'Prisoner X' report points to IPS failures
Aviel Magnezi
Published: 19.02.13, 19:32
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1. How he committed suicide??
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.13)
If a person wants to commit suicide, he will find a way no matters who is watching and when!!
2. easiest way to shut him up.
Lemmings Hotline ,   sd usa   (02.19.13)
Mossad wanted to cover its botched operation in the assassination in Dubai. The operation was done in front of cctv for the whole world to see. The responsible ones, wanting to cover it up benefited from his termination. They just made him want to die and then gave him the rope in which to hang himself.
3. So now prisons are to be kindergartens ?
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.19.13)
Excuse me, but there is something very fishy about this whole story. I, for one, do not buy all these facts and findings. Anything to do with Mossad is secret and therefore should not be questioned.
4. In the future let traitors sleep on cold hard floor
Johnny ,   TA, Israel   (02.19.13)
For their own safety ofcourse
5. #2 This never happens in arab prisons
Raphael ,   Netanya   (02.19.13)
As nobody ever saw a bed sheet in a cell
JOE ,   ISRAEL   (02.19.13)
7. #3 Barbara
alsky ,   toronto   (02.19.13)
I agree that this whole affair is fishy. However, in any Democracy, everything should beon the table. Yes, Israel faces very real threats that many, if not most Democracies dont. There still needs to be some kind of transparency (to a point)
8. insult to intelligence
Mike ,   Israel US   (02.19.13)
as much as this story progress - from poor explanations that this guy possessed some "vital" for state security to his mysterious death while in custody in IPS - only one word comes to the mind - BS. More simple - jews(israelis) killed that poor guy while in custody(maximum security) - and awkwardly trying to dump on him all blames while trying to justify "high moral ground" .It is just disgusting. I am seriously reconsider my support to Israel - financial as well as moral. This drip by drip explanations make this saga even less believable
9. Still the question lingers
Arnold ,   Canada   (02.19.13)
Why did he commit suicide ?
10. C'mon
TruthMonger   (02.19.13)
Keep in mind that Prison Authority Workers are paid less than paper boys, how motivated do you think these guys are in their jobs.
11. Israel does not know how to treat security prisoners
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.19.13)
israel has a tendency to treat security prisoners with kid gloves. zygier had bed sheets which could be removed; his bathroom was not monitored. no wonder that he had ample opportunity to hang himself. furthermore, he was allowed family visits and phone calls wit his family. his family was allowed to appoint a lawyer to take part in the legal procedures. so now we know that zygier was better treated than any spy has ever been treated in any western democracy.
12. mike number 8
A V ,   (02.19.13)
hi mike i don't think you ever did give anything to ISRAEL your only gifts is nastiness of your comments .i don't think you are jewish either
13. IPS didn't learn from from Dudu Topaz
D.Banai ,   Israel   (02.19.13)
After Dudu Topaz hanged himself, I thought the IPS had changed their protocols.
14. He was a scapegoat
I totally agree with you.I have lived in Israel long enough to see this type of Israeli behavior all across the board.
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