Opinion  Ron Ben-Yishai
ASIO 'burned' Zygier
Ron Ben-Yishai
Published: 17.02.13, 12:10
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1. This is the
Hertzl ,   Tveria   (02.17.13)
Very best explanation/article I have so far read about the Zygier case. I is probably as near to the truth we will ever get, HIGHLY RECOMMENDED READING !!! Kol Akavod Ron.
2. Great article. That Kaoutsoukis guy smells bad in all of thi
hipocrates ,   earth   (02.17.13)
3. If what you say is true, was Zygier treated fairly?
Michael in Tel Aviv ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.17.13)
If true that Zygier "... did not betray the country; he simply could not live up to his own expectations and those of his family and his surroundings."; was it fair to put him in solitary confinement for 10 months and try to force upon him a plea bargain containing a further prison term of at least 10 years (also to be solitary perhaps)? Is this how someone who does NOT betray his country should be treated? Also, did the Mossad incorrectly assume that Zygier had been the source of the information that was actually leaked by the ASIO? Is that why they treated him so harshly? If yes, someone in the Mossad has a lot of explaining to do and a big apology should be sent to Zygier's family.
4. Sounds totally reasonable!
Daniel   (02.17.13)
Excellent explanation by Ben-Yishai. Zygier committed suicide in a "suicide-proof" cell because he "couldn't live up to expectations". Anyone reading the press accounts that Zygier had been held in solitary confinement and was facing extremely serious charges by the State of Israel might think that was why Zygier might have killed himself. But no, it was "expectations". That's a very believable story.
5. Agree with first comment
Rick ,   Raanana   (02.17.13)
This is probably the most insightful and realistic explanation there is. Some clarity in a fog of so many bogus theories.
6. You don't realy belive what you have just said
Complete nonsense   (02.17.13)
Do you Ron??!!
7. Could it be that petty jealousy has something to do with it?
tiki ,   belgium   (02.17.13)
The ASIO didn't burn Zygier out of patriotism, for he didn't pose any danger to his ex-country Australia and as long as this story can be milked as a tool to hurt the mighty Israeli Mossad, it will.
8. big apology not enough
milson   (02.17.13)
prosecutors handling the case, especially if they did not check the information by interrogating journalists and the australian agency to ascertain the facts should be sued big time and indicted for criminal negligence since their actions undoubtedly led to the death of Zygier who when the final balance sheet appears, might have been guilty of speaking too loosely to the australian reporter. But it appears to be that the austrilian spy agency went after zygier, and the journalist provoked the conversation and then made it oiut to be like zygeir was going to spilll thebeans when it may very well be that he had no intention of so doing. for this, you do not isolate a man for 10 months insolitary with nothing ahead for him but 4 blank walls. This is a serious indictment of Israel, never mind its security predicament. Charges have to sufficient facts behind them to be legal. Unless the state shows otherwise, it appears that essentially an innocent man was forced to die for nothing.
9. comment
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
there is absolutely no doubt that australia decided to sacrifice this man even though he was engaged in activity that was highly beneficial to the entire west. this kind of behaviour is extremely damaging to all western intelligence services and to their efforts to combat international terror and common enemies such as iran.
10. No one can make you commit suicide
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (02.17.13)
No matter how deep a hole you and your friends at the Mossad dig for yourself, there is always hope.
11. Riveting Insight
Jamu ,   Australia   (02.17.13)
Regardless, excellent article providing riveting insight into israelism mentality. This is how & what they want you to think.
12. Get serious
jv ,   NWM , Canada   (02.17.13)
This might as well have been written on Mossad letter head. Pure stenography. Every thing is Australia's fault but Mr X was sitting in the most secure Israeli jail there is? How did he get there? This story doesn't even pass the laugh test.
13. Nonsense...Zygier..a passionate Zionist...please
Al   (02.17.13)
tell it to the birds. He got caught with his pants down, couldnt face the music and ended up doing himelsf in. Happens all the time in every prision in the world. End of story. All the rest is pure BS. The point of the above story is to slant Israel and the current government. Pure crap...
14. prisoners
john ,   toronto   (02.17.13)
The fact is he ended his life in an Israeli prison without proper representation. Now that he is dead he cannot clear his name or answer any charges. Mossad has explaining to do .
15. to #11 Jammu in australia
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.17.13)
apparently you believe that it will never come to pass that the fate of an australian will depend upon the lovingkindnessof a Mossad officer. The Hebrew people have a long memory, my friend.
16. to #14 John in toronto
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.17.13)
Mossad has some explaining to do... but not to anyone in the British Governate of Canada. Israel fought for, and won its independence. Canadians are still subjects of a foreign crown.
