An inconvenient truth
Robert Fattal
Published: 16.02.13, 13:46
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1. the next 3 wars solution
fatai   (02.16.13)
the next 3 wars with hezbollah and iran launching 50000 missiles at the judea/israel will see massive fatalities on the west bank. Ettinger and glick categorically dispute arab demographics which are filled with lies. The arab rate is droppiing and the jewish rate is increasing. The next 3 wars will finnish off the arabs on the west bank. They can thank their brothers for it. Perhaps they shoull pack up and leave shechem, ramle , these are all ancient jewish towns.
2. Several obvious flaws in his assertions,
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.16.13)
1.He states the time perimeter of 20 years. Who knows if Iran and her allies as these, will still be in power? 20 years is a long time. Arab spring and Syria, changes the face of everything which the author fails to mention. 2- He says to end all the settlement building. Here's the fly in that ointment, in 20 years, if settlement building continues and grows at a more rapid pace, Israel will have already won the battle without a bullet being fired. The land will already be officially, legally a part of Israel in 20 years those 'settlements' will be large inhabited and defended cities. We all know that Judea, from which we 'Jews 'are named, Samaria, and of course all of Jerusalem have always and shall always remain Israel. His invalid assumptions would put all of Israel at risk by allowing any pals any land or jurisdiction in Israel. Sorry for him, a counter response is in order.
3. Great piece!
Eric ,   Toronto   (02.16.13)
Will the government listen? I doubt it very much!
4. Wrong
Bill stein ,   USA   (02.16.13)
Israel needs a good defense with that then there is no Israel. Second Israel should annex Area C and Low populated areas of Area B. What's going to happen if Israel the lefts backing goes back to the 67 borders and you have 7 million Palis by the right of return within walking distance of Tel Aviv? How long will Israel remain a Jewish State then. Settlement expansion has nothing to do with demographics.
5. No real issues here
Ron ,   LA   (02.16.13)
Israel could help its own cause be deportinh illegal Arabs and illegal Africans. That is at least 100, 000 in Israel's favor. Israeli Arabs should be encouraged to leave as well. Settlement, building should be for IsraeliArabs as their national aspirations are elsewhere.
6. Uncorrect statistics
Thomas ,   Prague, Czech   (02.16.13)
As a demographer, I'd like to mention several important points: 1. The Arab fertility within the pre-1967 Israel will be equal to Jewish fertility within 5-10 years. Enough to check officially released numbers by the Israeli Bureau of Statistics 2. The West Bank/Judea & Samaria Arab fertility is already equal to Israeli Jewish fertility (based on numbers bu CIA statistical yearbook) 3. Gaza is irrelevant as it is not connected to Israel or West Bank in any way. 4. Jewish birthrate is growing thanks to higher proportion of orthodox Jews in Israeli population. 5. Arab birthrate is falling fast. It is interesting how some Israelis insist on including Gaza in a binational state. The reality will most likely be a Jewish state including the settlements blocks plus Jordan valley and an Arab state comprised of the rest of the land (about 50% of West Bank).
7. their hopes and goals; the same as ours
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.16.13)
I don't think so. Sitting outside, the proposals seems very reasonable. I would add one more. Instead of building in WB, build up Galilee and Negev. I believe there is a fundamental difference between secular and all people with strong religious beliefs. Seculars worry about what future they can give their children; the religious believe god will provide.
8. Israel must set its borders and withdraw to them.
mira ,   nyc   (02.16.13)
The time has come for Israel to set its borders and withdraw unilaterally, just as it did in Gaza.
9. Who wants Gaza?
sidney ,   USA   (02.16.13)
Total Fertility rate, CIA data, 2012 estimate. 77 Israel 2.67 65 West Bank 2.98 30 Gaza Strip 4.57
10. sick in the mind
walid awad ,   Arab East Jerusalem   (02.16.13)
what kind of a person are you?
11. The blindness of extremist rightists is destrroying us
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (02.16.13)
Thinking that the Palestinians will disappear is dangerous wishful thinking. We're in for a truly brutal rude awakening soon when the DEMOCRATIC State of Israel ceases to exist. Where will the extremist rightists be then?
12. Palestine Israel only fair solution now, 2 States, 1 Country
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.16.13)
13. It's simple...How can we 'keep' what isn't ours?
Edithann ,   USA   (02.16.13)
14. The inconvencience of suckers for Pal propaganda
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.16.13)
I have yet to meet an established journalist who believes the numbers the Palestinians publish. Then again, I have yet to meet an Israeli leftist who doesn't. I could publsh my 6 steps too, but that wouldn't help. It also doesn't help that Fattal openly says that some settlements are kosher. The world doesn't care very much for the Palestinians either, but believes their raving propaganda about "settlements" and how Gilo, French Hill and the Old CIty are all occupied. Yes, according to the Palestinians Israel MUST hand over the Old CIty because it is occupied territory. Fattal is a fool for caving in to Palestinian propaganda and thinking that "its the settlements, stupid." According to the Pals, Tel Aviv is a settlement, stupid.
