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Hagel foes say vote should go on
Associated Press
Published: 18.02.13, 09:06
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1. When people loose will to fight (Republicans), then every-
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.18.13)
thing becomes possible. USA is taking one more step towards abyss. Don't think it impossible: NOBODY foresaw/foretold USSR's collapse that happened in an eye blink and with practically no loss of blood! Just a whimper.... seems that's how the world will end (World as we know it) Obama Akbar everybody!
2. let incompetent Obama have incompetent Hagel
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.18.13)
maybe together they will square the circle; otherwise, they might together destroy the american military. obama has already purged both the military and the cia.
3. Hagel
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.18.13)
Hagel does not present a "danger" to the Jewish state, because the State of Israel does not really care who does or does not occupy the office of Secretary of Defense of the United States. Israel will do what it must, no matter what and very definitely no matter who. But you might want to check with the South Koreans; see if they think that spineless coward Hagel is the best man for the job.
4. Evil spell is broken, "Jewish lobby" loses, America wins
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.18.13)
5. To the harpy at #3
Daniel   (02.18.13)
That man you call a spineless coward is a decorated war veteran. Have you served, in either countries' military that you claim as home?
6. How much are Republican opponents controled by the jewish
Ameraican Independen   (02.18.13)
7. To: No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.18.13)
Yes, I did. I served in the IDF. Where did you perform military service?
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