Australian AG: No need for ASIO probe in Zygier case
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Published: 18.02.13, 08:15
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1. The Australian AG
Sean ,   Montreal, Quebec   (02.18.13)
So Mark Dreyfus doesn't see the need for an inquiry. How convenient for Israel that he just happens to be in place.
2. Australian AG sees no need; of course not
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.18.13)
the australian secret services are directly responsible for this man's death. they, in collaboration with the see eye ay, outed this man out of revenge against the state of israel. they did so to undermine israel's national security. leaks of israel's most important national security secrets have been ongoing since obama became president.
3. Poor Recruiting
Zechariah   (02.18.13)
It seems this tragic case reflects poor recruiting of a personality not equipped for the job.There is evidence here of some very anti-Jewish Asio agents just like after the war when Nazi War criminals got into Australia.
4. #3 "There is evidence here"
Robert ,   Australia   (02.18.13)
Well, what is it?
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