Former FM Lieberman's trial underway
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 17.02.13, 13:41
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1. prosecution and the end of justice
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.17.13)
As Professor G.H. Reynolds writes: Though extensive due process protections apply to...criminal trials, perhaps the most important part of the criminal process -- the decision whether to charge a defendant, and with what -- is almost entirely discretionary. Given the plethora of criminal laws and regulations in today's society, this due process gap allows prosecutors to charge almost anyone they take a deep interest in
2. MK liberman: Play Mononpoly and pick up a card:
David ,   Israel   (02.17.13)
It will say "Go to jail, do not pass Go and do not collect Pounds! You, Putin and your fascists have caused enough damage to Israel - time to say good-bye!
3. Lieberman has courage and doesn't hide
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.17.13)
Guttman, who served in the National Fraud Unit for 21 years said the image of Lieberman portrayed in the press was very different from the man he had encountered in person. "The man is, in my opinion, the fastest-thinking suspect politician the police have had to face. He will come prepared". "Lieberman does not hide behind his right to remain silent. He won't confess, either. He will give full answers and send police abroad looking for evidence," Guttman said. "He does not stutter, and he is not like Olmert, saying he doesn't remember this or that. He has all the facts in his head, and he does not refer to documents when answering questions".
4. @#2
Anshel ,   Canada   (02.17.13)
It is a total disgrace and sickening to call another Jew a fascist. It shows that you you are lacking any comprehension what the word means and its historical association.
5. Well he actually looks worried for a change.
Mike Carmel ,   Rishon le Zion   (02.17.13)
6. #4 ignore #2
Ignore #2: racists exist everywhere in the world, even in Israel. See how he uses "Putin" for no reason. #2 is a regular Leftist who hates mitnahalim, haredim, mizrahi, religious, and of course "Russians" like Lieberman who are smarter and more successful than he is.
7. #4 Anshel Canada
Haim ,   TA   (02.17.13)
Well let me second that " Liberman is a total fascist" his particular kind of corrupt politics has no place in Israeli politics. i shall presume you are not Israeli or have the right to vote in Israel. So prehaps "save the moose" would be a better cause for you to take up
8. Just like,,,,,,,,,,,
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (02.17.13)
Lieberman is a CRIMINAL,,, "Just like" Jesse Jackson Jr.,,,G-d is an Equal Opportunity G-d and Justice is his specialty. These breaches of trust by public figures should never be tolerated,,,, by who?, the PUBLIC, You, Me, and Us ,,,,Gus. These guys should be looking at some time, Lieberman skated on some sh-t before and Jesse Jr. wasting taxpayers money on MJ memrobilia, come on,,, give us a break and send these lawbreakers to the COOLER.
9. Lieberman vs the dark forces
Brod ,   USA   (02.17.13)
It is persecution of Lieberman by external latent hands that hate Israel. Israel's government should control the justice system instead of the other way round. Why now? These external latent hands are relentless in undermining Israel's government. They hate a strong Israel. They want a weak Israel which they can manipulate to self-destruct. It is time Israel rejects this dangerous move. Already Israel is facing existential threats from all sides. And now this-just to rid Israel of its strong leaders.
10. lieberman and ayalon
alexi   (02.17.13)
ayalon has been dumping heavily on former boss liberman as uncouth, an embarassment in foreign capitals. And he is facing weinstein's legal prosecutors aside from the fact that weinstein's own wife was convicted of some offense. pretty good eh??!! Ayalon and others forget one thing about liberman" an ex graduate of soviet moldavia where corruption was a way of life, lieberman got a dgree in israel, served in the idf and rose to a position of power. Now when he says something in sometimes crude language which ayalon deplores, the arabs get the message as they are scared to death of him and rightfully so. He is worth 2 divisioins compared to the artful diplomats like misguided and ignorant peres who now says he trusts obama to deal with iran(when all know USA will not take military action for certain), and ayalon who dressed down the turk and then apologized for it. liberman is measured but can be tough and the arab world needs a guy like this in israel not the crybabies of livni, olmert, beilin and ben ami. besides the world could care less about israel. So as the liberman trial proceeds, the court and those 3 judges should bear in mind that one witness against liberman, that is ayalon, is biased and has a motive to hurt him which should be factored into their decision. Ayalon, if he felt this way about lieberman before, shosuld have said so and not now be a 2 faced hypocrite. and to the 3 judges who may read this comment, look at the bloody evidence and decide whether it is proof beyond a reasonable doutt, not just some suspicion likeyour chicken brother judges did in the zygier case which is bloody shameful.
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