Yesh Atid's Piron: Alliance with Bennett 'deep and apolitical'
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.02.13, 16:47
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1. Lapid-Bennet should replace BB to form a centrist government
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.19.13)
2. #1 Center party + rightwing party = center government?
Hmmm, I don't see the logics. Yesh Atid is already a center-right leaning party... A Liberal Conservative government would be the outcome. Well, as long as it's right and solidly Zionist I'm happy...
3. What portfolios are they looking for?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.19.13)
If Netanyahu can give Livni the justice ministry, surely he can make equally stupid offers to Lapid and Bennett. Lapid is the easier one -- he's far more interested in domestic policies than in foreign affairs. Besides, he's inclined to the right. Just put both parties in the government and let's get this show on the road. If it doesn't work -- well, in that grandest of all Israeli traditions, we can always have new elections.
4. Bibi needs to go above bennets head
zionist forever   (02.19.13)
Go straight to his party and say to them straight the people who voted for you wanted a right wing government and not Lapids lover. Bennet endorsed Bibi during the campaign and now the elections are over his loyalties are now with Lapid who only cares about populist anti haredi issues. Either you tell your boy to join my coalition with or without Lapid & the religious ( my choice to make ) or you either go for a left wing government led by Lapid or we have another round of elections. Bibi should also remind Bennet personally what do you think your chances are of having any political career after this is you betray your voters by chosing Lapid over me?
5. 3
zionist forever   (02.19.13)
Lapid wants foreign minister ( most high profile after the PM ). Bennet wants finance ( second highest ) Livni wants some kind of special ministry made just for her putting her i charge of the peace process which she hopes will allow her to make a come back big time next election. So everybody seems to be wanting high profile ministries leaving Likud with the low level stuff. Need to avoid Lapid because he is to ambitious and will stab Bibi in the back if he thinks it ail benefit him. Give Bennet finance and let Livni have her peace process ministry but make sure she doesn't have real power or she will be giving away everything for nothing and wanting to be Obama official representative to the palestinians. Also invite Mofaz but give him a dead end ministry worthy of his 2 seats. Last thing we need is new elections, Assuming anybody comes out to vote we risk getting Lapid & his popularist policies saying how he wanted to join the coalition but his condition was keep the religious out but Bibi refused and it will go down well. The of course there is the cost issue, last election cost 1 billion shekels.
6. Zionist forever = Bibi Forever
Franck ,   France   (02.19.13)
How much does Likud pay you to constantly write the same crap ?
7. To: Zionist Forever at No. 5
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.19.13)
Lapid cannot have the foreign ministry -- his entire election platform was rooted in domestic policy and how he wished to bring about change. I think it makes more sense to give Bennett the foreign ministry and Lapid the finance ministry. Livni has gotten her wish -- she will now head up "negotiations" with the ersatz "Palestinians" -- a brilliant move on the part of Netanyahu, because these "negotiations" will never take place. Abbas is never going to give up his laundry list of absurd and untenable demands -- that's the problem when a dyed-in-the-wool terrorist tries to pretend he's actually a reasonable "head of state." Abbas has painted himself into a corner from which he cannot extricate himself. I don't think Lapid would do well in a subsequent round of elections. His followers are none too pleased with his link-up with Naftali Bennett. Lapid would have a very tough time explaining to his supporters how he wanted to keep the religious parties out of the coalition while entering into an agreement with Bennett. I almost prefer to see new elections called, because any coalition will be weak and ineffective at a time when Israel needs strong hands at the helm. I think people will come to their senses and vote Likud.
8. # 4 zionist forever - Hate to tell you but..
Nathan ,   Israel/USA   (02.24.13)
Hate to be the one to break this to you but Bennet is doing exactly what his voters want. Yes, many of those who voted for Bennet are formerly from the Likud (myself included), but in this last election the Likud lost my vote. My dilemma on election day was not Likud or Bennet but rather Bennet or Lapid. So I have to say, Bennet is doing exactly what I wanted. If elections where held again today I would vote for Bennet a second time.
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