PM on Zygier case: Security interests can't be dismissed
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 17.02.13, 12:04
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1. Do you realise how dangerous this is?
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.17.13)
Netanyahu is demanding the right to imprison Israelis under false identities because Israel is 'different' to normal countries
2. The cell had a camera
Ivan ,   Haifa   (02.17.13)
where is the video?
3. Sarah B, no he did not say that,read the article again
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.17.13)
4. Excellent statement, well-said.
Steve ,   Atlanta USA   (02.17.13)
5. #3 Mickey
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.17.13)
Yes he did. He said that his government should retain the right to detain Israelis on false identities on the grounds of national security. With the government deciding what is or what is not grounds for national security. That is extremely dangerous, what if I found out something about the Prime Minister that would finish his career, if you go with Netanyahu's logic that is grounds for arrest on National security because it could lead to the downfall of the government. Extremely dangerous for the people of Israel and their freedoms as citizens
6. I agree with #5!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.13)
Those who govern Israel under such obscure lines,should not govern it anymore. Security yes;fear not!
7. Clean up the House
Michael ,   Haifa   (02.17.13)
Maybe Netanyahu ought to better spend his time preventing security mistakes and failures in the Security Services, which, over the past few years, seem to have been increasing.
8. #1, #5 reading comprehension
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.17.13)
Zygier's imprisonment was overseen by four of Israel's most prominent human rights lawyers, the High Court including President Beinisch, and ACRI was aware of what was happening. Zygier's family was informed of his imprisonment. The name blackout prevented all sorts of people from going to Australia and "talking" to Zygier's family. As an aside, I recommend the Zygier family move to Israel before the Republican Guard gets any ideas. Now that their names are public, Israel can't protect them.
9. Why this dude was telling anyone that he works for Mossad
If he realy worked then he signed a letter and promissed to take a poison if somebody had discovered that he worked. If he never worked and simply a crazy dude then he should had been put in the mental hospital in place of prison
10. And our slide to dictatorship continues...
Rachel Rabin ,   TA, Israel   (02.17.13)
Our PM and government "reveres freedom of speech, it cannot be allowed to compromise state security". That is what Hitler would say and what the rulers of Iran and North Korea would say. Our democratic state in constant decline towards the abyss.
11. Shecky Greene
lightharry ,   New York   (02.17.13)
Natanyahu is our Shecky Greene of democracy for the Middle East. When it suits him then freedom rules.
12. Secrets should be kept Secrets so not to compromise Security
sam sweiry ,   Eastbourne - UK   (02.17.13)
I Totally Agree - State Secrets should be locked away - not to be compromised for the sake of Freedom & Liberty when it put other lives at risk - Media dont care about State Security unless they are stopped - There is a borderline when investigating Journalism should never cross when it come to sensitive state security - I put my faith and trust in the hands of those who know best
13. No free press in Israel
Rich ,   Toronto, Canada   (02.17.13)
14. #10 I expect you to be reporting to
Sarah B ,   Tel Aviv/London   (02.17.13)
your nearest police station for arrest. You may send a postcard to your family saying you are OK before being imprisoned in such a manner that the guards do not know who you are, and you will not be able to tell them. You still believe that all his rights were upheld?
15. Secrets OK, but why to destroy bumbler's life?
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.17.13)
The issue isn't state security. The issue is why was Zygier treated so harshly after his arrest? Isn't penalty a scare tactic to discourage others who might be tempted to commit something similar? Driving Zygier to suicide was much more than this bumbler deserved. He wasn't against the state and he wasn't smart. And he didn't commit a great crime. The PM is supporting policies of civil rights violations against citizens of Israel and that's HUGE CRIME.
16. Zygier's legal rights were protected
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
it is very clear that zygier's legal rights were protected. he was arrested under warrant issued by a court; he was given attorneys, including a civil rights attorney; he was made aware of the charges against him; the justice ministry was following the case as were judges; his family was informed of his arrest; the australian embassy in tel aviv was informed of his arrest; he was offered a plea deal which he discussed with his attorney; he apparently rejected the plea deal which was his rright to do.
17. 15 Michael
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
do not call this man a "bumbler." nor should you say that his treatment was unduly harsh. he was not some common criminal. he was part of the elite. he was trained as part of the elite. some people undertake a life that is not suited for them. some people do not know themselves well enough.
18. Israel cannot allow foreign powers
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
israel cannot allow foreign powers to undermine her national security. it is very obvious that western powers are involved in a concerted effort to leak israel's most sensitive national security secrets and to drive a wedge between israel and the diaspora jewish communitties. it is very obvious that the motivation of australia is just that in this case. it is also very obvious that australia decided that undermining israel was more important than fighting commmon enemies like iran. australia, like the obama administration, have decided that israel is the enemy, not the islamic terrorists or the terror state of iran.
