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Hagel delay gives opposition time to refine attack
Association Press
Published: 16.02.13, 09:51
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1. Of all the Republican choices, obama picks Hagel??
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.16.13)
A calculated appointee chosen solely for his anti semitism. Shows where obama's heart is.. Still pro arab.
2. Watch Defense Employment
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (02.16.13)
A SecDef does have some influence over which contractors win bids and with the layoffs that will occur. A SC contractor might not be as well connected as a Michigan contractor. Stuff happens. Fort Dix might get more troops assigned than Fort Huachuca. Troops get transferred and units get reassigned all the time.
3. To: No. 2
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.16.13)
May I take that as a yes, you would like nothing better than to see your daughter unemployed and move back home -- with no job prospects? Or perhaps you would rather see her redeployed to Korea. Well, which is it?
4. ECI's Strong Links 2Israel May Lead2 ...
Jersey Jew ,   New Jersey, USA   (02.16.13)
registering "non-profit" ECI and perhaps many others such as AIPAC as foreign lobby groups. Not in Israel's best interests ...
5. gates was good for israel????
alexi   (02.16.13)
I watched a speech given by hagel to the arab antidiscrimination league via israel matzav. There was absolutely nothing wrong with it. robert gates had no love lost for israel. hagel is clearly against war and looks at all points of views equating arab and israeli claims . A filter should subtract out the lies which I don't think he has done. Don' t forget that USA needs israel as a balwark against resurgent russian sovietism, radical arab terror and ineffectual european power. note the only 2 potential attackers of iran are uSA and Israel, not england, not france, not germany. That tells you the story. Jews should not worry that much about hagel so long as israel has strong leadership. Sadly, bibi wilts under any kind of pressure and so in the next 6-8 months, he should step down and allow a succesor like shamir, bennett, maybe even lapid if he shows strength and real understanding of arabs.Bibi cannot take pressure. Note that bibi surrounds himself with eveyrone-livni, barak, mofax(2X), shas, yesh atid and so on looking for approval and for others to make the decision for him. He has the best defense person around in yaalon yet he plays games with mofaz and maybe shamir. for god sake, wake up to reality and stop acting like a wus!
6. To No. 3
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (02.16.13)
That is a decision to be made. Not my choice. Congress specified mindless cuts. Hagel has to implement the mindlessness with the least damage. No navy bases in South Korea. There are bases in Maine and Connecticut. Likely only Double-Republican states might see impacts. Hard to say if Hagel is that vindictive. My daughter wouldn't move back home. Too well qualified to work in either the private or government sectors. See what happens. Could be interesting. Congress decided to be mindless18 months ago.
7. The non-existing jewish lobby at work.
US Taxpayer   (02.16.13)
8. The Jewish lobby will be the loser. Once...
Persian CAT   (02.16.13)
Hagel will be confirmed after Graham and her husband, McCain, finish their pathetic revenge against the candidate of choice for many patriotic Americans. That will happen soon.
9. Chuck Hagel
Harold ,   USA   (02.16.13)
Some Minority Billionairs and Millionairs spent tons of money to creat problems for Chuck Hagel. By downgrading and humiliating Chuck it will change him to a beast and when nominated he will bite all those who are against him..Be ware.............
10. Wicked Witch of West, "Jewish Lobby" dead, evil spell broken
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.16.13)
11. Obama and Hagel deserve each other
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.16.13)
they are both incompetent and they both support enemies of america, the west and of progress. obama, whose DOJ refuses to even acknowledge the cia drone program, claims his is the most transparent adminisstration in history. (reported in the uk's "the guardian, 14 february) hagel has alleged that the us state department is controlled by israel. the allegation is not only un-american, but totally absurd. it is well known that if anything, the us state department is historically pro-arab. the us state department made every effort to stop truman from recognising israel.
12. AP sux. Main issue- conveniently omiitted- hes anti-sanction
hipocrates ,   earth   (02.16.13)
anti-sanctions on Iran. That is /was/will be the main beef. it says a lot about the guy, which, when coupled with his shady arab oil support and endorsements by the Arab world, and Iran this guy is HIGHLY suspect and at the very least unfitting for this all important position.
13. Hagel
MONA ,   US   (02.16.13)
It's shameful and sad to delay the most important position in the U S ,the security of the US at stake,why?because the hawlkish lobby doesn't agree on Hagel,when this silliness gonna stop ? No body knows
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