Bennett visits yeshivas, urges integrating Torah, IDF service
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 18.02.13, 15:37
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1. the truth has to be said it is about death you have to take
miriam ,   israel   (02.18.13)
2. So this is the carrot, the soft gloves. Show the stick now!!
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.18.13)
3. The price of Haredi service
Avramele   (02.18.13)
Bennett supports Haredi service but he also supports greater rabbinic influence in the legal and civil and educational arenas thereby moving Israel closer to being a halachic state. Given the marginal security benefit of a Haredi draft and a travesty that All know will be made of an alternative service option is this a price the secular populace is willing to pay? Burkas for a gang that will never shoot straight?
4. Bennet should realise
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.18.13)
medinat israel is facing its most severe existential crisis in many decades. it is imperative that he put the security of the state ahead of other considerations, even if those considerations are indeed very important. if bennet does not do so, he will endanger israel and his own political future.
5. Haredim
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.18.13)
there is no doubt that the haredim are arrogant and put an unusual burden on israel. they must realise that their total lack of societal obligations brings upon them disrespect and in many cases intense dislike from the majority of the population. their attempts to force the majority to give the haredi public unearned and undeserved privileges will eventually lead to catastrophic consequences. there might come a day when israelis will refuse to protect those who so blithely spit on them.
6. It's really simple: Haredim have to share the load.
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.18.13)
7. They can study but support themselves
Ted   (02.18.13)
and stop being suckers that take money from the nation and the population who are working and serving in IDF.
8. Bennett and Lapid must stick together for the sake of Israel
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.18.13)
Bennett must help Lapid in his promises to Israel and Lapid must believe that the best for Israel is not to give in our land to the most evil foes any human being has ever had as Israel does. I donĀ“t believe Netanyahu anymore .Not at all.Better Israel keep their eyes very open.
9. Sara Netanyahu
Yosef ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.18.13)
Simple solution. Sara Netanyahu publicl apology to Bennett and agrees to stay out of politics, period. Netanyahu offers foreign ministry to Bennett and he is lead negotiator for a peace agreement. Shas joins the coalition and agrees to approve the establishment of elite Haredi Units to protect holy sites and protect public highways in the territories coupled with half-time yeshiva studies.
10. Burden
Jake ,   Haifa Israel   (02.24.13)
Studying and smoking in Yeshivah is no burden. It is an indulgence. I would love to read literature all day - i guess I will call it a burden and ask for money. The only thing burdensome about it is after a while about half of them are bored out of their minds. So compare boredom at reading about an egg laid on Yom Tov to army service -. Which one is the burden?
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