Likud: Bennet will bring about leftist gov't
Tzvika Brot
Published: 17.02.13, 10:36
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1. Habayit "HaYehudi" is the party of the goyim
Yehuda Gedalyahu ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.13)
Habayit is the party of the goyim.The Rav Ovadia was absolutely right.
2. new elections, yes please
David Mendoza ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.17.13)
Far better to get the country led by Yesh Atid and Yisrael Bietanyu. No right wing nutters and no left wing nutters, for the most a sane approach that will satisfy the majority of the people. Obviuosly compromises would be needed but its our best hope. Bibi is out of touch and should retire to eating ice creams etc
3. New elections, don't make me laugh!
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (02.17.13)
There will be no new elections, because Bibi knows too well what kind of trashing Likud under his leadership got in the current ones. If he shows to everybody he doesn't want Bennet and Lapid in Govt and is ready to side with any Devil to throw these two young bright and untainted men overboard - next election will finish him and his friend in defeat Liberman completely. Bennet is right not willing to have the haredim in Government - it would be like having an offender to sit on the panel of jury. The politics is a very dirty business and those who claim to be our only source of higher morality shouldn't dirty themselves by dealing in it. Their place is in yeshivas and synagogues.
4. Likud negotiator is a mad-hatter
V masks for Purim ,   Jewish Spring Israel   (02.17.13)
He thinks Bennet was elected on Likud platform? How does he miss that voters voted for Bennet INSTEAD of Likud? And why? To clean house of medievalist meshumadim like #1, ultras who call good Orthodox Jews "goyim," spit on kippa seruga Jews and throw feces on 8-yr-old Orthodox elementary school girls!
5. Habayit Hayehdui
Henry Weil ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.13)
Bibi lost the election after his bad idea of merging with Lieberman, the voters stated clearly they don't want the same coalition, but a new one Likud Yesh Atid Habayit total 62 join in Livni Mofaz 70 that is a stable coalition so Bibi should stop acting as if he won either form Govt or return your mandate and go work for Sheldon
6. Leftwing government BOO!!! You are scring only yourselves.
miki ,   tampa   (02.17.13)
7. the Likud is wrong
Fad Egypt   (02.17.13)
it is Bibi who was calling for a broad government with Lapid, Labor, Hatnua and Kadima, it is Bibi who went immediately to Lapid, and met with Labor leader three times and even Galon of Meretz and Livni, it is Bibi who called Bennett at last after calling all these leftist leaders, i know that Bennett is causing troubles by his alliance with Lapid who just wants to be a PM, but the truth must be told, Bibi and his ugly campaign to be blamed, anyway, i believe that Bennett has nowhere to go but to join the coalition, it is impossible that a government formed by the Likud while leaving outside a large nationalist party like the Jewish Home, all the party voters want to see Bibi as PM, Bibi must go to the loyal strong haredim parties and offer them a good proposal on the draft issue, if they accepted, he can take the draft to Lapid, if he accepted, so no problem , if not Bibi will invite Bennett and he will join immediately for two reasons, first because such problem requires the agreement of the haredim in the first place, this issue is important to them , and it must be solved by a broad agreement especially the agreement of them and must be solved in steps not in one step so patience is a must, the second reason is it will appear that Lapid is the rejecter and he has already ruled out staying with the haredim so a noway that Bennett will say no to joining the government, after that if Bibi wants Kadima or Livni or both he can bring them but without giving Livni any authority over the talks with the PA, but what Bibi is doing right now is waste of time !!!!! shalom
8. #4 and #5 Absolutely Correct
Dan S.   (02.17.13)
73+% of the public supports equalization of the burden. They voted for the most parties that together could form a stable coalition. Of course all of the party leaders want to be PM eventually. leaders want to lead, that is their nature, but right now they will have to be part of a government. The problem is Bibi. He has allowed personal animosity, his wife, and his own personal feelings to take precedence over forming a government as quickly as possible. Now he has shown cracks in his ability to lead, and in that vacuum, others have hardened their positions. Now he's grasping at straws trying to talk to Labor. This is not what people voted for. The first thing that needs to happen is to form the government. Yesh Atid will cease to exist after this term as it is the kind of party that only survives in the opposition. They are inexperienced, but they will learn as well. Start respecting the parties that would form this government and the wil of the people that elected them.