15. Read the article. You missed the point.
Roberto ,   Canada   (02.16.13)
The article is not debating whether or not there is a demographic problem. Rather he is saying that regardless of whether it is true or not, the Palestinians believe it is. So based on that, and if you want a two state solution then this is what Israel should do.
16. Wrong facts-wrong projections
Raphael ,   Raanana   (02.16.13)
jewish population:of Israel 80% of 7 million with a growth rate of 2,6 versus 20% of arabs with a 3,5 rate.So the jews inside Israel (1967 lines ) have a good advantage.In addition the arab-israeli fertility rate goes down from 4,5 to 3,5 nad the trend is growing .Now the areas B-C in Judea Samaria will be slowly and surely absorbed into israel.The PLO can spread any kind of lies , we the jewish people are the clear majority and we shall expand into our rightful lands , abrogate if necessary the oslo agreements ( judea-samaria are still under the british mandate legacy in international laws ).Gaza will remain a sand bucket.The PLO so-called state will crumble soon.The ramallah based PLO will vanishes ounce the european union will cease to payroll the corrupted leadership.Expect it soon and the educated arabs of Ramallah and co.to move to better premises.
17. #3 Eric
ltrail ,   United States   (02.16.13)
Au contraire. The author obviously has an agenda, and issues with Israeli settlement expansion. Commenter no. 2 has noted several of the flaws in Fattal's Opinion.
18. #8 a better idea
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.16.13)
The border is the Jordan River - how about all the illegal Jordanian colonists go home. No more withdrawals. We are already a tiny country with only 0.07% of the land in the Middle East. The Arabs will have to be content with the 99.93% they already stole
19. What do Natanyahu & Abu Mazaan have
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.16.13)
in common ?.Both believe in 2 nations one state.
20. # 13.How can we 'keep.The answer to
J.K. ,   Brooklyn USA   (02.16.13)
that,is very simple,possession is 9 parts of the law.
21. #13..so give back Mexico and California if it's not yours
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.16.13)
You are a hypocrite. You stole, conquered lots of land and you feel it's okay for the USA. Israel reclaims Jewish land and you call it theft.
22. #13..You are a hypocrite - you give back stolen land
Abraham ben Jacob ,   Canada   (02.16.13)
"hypocrite " is defined as a person who pretends to have virtues, moral or religious beliefs, principles, etc., In this case, Edithann is the thief who does not possess such morals or principles that she pretends to have. And she continues to falsely accuse others, namely Israel of "theft" of land while Edithann is living on conquered or stolen land in USA.
23. PA statistics are rubbish
Akiva ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.16.13)
These PA statistics are as real as Iran's fighter jet. These people don't even know what truth is. It's not an important value in their world.
24. 1939
Zechariah   (02.16.13)
In 1939 there were Eighteen Million Jews and a million Arabs in Israel .The Jews attempted to get out Islam and the Christians stopped them .Too some extent Christianity has repented but Islam denies the holocaust or their Responsibility in not offering refuge .Their peace offer is Ridiculously unrealistic Right of Return to Israel with no Jews in Judae andSamaria. There just has to be a Compensation for the losses in the Shoah.
25. YNET. Arab Owned?
Dan ,   NYC   (02.16.13)
I always get the impression that YNET is on the side of the Paleostinians. Now I'm sure.
26. Demography
Edouard ,   Montreal,Canada   (02.17.13)
Palestine what Palestine The population of Jordan is over 72%of Palestinian Israel is a Jewish state Palistine you are not interested in a peace treaty And if they are It's on the only condition That Israel Will accept To return Or so call return Of millions Of Palestinians "refuges " Arabs In Israel For most of them Are Anti Zionist How can we accept these people in our country Nowhere Democracy Mean Collective Suicide Any peace agreement Should include The transfer Of Hostile population The demographic problem We'll be Resolve
27. According to some independent statists 70% of people
Miron ,   USA   (02.16.13)
living between Ramallah and Jordan are foreigners. Ukrainians, Russians, people of Arabic descent... all ethnicities and races. With a slight caveat, Jewish people were exterminated in Gaza with full support of US. Of course, everyone living on those places are ready to "return" to Ierushalaim tomorrow. And well funded in the meantime by US and EU to prepare for the process, if opportunity presents. Life is very simple. But it ends. Not only in Israel. Peace is cheaper than alternatives, unfortunately for our enemies but to our greatest advantage. Time is on our side, Israel.
28. To # 1 You, Ettinger and Glick all
Stan ,   Israel   (02.16.13)
Right Wing idiots who's wishful thinking will not help Israel. ISRAEL'S National statistics dept has shown that the percentage of Arabs in Israel has risen from 20% to 21%
29. Till the end of the decade
tiki ,   belgium   (02.17.13)
You want to make G-d laugh? Tell him what the future will be and with Hanan Ashrawi as his spokes woman!
30. #28 OOOOOhhh!!! 1%!!!! Genius!!
NudNik69   (02.17.13)
Left wingers dont have 'ideas' they have tenets instead - dogma. We'll all die waiting for your pipe dreams to come true, while you give away everything and get more antagonism. You are the problem - not the answer either.
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