. What he might have done????
27. 19.
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.16.13)
you are confusing holocaust survivors with illegals from sudan. holocaust survivors do NOT sleep on park benches,illegal africans do! btw, it is law in Israel to scoop up dog poop. whether we agree or not, our PM has the right to eat as much ice cream a his heart desires, shameful as it is when so many of our poor cant make ends meet at the end of the month. have you ever thought of donating a pound or two to ''meir panim'' who run soup kitchens in this country,the country you just love to bash.
28. I'll mention to the child without food that the PM has...
Riva ,   Israel   (02.16.13)
great ice cream....
29. FYI
A Jerusalemite ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.16.13)
Israel is NOT the USA. Netanyahu is NOT Obama. In true relative values we pay higher taxes than the average citizen of the USA. The Netanyahu family can afford to pay for their own ice cream!
30. None of you would do the same?
ilan   (02.16.13)
Come on, seriously? that's like 0.0014th of shekel a year per taxpayer! that doesn't even round up to a single agura (israeli penny) EVERY CEO, has perks! sorry, that's just the way it is! that's what capitalism is! A prime minister or president is pretty much the CEO of that country! "Don't hate the player, hate the game!" Yes, heads of state live better then the poor! Nothing can be done unless the system is changed! None of you seem to care enough to demand change anyways(i.e. occupy movement), but believe bitching about it will somehow make things better! Admit it, you wish you could take his place yourselves, wouldn't you? You probably have a solution to all our problems too, don't you? lol, end of rant! i'm going out to shwarma!
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