19. OF CAUSE !.
Arn.Sweden. ,   Sweden.   (02.17.13)
I Quote - PM on Zygier case: Security interests can't be dismissed In first official comment on 'Prisoner X' case PM backs defense establishment; says that while Israel reveres freedom of speech, it cannot be allowed to compromise state security Comment - That is the case in every Nation. An ySecurity personel knows this and knows, if He or She isnt silent but become a Rat, the death will com for them. Those Rules are accepten by all those personel and, to becom a person in the Security is volontarily. Arn.Sweden.
20. Security can not be a blanket to cover
Abe ,   AZ   (02.17.13)
illegaities or even crimes against the people. We have a case here of a zionist son who scarified comfortable life at home, made aliya, gave himself and his passport/s to the service of Israel. He didn't deserve the treatment he recived and we deserve answers.
21. State security vs freedom of speech
ruben ,   santiago de Chile   (02.17.13)
At a certain point, if you detent the rol of Netanyahu or any democratic government, you will face with a trade off between state security and freedom of speech. I'm concious about how deeply dictatorship use this to get their objectives (just think on Pinochet's period and their boys that gain the Presidency in Chile 3 years ago). Israel is not those cases. And this is really a very complex year. You'll face Iran or Siria or PLO or Hamas, brotherhood in Egipt. ¿Is it a time to take that risk in this particular issue? Bibi acted well.
22. #11 My Cousin
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (02.17.13)
Watch what you say about my cousin Shecky Greene. Free Speech and Democracy do not make up a suicide pact. There are limits to both. If you don't believe that then why have you not disclosed all your secrets and financial documents to all your neighbors and anyone who asks.
23. When a spy comes out of the closet
Yosef Eytan ,   Eilat, Israel   (02.17.13)
I would assume that if one joins a country's spy agency that one pledges 100% secrecy and agrees in effect that their life is forfeit at the discretion of the agency involved. He apparently actively worked for such an agency and later breached that agreement potentially putting many lives at risk as well as his country's secrets. His family and country of birth were informed of his arrest and didn't scream of his rights being violated even years later after the press finally reported it. His case was brought before a court of law and a gag order was imposed. Up to this point Israel appeared to have done everything right in handling the case. Then he died. How he died is obviously suspect and now an investigation will occur. How he really died and by whose hand we will never really know or accept. The family was compensated as much as they could be it appears. Mistakes were made and he obviously was a poor choice for being, and being accepted as, a spy. Unfortunate for all concerned but not a shock in this world we live in.
24. I wish Israeli security stablishment took more care about
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.17.13)
foreign financed NGOs working to undermine Israel.THAT´S a real BIG threat and nothing is done about that.
25. #16,17 Ciporra
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (02.17.13)
You sound like a real know it all. Where do you come off being so cocky and so sure of yourself. He was one of the "elite" eh, a real James Bond with all kinds of deadly skills? He was much closer to the "bungler" than you might imagine. He was just a kid who was raised in a good Jewish family, came to Israel when he was 20, did a year program, came back, got married, did the army and was recruited by the Mossad. He was strictly low level by all accounts. They only wanted him for his passport at first. Yes, he got in over his head but was that his fault! He was no Eli Cohen. He appears to be a victim of someone else's over reaction and that person should be punished for the death of this young idealist. And our government should not be justifying their poor actions that endanger all of our civil liberties, our rights and our democracy. By the way, cippy, next time you are so sure of yourself, try thinking of Zygier as your son or brother?
26. 25 Eli
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
no, he was no eli cohen. however, he volunteered to be a member of mossad. i agree that the entire situation is tragic. i even agree that his handlers most likely made mistakes. if he were a family member, i would mourn him. however, all those who fight in wars, be they secret, assume huge risks. he did not have the courage to go to trial. that says a lot about him. israel's democracy is not in danger. he was given all legal representation. the brits, the americans, the french all have treated their spies infinitely worse. get a grip.
27. #26 Ciporra
Eli ,   Jerusalem   (02.18.13)
Top defense lawyer Avigdor Feldman, who met with Zygier at the jail shortly before his death, said Zygier was uncertain about taking the plea bargain, and had been told he faced a very lengthy jail term for “serious” crimes if he did take the deal, and a still longer term if he went through with the trial and was convicted. Zygier, a 34-year-old married father-of-two, had also been told he would be ostracized by his family, Feldman said. The above quote tells you everything you need to know about WHY he committed suicide! Do you know how hard it is to kill yourself? Do you know how hard is is to die the way he did? Perhaps it was not out of shame but out of hopelessness. He was driven to his death and those who did it and those who defend them are just as guilty. I have a grip do you?
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