Jewish establishment still frightened
Shoula Romano Horing
Published: 19.02.13, 20:02
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1. Need antisemitism in America
American Jews need more anti-semitism. Then they will wake up to reality.
2. excellent commentary
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.19.13)
it is truly disgusting that american jews, and in particular their civil and congressional leadership, are so cowed by obama that they cannot bring themselves to oppose the nomination of hagel, who is an incompetent, openly antisemitic, anti-israel, pro-muslim man. it is bad enough that these people unquestionably have supported a man for the presidency who had no experience whatever, and who sat in an antisemitic, anti-american church for twenty years. what must be emphasised is that ultimately, even if hagel were defeated, obama the little emperor would continue to rule as he sees fit, without any checks on his power. the press will continue their worshipful coddling of this arrogant and incompetent man and the republicans will continue to commit collective suicide with the avid help of the so-called tea party. obama's greatest talent is understanding mass psychology and the manipulation of the masses. he is a demagogue of the first order.
3. U. S. Jews and everyone else on the planet
Jerome ,   Basalt, Colorado   (02.19.13)
Should be frightened about Hagel and the present U.S. administration!
4. True
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.19.13)
Shoula, thanks. Its all true.
5. # 1 Shoula is working on it
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (02.19.13)
If you think "American Jews need more antisemitism" (an appalling statement) you can take comfort in the fact that every piece written by Shoula Romano Horing aims to achieve that goal.
6. Hagel
graczek ,   Maryland, USA   (02.19.13)
It is true that Hagel will have to move slowly to scrape the Zionist regime off America's back. Though he does move slowly, he will move thoroughly. Within perhaps two short years, assuming Israel still exists by then, its diplomatic relations with America will be well below ambassadorial level. You can make book on that.
7. #2 Cipora I Have Been Following Your Posts
Now for a while, I admire and respect your comments on all of your posts. You seem Highly educated and well versed in America and its goings on. I for one agree with your comments on this story. However I For The Life Of Me Don't Understand WHY these American Jews fall all over jeremiah wright's greatest disiciple b.H.o.? Cipora I don't know if you have ever been to the states, but I can tell you this is Not The Country I served or grew up in? Keep The Great Posts Coming! Shalom/Bar Ha Shem
8. If they won't oppose Hagel's selection ...
Raymond in DC ,   Washington, USA   (02.19.13)
... why assume they'll raise their voices when he acts in ways consistent with his record? And here's a heads-up. Brennan isn't any better. In fact, he may be worse because he's got a stronger record. He's smarter than Hegel (but often as wrong), and he's got Obama's ear.
9. whats coming
Rose ,   Tulsa, USA   (02.19.13)
So, we have begged people to go against obama but no, Jewish folks love him, they can't understand why he would go against them. It is coming. A civil war in America against this pos of a president..do not look to us we are lost. May Jesus Christ be in your midst...read the New Testament .. God is with us always. Chose the right path..I am the way, the truth and the life. love you.. If you edit please delete entire message.
10. Google
Devorah   (02.19.13)
Hagel Rutgers 2007
11. Obama UNSC Veto, not Congress, will decide future of Israel
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.19.13)
12. To All Commentators
Harold ,   USA   (02.19.13)
Why are Jews interfering in almost everything in the United States and spending millions to have it their own way. By doing so Jews are collecting hate and enemies. US Hero Hagel has lot of friends and admirars for what he accomplished for America. Money and bad propaganda cannot change people's views about Chuck Hagel.
13. Malarkey
Mark of Lewiston ,   USA   (02.19.13)
If neocons are a little uneasy, they now know how millions of military families felt with the neocons running the US government. One remarkable feature if neocons is their absolute lack of any military service by them or their families. If Hagel makes them nervous, good. As for the Jewish members of the US Senate, they are all Democrats and universally sane. The same cannot be said for members of the RJC, not one of whom has been elected in decades. (except one anomaly in Minnesota, briefly and corrected.)
14. Hey grazec, again out of your cell
jorge   (02.20.13)
I see that your treatment against Jew hatred is a failure, and your obseced desire to see Israel destroyed is making you despondent, be calmed, clean yourself up, you smell very bad, you know that sick lunatics like yourself have been predicting the demise of the Jews, to no avail, calm down, sick on your thumb and go back to your hole
15. #5: Shoula Is warning Jews about the truth
Zipi ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (02.20.13)
Anti semtism exists and we need to have someone as gutsy as Shoula to warn us and not to hide our head in the sands. Jews did it in World War II and Jews were still murdered. . Only looks at Obama, and his choices for the second term. Hagel ,Brenana and Kerry . Hating Israel and blaming the Jewish state for everything wrong in the world is anti semetism. Lying about Israel is anti semetism. Look at the choices of Obama after 69% of Jews voted for him. Also llook at Brenan CIA nomeinee's statemtns calling Jerusalem , the Arab name of Al Quds even thoug Jerusalem never was a capital of any Arab or Moslem state except the Jewish state. And the Jews still silent. SAD!!
