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Radwanska still seethes over Israel row
Published: 19.02.13, 07:20
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1. It's been largely commented in the Polish press
Justine   (02.19.13)
There are allegations that somebody in the Israeli crowd shouted "Catholic bit*es". This is not confirmed and I personally find it a weird thing to shout, but even it this was not true, there are other general allegations that the behavior of Israeli fans was rowdy and unbecoming to a normally "gentlemanly" sport of tennis. Even before all this brouhaha, I was surprised by the tone of the Israeli coach (from another article) “Our girls were just as good as the Poles and fought like lions and it’s a shame we lost.” So the Israelis were "just as good" and victory "should" have been theirs. Come on...learn to lose gracefully.
2. Anti-Polonism
Dov ,   Netanya   (02.19.13)
More righteous amongst the nations amongst Poles than any other people. Poles who helped Jews were immediately executed on the spot by the Germans unlike Germans that helped Jews or anyone else. But yet more Poles helped Jews than anyone else. Nearly zero collaboration between Poles and Germans. compare to the British in the channel Islands eagerly handing Jews over to the Germans and collaboration elsewhere. This nonsense anti-Polonism is disgusting. I am the son of Jewish Poles or Polish Jews I love Poland and am proud to be associated with this great country. Sure there were some Polish anti-semites but this was the exception to the rule
3. show biz is show biz, sweetie
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.19.13)
pro sports is pure show biz. If you want to be judged on your skills, go work as a welder. The ticket-buyers are paying your salary, doll, and if you didn't have a nice butt to look at, they wouldn't care about the score.
4. to #3
Justine   (02.20.13)
I think you're confusing sports with some other industry, teddy bear...And if you think that "paying a salary" gives you the right to insult, denigrate and sexually molest women, I can only hope you will find a woman that will teach some lessons.
5. #2
k ,   US   (02.20.13)
Yes there were instances of Polish helping the Jews but based on things I have read the Polish like so many in Europe were happy to see the Jews go, and then when they came back they were upset they were not all killed, I remember reading a story about the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising how a Jewish kid was being taken in by a Catholic family, this kid went to Church with this family, and in the Church the Priest and everyone were celebrating how the Jews were roasting to death in Warsaw
6. #5
Tomek ,   Poland   (02.20.13)
You can believe any nonsense you want but this is beside the point here. The Israeli crowd in Eilat were outright racist and bigoted. The media are beating about the bush here - "irresponsible behavior", "noisy allegations", etc. - so as not to bruise your fragile egos. But do not complain when the Israeli Tennis Association is punished for the mob they tolerate in the stands.
7. #2 dov, #6 tomek - right...and very wrong
solomon ,   bklyn   (02.20.13)
You are right about the Israeli crowd in Eilat; you are wrong about the “nonsense” regarding Poles saving Jews. You have it backwards (especially in post #2). My mother was saved by Poles. But more Poles did NOT help Jews “more than anyone else”. Germans were ALSO shot immediately if discovered helping Jews. Poles were up there in anti-semitism, NOT the other way round. Your nonsense is disgusting. Read some history before you post.
8. to #2
Justine   (02.20.13)
Nice to know that there are Israelis like you :)
9. The game of tennis
Miri ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
Aggie Radwanska is one of my favorite players - one can expect an interesting, intelligent game. I only hope that with time Israel will produce players of her caliber. I wasn't in Eilat but it is possible that her complaint is justified.
10. I won't mention Beitar's racists ,...
split ,   US   (01.19.14)
Anyone remember A. Radwanska being called 'catholic slut' and other derogatory names during Fed Cup in Eilat almost a year ago and the silence and lack of reaction on the part of Israeli organisers and security? Clean your own chickencoop first before pointing a finger and demand from others ,...
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