Australia's Jews fear 'Prisoner X' consequences
Nitza Lowenstein
Published: 17.02.13, 14:56
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1. Stockholm Syndrome
Bill Stein ,   USA   (02.17.13)
I live in the US. Some Jews that are hyper sensitive to Anti Semitism resort to these type if feelings. They should ask them selves what is the best way to fight this hide like in Nazi Germany or fight and be defiant. Being a coward attracts anti Semitism. By the way ask yourselves does Australia Great Britain and the US use foreign passports in thier intelligence services YES. So why the Hippocrates simple anti Semitism and to the desire to weaken Israel as the homeland of the Jewish People and the desire to disarm her little by little. And if you think being a coward is going to protect our people then you are naive.
2. No citizen of any country
Ivor Evenbiggergun   (02.17.13)
should serve in a foreign army and expect to retain their citizenship No different to travelling to Afghanistan and serving in the Taliban
3. Antony Loewenstein
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.17.13)
Antony Loewenstein is an atheist Jewish-Australian. He writes regularly for ZNet and CounterPunch, two radical Left publications. His anti-Israeli (an unfortunately named) book "My Israel Question" received rave reviews from Ilan Pappe (enough said). Is it surprising that he would use Zygier's death to delegitimze Australians who support Israel?
4. STANDARD PRACTICE About 'Alex the Israeli citizen' (article)
er der   (02.17.13)
The need to show a birth certificate upon renewal, even though he already holds an Aussie passport, is standard for all Australians. If it's in a foreign language, obviously it needs translating. (I'm an Aussie born Israeli - dual passport holder.)
5. australian jews
weinreich ,   cape town   (02.17.13)
to the australian jews your all as sick as the australian christians. they will hate you wether you love and support ISRAEL or not. to them it doesnt make a difference. worry about ISRAEL SUPPORT ISRAEL. dont worry about australia and what the christians think.
6. Pollard
david ,   san antonio, tx   (02.17.13)
If I hear anything from any Jew how bad the united states treated pollard, I will just tell them, AT LEAST he still alive . isn't he/
7. Government of Israel doesn't care if
desi ,   planet mars   (02.17.13)
his policies trigger antisemitism and diaspora jews pay the price of it. To some extent it benefits from it so why bother really?
8. melbourne jews and prisoner x
pamela ,   netanya   (02.17.13)
Be not afraid. Either you feel a bond with Israel or you don't. Over sensibility and sentimentallising are both useless also. in Israel we know we are in trouble but we are not wringing our hands Brenda.
9. Proud dual citizen
Golani ,   Vineland, USA/Israel   (02.17.13)
I was born in the USA and am a proud citizen of the US. I became an Israeli citizen and served 3 years in the IDF, and afterwards,: Israeli security. I am a proud dual citizen. I currently work in the field of counter terrorism. I am in fact currently a member of a US Government "entity". Both the US and Israel share the same principles and I never saw or felt any conflict since we are 120% on the same side.
10. You dont have to apologize to anyone. You have the right to
Notsofast ,   earth   (02.17.13)
honor yourself as a Hebrew. Be very loyal to your country of residence. At the same time don't let anyone EVER deter your from traveling to the Jewish peoples one and only eternal homeland. Every other place has , historically, been temporary.
11. Western powers are conspiring to undermine Israel
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.17.13)
there is a very real and concerted effort by western powers to undermine israel's national security by leaking her most closely guarded secrets. there is also an equally strong effort to drive a wedge between israel and diaspora jews. these efforts have been ongoing for the last four years. diaspora jews need to understand that they are being used as pawns in a cynical game by the west, led by obama and his administration, and those in the jewish community who have worked to undermine israel now for many years.
12. Mr. Evenbiggergun (#2)
Tzila ,   Modiin, Israel   (02.17.13)
Your moral equivalency of serving in the Taliban - the subhuman organisms that have no qualms killing civilians and children - to the Israeli army - that will thwart an assassination on any of these subhumans that are found too close to civilians - is disgusting and depraved
13. Pollard
Concerned American ,   USA   (02.17.13)
After what happened to Zygier (Sucide in prison -hint, hint....) I bet Pollard has dropped his quest for release from US prison. Pollard likes living a lot better that suicide.
14. reply- no citizen of any country
M.L.   (02.17.13)
Some countries do have agreements that citizens of one country can serve in specific other countries militaries. I do not know the situation between Australia and Israel. To the Jews that are worried about an ever growing anti-Semitism in Australia - LEAVE!!!!
15. #12 - have no qualms killing civilians and children
split ,   US   (02.17.13)
Yeah right like you have it or even blink dropping a 1 ton bomb on residential building in the middle of the night or terror suspect 'target' killing on busy intersection during rush hours ,...
16. Australia and New Zealand
European immigrants gave up being English, Dutch, German, Scots etc and tried hard to become Aussies and Kiwis. Neither country is crazy religious like the USA so there is no reason for Jews to separate themselves anymore than there is for anyone else. We can all consider ourselves alienated ''minorities'' if we hang on to our past identities instead of forging a new identity as Aussies and Kiwis. The PM of NZ is about as Kiwi as you can get and yet his mum was Jewish. Why would anyone vote for him if he was Jewish in the sense of feeling a greater loyalty to fellow Jews than to fellow Kiwis?
17. Quite the contrary
David ,   Sydney   (02.18.13)
The leaking of this affair by the Australian intelligence agency to the media is a blatantly anti-semitic act
18. #17 David
Truthseeker ,   USA   (02.18.13)
It is more than tiresome that any time anyone or any country does or says something that shows israel in a bad light that person or country is said by those who want to criticism of Israel to be "anti-semitic." Jews should no more be held blameless when they do bad things than should any other people. Israel should not be held blameless for all the terrible things it does. As a Jew I find it to be "anti-semitic" for us or for Israel to be treated better than others simply because we are Jews. If we do bad things such as Israel did with Prisoner X or stealing passports of other countries we should be held accountable. David, I only hope that you were making a joke when you called the leaking of the X affair an anti-semitic act. It would be quite sad were this statement of yours a reflection of your feelings.
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