16. 8 Raymond
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.20.13)
i agree that brennan is much more daangerous than hagel for the simple reason that as head of cia he will be operating in secret. he is totally pro-arab and anti-israel.
JACK ,   BROWNSVILLE TX   (02.20.13)
The author is exactly correct It is a sad day for our country and American Jews. Hagel is incompetent and even further to the left than our leftist President. This is only the beginning of the damage the re-elected Obama will cause in his quest to turn our once great country into a European style socialist state
18. #12
avi ,   nyc   (02.20.13)
unlike the quiet gentilized Jews in the 40s who were silent and now have gentile grandkids, commited Jews now speak out against anti semites and their quislings like MofL who are more interested in partnering than their fellow Jews
19. !5
avi ,   nyc   (02.20.13)
69% my have voted for him , but Americans in Israel voted 85% for Romnay as did the Orthodox sections of NYC. Obama supporters invariably have gentile kids/grandkids because they are the least committed Jews- so its like the Plague of Darkness/
20. Riiiight, so everyone is to blame, even most other Jews??
Crooksmeister ,   Sydney, Australia   (02.20.13)
Whatever is this woman's problem, I wonder? If 99% of everyone who cares (a group that numbers very few members) doesn't think Hagel is a problem, why does this lunatic? Could we be seeing another Orly Taitz being born here? The same wild-eyed fanaticism, except that she's preoccupied with Hagel's "anti-Semitism" (sic) rather than Obama's birth certificate.
21. then [american Jews] will wake up
Bluegrass Picker ,   Afula   (02.20.13)
no - they won't. They'll be fighting over whose kid gets to attend Brooklyn College Law School. An aliyah of Egyptian Copts & Syrian Druzim would strengthen us more, long term.
22. So much for the powerful Jewish lobby and its cowardly
SG ,   Teaneck   (02.20.13)
leadership. Blacks and Muslims wouldn't cower like this.
23. They are not frightened Shula, they are simply
Alon ,   Beer Tuvia   (02.20.13)
too reasonable and wise for you to understand. You see, the neo cons love Israel, but outside of wars and keeping the status que with the Palestinians they haven't done much for Israel. You see Shula, we the ones that stay and remained in Israel really want peace. You in Kansas can live off your fantasy land. Try to develop new interests, Kansas is known in their steaks and try writing for delish.com. Leave politics concerning Israel to us, the people who try to live in this country. ok sweetie?
24. Frightened of hagel
Ike ,   Chicago, USA   (02.20.13)
Not all Jews are fightened by Hagel and Obama,..... some are stupid.
25. Self fulfilling sterotype
STEVEN ,   Seaford   (02.20.13)
Chuck Hagel will be fine as Secy of Defense. He has no independent foreign policy. His opinions and/or casual statements that seem to indicate his appointment wont be "good for the jews" reveals a narrow world view that overlooks the complexity of the Iran situation for one. Before the war begins it will be great to have a "reasonable voice" in the inner circle. When the president gives the order, if necessary, Chuck Hagel will get the job done. He is a warrior not a pussycat.
26. Solutionl
Dr.Joji Cherian ,   Aluva,India   (02.20.13)
Remove Obama and his administration from power. That is the solution
27. Its true!
Don ,   USA   (02.20.13)
Almost all Americans are not anti-Semitic. They do know however the pressures of the pro-Israeli lobby has on US politics. It is a fact. Hagan has a realistic political view of the Middle East shared by the majority of Americans. To call Hagan anti-Semitic only reinforces the view that the Israels have an inordinate amount of power in the American governmental process.
28. 13
avi ,   nyc   (02.20.13)
none of those senators are commited Jews and since Lieberman's retirement the most observant member of congress is Cantor, not that pork eaters like you would care.
29. 7 thank you very much
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.20.13)
i read very large numbers of articles every day in the entire international press, and i also do my own research. i have no idea why american jews support obama. i suspect that they belong as a whole to the liberal middle classses whose parents saw the democratic party as more tolerant and caring than the republican party. as a persecuted and despised minority they probably felt an affinity with obama. i think that it has become a herd mentality. alan derschowitz supported obama for these kinds of reason until obama nominated hagel. now he is sorry, but too late. i also suspect that they are afraid to be labled racists--a common charge from obama. thank you again for your kind post.
30. #1 Don't wish for something like that
Zvi   (02.20.13)
because if it happens, the consequences will be extremely bad not only for American Jews, but for Israel and for Jews around the world.
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