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Moses replaces Hitler in Japanese comics
Itamar Eichner
Published: 19.02.13, 13:05
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1. Biblical extermination
Jonathan ,   Israel   (02.19.13)
Will they publish the bits where the massacre / ethnically cleanse every man woman child and beast of the indigenous tribes? Surely there's no moral issue if your bronze aged god tells you to do that ;)
2. #1
Ashamed of your history? After all you wouldn't exist without this "bronze aged god"...
3. Inflammatory, disingenuous article title
Charles M. ,   California, USA   (02.19.13)
When I saw the title in the front page I went from "that's extremely crass" to "way to incite aspersions towards the Japanese". Inform, don't try to obfuscate. As an FYI, there is already at least 17 illustrated versions of "Mein Kamp", 4 in comic or manga form, and one Film adaptation of the book.
4. Mein Kampf countered with Bible stories?
Philos ,   Herzeliya, Israel   (02.19.13)
Surely the counterpoint to publishing a comic version of Mein Kampf would be to publish a comic version of Elie Weisel's story or Anne Frank or a few others from World War II and the Holocaust. The ambassador is an idiot. So the Japanese can read Mein Kampf and all they'll get in terms of the horrific consequences of Hitler's thinking (as expressed in his autobiography) are some fables from Jewish mythology? What the heck!? A manga version of Schindler's List would have been better!
5. Chinese to make Manga based on Japanese War Crimes?
Logic ,   Israel   (02.19.13)
6. Heheh ,...
split ,   US   (02.19.13)
Now the comic book is going to hit the copy machines and float the market as a collectors item ;) ,...
7. Don't Make Me Laugh!
World Citizen ,   the world   (02.20.13)
Bible stories are going to outsell "Mein Kampf"? Yeah...right. No want wants to read mythical religious mumbo-jumbo.
8. #7World Citizen would do goo do learn world history
Grace ,   USA   (02.20.13)
The Bible is #1 seller of all books ever published. It is historically accurate. There are 1000s of archaeological finds that back up the Scriptures. It is over 25% prophetic with over half the prophecies having been fulfilled with 100 %accuracy. Study it and learn what the God of Israel who made all creation thinks of you. He has a great love for you. Don't turn your back on Him. Learn before you throw stones.
9. #1
AD ,   la   (02.20.13)
Actually if I am not mistaking, I believe that when Joshua conquered the land of Canaan, which I believe you are referring to, the concept of peace had not existed amongst man. There is even opinions that say that Joshua asked for a peace but what was rejected. I think in warfare halacha even says that one must allow the town an escape route and warn it in advance. If those steps were taken in this situation remains unclear, but sometimes more information is founded when researched more thoroughly.
10.  Bible Comics, for World Wide Distribution
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.20.13)
This is an effective way to counter World Wide Anti-Semitism . ...Out of Evil,comes Goodness... for a change.Ben-Shitrit has come up with an effective answer ! ...A 1 Idea.
11. You have to understand Japan
sean green ,   pasadena usa   (02.21.13)
They don't believe they were wrong in WW2, merely trying to take the resources they needed to survive when they killed over 10 million chinese civilians. They saw Hitler as similar to them not knowing much about Europe. It is is not malicious. Japanese don't burn synagogues. It's ignorant, but it's not meant to stir up hate.
12. #8
Anonymous ,   Anonymous   (02.21.13)
Thoues numbers aren't even a little bit true.
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