9. In my view,it is good that Lapid and Bennet keep allied.
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.13)
If Netanyahu had any intention to highjack the elections and had the intention to get Lapid to his side in order to create a very,very dangerous leftist government(that´s strange to someone who calls himself part of Likud),than a union with Bennet and Lapid will backfire him. Netanyahu must learn that he is not the only one who knows how to play chess,and that he can do all gyms he wants with no avail,because ultimately any game is gained not by gyms but by truth. Sooner or later truth prevails.
10. #7 great analysis
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.17.13)
better than any Israeli
11. 4
zionist forever   (02.17.13)
Look beyond the hared enlistment which is a totally trivial issue and which is just about haredi hatred not one that will benefit the country or the army so look at the bigger picture. Do we want a coalition governed by the centre left or the right? The voters wanted a right wing government but its the backroom wheeling and dealing that will decide if we get a left or right wing government. Bennet certainly wasn't voted to form a centrist block with Lapid. His natural ally is Bibi and the party want him to join forces with Bibi rather than Lapid. if we have this coalition of 70 Bibi will be PM but the power will be in the hands of the centrists with Lapid as their unofficial leader. Very quickly Likud will get disgruntled with this situation and hold a no confidence vote in Bibi and a leadership contest. If that happens Bibi can either stand firm and risk loosing a contest & his job or he can take his chances and call for an election keep his position as party leader. Unless Bibi has Bennet, Lapid and the religious this government is not going to last much more than a year because there are so many things that could happen to bring down the government very quickly. Only with the 3 biggest groups can we have a stable coalition stop anybody from pushing Bibi around.
12. Bibi has 2 options
zionist forever   (02.17.13)
If Bennet Keeps his promise to Lapid that they are either both in the coalition or they are both out and the religious ( right wing ) be kept out Bibi can't form a coalition at all so he will have to step aside and allow Peres to give Lapid a chance to form a coalition. If Bibi forms a coalition with Bennet & Lapid based on their terms he won't have any right wing coalition partners it will just be Likud, Lapid, Bennet and Livni will voting together on most issues essentially a leftist block with more power than Bibi. Bibi's next step needs to discreetly go to the party hierarchy of Habayit Hayehudi and say to them you must tell Bennet straight either he ends this love affair with Lapid now and helps form a right wing coalition or first thing priority of the party will be to hold a leadership contest, give him the boot and then start acting like a right wing party who will be Bibis allies rather than his enemies and will agree to form a right wing government with or without the religious. Bennet is the key to deciding if its going to be a left or right wing coalition.
13. #12 Zionist forever
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.13)
I think that you are wrong when you call Haredim rightists. Bennet and his party are religious rightists but not Shas and Torah Union(I´m not sure this is the name). The later are formaly "religious"but are not sionist,even if they are members of Sionist Organization as you pointed out the other day. In their platform,they don´t care if Israel changes" land for piece" ,and they have proven again and again if given money for support,they can support anything ,and that´s why Netanyahu wants them in the coalision. I am pretty sure that Lapid and Bennet are not made of the same material and are 2 idealistic men,even living different ways of life.They can find a common ground together. Where there is sincerity,all is possible. All the time, I am afraid about what underlies Netanyahu policy and in my view,he is pushing a leftist coalision because he intends to make dangerous concessions to Israel´s foes,soon. His tensions with Bennet,in my view,are related to this fact.
14. # 10 Israel Israeli, Tel aviv
Fad Egypt   (02.17.13)
thank you for your support
15. Bibi and Zippi - what a Love affair!
Alf Red ,   Londonistan   (02.19.13)
Bibi said: never with Zippi! Zippi've said: never with Bibi! Just this very moment we've learned Bibi has bought Zippi! Now Likud tells us it is all Bennet's fault! And it is Bennet who will bring the calamity of Leftist Govt on Israel. It seems to me that Likud should do a very serious cleaning of it's moral stables and throw on the trash heap of History all the tricksters and liers, Bibi first among them! It's high time to recollect the name of Zeev Zhabotinsky and stop heaping dirt on young and idealistic politicians like Bennet and Lapid.
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