17. Lots of imagination, Ron, but it doesn't hold water!
Avouskila ,   South America   (02.17.13)
Even when you discount the inimical attitude of some of Australian operatives towards Israel; it still behold the Chiefs of ASIO to give the OK. And furthermore, there are lots of IOU's on the parket, thus first illimination of the 'good film' syndrome, for sale in Hollywood. Now, the real object of Mr. Ben -Yishai's Article is to feflect any moral turpetude of the Mossad Israel. As such its still an elementary laps of ethical behaviour of the main bosses in Israel, and though it is a great read, , I don't accept it as a probable scenario. Ben! your whole forte is in power politics of local or global events, here as previous Article, you came out short.
18. The spin has started
David Ayalon ,   New York, NY   (02.17.13)
Lies lies and more lies, I do not even think he Hanged himself. They just wanted to get rid of him. He just new to much and he did cooperate with ASIO
19. Aussies hate jews
David ,   Sydney   (02.17.13)
I am an Australian with a Jewish name and can tell you exactly what the motive was of asio - hatred for Jews
20. Conference on Refugees 1938
Zechariah   (02.18.13)
At a conference on refugees in 1938 Australians didn't want to help the Jews till the British and USA. Applied pressure .Five Thousand were taken in into a vast land seven million seven hundred thousand kilometre squared .The Shock of the Empire of Japan's rapid advance caused regret about their immigration policies and doctrine of a white anglosaxon utopia. The USA came to the rescue of these happy go lucky hard drinking incompetents.Austalia could have granted rescue to a million Jews and needed to triple it's Population for a Large army from 1933-1939.There was Money to finance it .
21. to David #19
David ,   Israel   (02.18.13)
Do you really think that? You don't think that they dislike the Arabs more, seeing as they pose more of a threat to Australian life? If ASIO really did want to burn him, it would have been done the exact same way to any other Australian spying for another country. I agree it could be on some level ego/pride that made ASIO burn him - They have had the Israelis rub it in their faces for many years.
22. Moral of the story, again...Jews care only about Jews
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.17.13)
23. Zygier was burned by ASIO
Shoshanna ,   Sydney Australia   (02.18.13)
Also why has Australia now suddenly spoken up about the death of one of THEIR citizens? They knew in 2010 what transpired yet they kept stumm until now. They knew then.
24. cynic use of a usually competent journalist
oferdesade ,   israel   (02.18.13)
when drivel is hard to mask, the obvious conclusion is that this hash has been fed and ron knows it. he shouldnt be cutting the branch he sits on, namely his own credibility. mr ben yishai cannot for a moment believe that someone vetted so "carefully" would commit suicide for such... soap-operatic reasons. handing info to a friendly country may be reason for solitary (pollard) but not for totally erasing someone. this article has more holes than the vatican (which is also in rome...)
25. The thing Ron
Sacha ,   Bilbao, Basque   (02.18.13)
The thing Ron tha the onus is on the Israeli security services rather than on Ausies. After Pollard affair, and after several incidents with friendly countries, they should know better NOT to involve foreign Jews in their shady dealings compromizing jewish life in those countries. Not even on the level of passport fiddlings, let alone spying. They should know better and I would really "cut" some heads. As I see it the ausies have all the rights in the world to be furious.
26. Riiight . . . so it was all Australia's fault!!
Crooksmeister ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.18.13)
Yeah, that sounds right. Of course Mossad has never stolen New Zealand passports, or used stolen Australian passports many times over the past 10 years, including in an illegal assassination plot in Dubai, and of course they wouldn't be in the business of jailing some poor idiot that worked for them until they found out he had a bigger mouth than was healthy. Noooo - that's not the Mossad that we all know and love at all.
27. #19 David BS
Mickey ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.18.13)
I'm also an Australian Jew with a Jewish name and I have not experienced Anti-Semitism or Jew hatred in Australia
28. There was a young nurse re: Princess Kate's pregnancy....
BUILD BABY BUILD ,   United States   (02.18.13)
who committed suicide after a news article brought on by deception.. she left a family children behind. Never say never.
29. Australia "burned" Zygier for one very simple reason ...
spyguy ,   seattle, usa   (02.18.13)
The Australians are angry that Mossad has endangered the lives of every Australian business person that operates in the ME and Asia, by using Australian "covers" for killing. At least the US acknowledges their drone killings instead of trying to hide behind another country. Australia is an Asian country that needs to be on good terms with the people in the ME and Asia to survive economically and can not let Israel endanger those relationships. So yes, Australia has been using covert operations to get revenge on Israel and Zygier got caught in the middle because he mistreated his birthplace.
30. Beware islamophilia
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.18.13)
No wonder that ASIO, as well as the british Intelligence Service (Blake, Philby), the CIA (Brennan), the french DST (Bonnet) is presumably deeply infiltrated at the highest level.
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