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Beirut airport sells Israeli lighters
Roi Kais
Published: 18.02.13, 14:22
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1. Israeli items in Beirut airport?
tiki ,   belgium   (02.18.13)
And lightning didn't struck and the Arab world didn't sink into the sand dunes? Well, maybe that was a message from the prophet to stop all the nonsense of war & hate and start doing business & make peace.
2. "it could lead to an agreement and recklessness
A ,   Belgium   (02.18.13)
in regards to the idea of normalization," What a firghtening thought for the Lebanesen ormalization with Israel! It is obvious than that instead of working to normalize relationships with Israel, which could only be a benefit to Lebanon in every possible way, they prefer to remain prisoners of Hezbollah and slaves to Iran and Syria. As they wish.
3. maybe their are spy lighters its a zionist conspiracy
Hello   (02.18.13)
4. Oh No! Normalization!
Ze'ev ,   USA   (02.18.13)
And there it is, they have no desire for peace. Not that anyone could blame them. Just imagine, if they make peace, they will have tens of thousands of unemployed thugs and terrorists looking to make a living the only way they now how, that is, by murder and intimidation.
5. Lebanize Normalization
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.18.13)
they had better throw their mobile phones away, most of their computers and operating systems, (they are written in Israel) most medical appliances, cars, yup they have Israel software inside and also it is used in the manufacture, eh the best thing if they really don't want to have anything to do with Israel is wear animal skins, make a fire with sticks and live as their forebears did not that long ago like the stone age mentality they seem to have! or do something positive, but that is beyond them.
6. James Richardson GOYISH enough name 2 fool even the arabs!
Ricardo Richardson   (02.18.13)
7. How Come?
Ron ,   OC US   (02.19.13)
How come I can't buy an Israeli lighter over here in the US? An Adi watch or any number of items where nobody is going to care that the products are Israeli made save a coop in Olympia, WA? The Israelis could make considerable money over here.
8. Agreement and Recklessness
Serge ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.19.13)
What a great phrase. Should be the name of a band, a store chain ... something.
9. InternationalTrades
Lebanon4ever ,   Ottawa, canada   (02.19.13)
How come your countries don't sell product produced in Cuba, All thou Cuba isn't killing people and destroying countries.... I say, put Israel's products in the same basket as the Cuban one, lets have them banned worldwide
10. #9
Mordechai ,   Beit Shemesh   (02.19.13)
i think you should be very careful, as there are many things that today are essential to daily life that have Israeli parts in them and for your information Israel does not ban Cuban products, i suggest that either you get rid of everything that has an Israeli component or we boycott you and everything you do!
11. #9 - Cuban goods are banned worldwide?
William ,   Israel   (02.19.13)
One can get Cubano cigars easily all over Canada, so I guess not. For being a Lebanese, you're pretty dumb. I guess if your racist ilk stop attacking Israel, the way Egypt and Jordan have, you'd stop seeing terrorists killed by Israel. As for destroying countries...which ones? If we speak of your homeland, Lebanon, there is only one country I can think of that is bent on destroying her.....and it starts with an "I".
12. 9
it's because cuban products stink and are of no use. they have not invented a single thing in centuries....just like all muslim countries and all muslims in general. not a single scientific inventon to talk about. on the other hand, israel is a genius nation, a first rate technological super power and ALL countries buy their products. all! this is what irks you. if you want to ban israeli products, i suggest you throw the computer chip in your pc out, the instant messaging on your cell phone out, the medicines that save lives out, the surgical procedures invented out. most of these are invented in israel and the world loves it. it buys them and buys them big. now, if you muslims did anything close to what israel does, maybe the civilized world will buy something from you as well. we are still waiting for you guys to enter the 8th century. we'll talk then.
13. Israel will light up Beirut
zionist forever   (02.20.13)
As long as the Lebanese government allows Hezbollah to keep their weapons and act as the countries army as they see themselves then there will be more wars between Israel & Lebanon and the only Israeli lights we will see in Beirut are explosions.
14. #9 - your computer is full with Israeli technology
Hi Tech powerhouse   (02.20.13)
Computers and Smartphones sold in Lebanon are full with Israeli technology. Trying to boycott Israel is like trying to boycott Taiwan - It's impossible unless you want to return your country to the middle ages
15. #9
Df2 ,   Beer Sheva, Israel   (02.20.13)
If #9 is so avid an Israeli boycotter, why is he patronizing an Israeli website and Israel news outlet?
16. #15 He is obviously enjoying what he doesn't have
A ,   Belgium   (02.20.13)
in Lebanon, or any other arab country: freedom of speech.
17. to #9
daniela ,   panama   (02.20.13)
Dear Lebanon4ever. Im sorry to tell you that your Lebanon has already disappeared. Today it is called Hezbollaland. And will come a day that even that will exist no more. So please, be wise.. understand that even if you want to boycot israeli products, and you make all the efforts for that, you will always end up using something made in Israel. Be it medicine, technology, education.. Unfortunatelly your Lebanon4ever, has only created terrorists and rats ( Mr. Nasrallah. et co.).
18. 9
zionist forever   (02.21.13)
The Cuban boycott should have been lifted decades ago. Castro is no longer a Soviet satellite state, Castro is no longer a player on the world stage but there is still a boycott. Before he invaded Kuwait despite the fact he was famous for his brutality and he had used chemical weapons there were no boycotts on Iraq. I was flying to the US once and at duty free here I bought a single box of 25 cuban cigars at duty free. For some reasons at customs they stopped me and went through my luggage they took the single box of duty free cigars to be destroyed because the US has an embargo with Cuba. If Obama does want to do something useful and easy he will lift the embargo.
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