Report: Zygier and his partners were 'successful agents'
Published: 19.02.13, 20:33
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1. 2 little 2 late, sorry !
Big Mouth ,   On the face   (02.19.13)
2. now we know
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.19.13)
this was meir dagan's fault. he got overzealous. he was not careful enough. that is a fatal flaw in a spy master. on the other hand, the western intelligence services were more interested in undermining israel than in fighting the secret war against common enemies. they wanted mossad to fail. obama wanted israel to fail. dagan fell into this trap.
3. Der Spiegel said...
rachel ,   home now   (02.19.13)
'that as a young man Zygier got involved with the "Community Security Group" in Melbourne, a "kind of Jewish citizens' defense league." These groups often have links to Mossad and are instructed by agents, the magazine claimed. "Zygier was probably recruited in this way. ' I KNOW for a FACT this is TOTAL BS! 1. The JCSG is a neighborhood watch group like the ones in New York except it has less teeth. 2. No reporter has ever REALLY been asking questions of this group. Even when police were running investigations about hate crimes against Jews of the area. 3. No reporter from Der Spiegel has EVER been reporting/ investigating/? in this area of Melbourne. Nice try. I guess already frightened chutznick Shoah survivors are "in season" yet AGAIN. Someone needs to challenge these "facts" and others of Der Spiegel in a BIG way.
4. Australian Expose exposes Australian Israel-hatred.
Beni B ,   Baltimore   (02.19.13)
The show teaches us nothing. Empty. Just tries to ignite anti-jewish feelings in the world.
5. 3 & 4 agree with both of you
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.19.13)
6. Nuclear Proliferation
Zechariah   (02.19.13)
The Happy go lucky complacent good natured Ozzie people are being duped by a false sense of security re the dangers of nuclear proliferation.Their basic premise the Yankies will look after them they dropped John Bull England after Singapore fell in early 1942 and turned to Jewish America.But what about Terrorism within.It not all surfing beer and barbecues.
7. Talk about Keystone cops
Robert ,   Australia   (02.20.13)
"But in 2009 their repeated name-changing aroused the interest of the Australian authorities - especially when Zygier handed in his old passports, filled with Iranian entry visas". Mossad could learn from ASIO on how to run a spy organisation.
8. ermm do the maths
Volvi   (02.20.13)
above states "Zygier died aged 34, just four days after the birth of his second child," He was held incarceration sometime in February. so add 9 months, you get mid November. Yet baby was born Dec.11. Was he the father? Did the wife abandon him after learning of his incarceration and deeds? Could that be why he did himself away with?
9. Moral of the story? Trust no one.
Johnny ,   TA, Israel   (02.20.13)
Not even supposadly friiedly western countries
10. Australian -Israeli
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.20.13)
With all these scrambling by the media to get as much information about the Australian-Israeli spy's death you cannot help but see the underlying anti-Israel directions of these media investigations. In the meantime they seem to be very quiet about the Australia-Lebanese (Hezbollah) connection to the Bulgarian bus bombing which killed five Israelis.
11. #9 "Trust no one"
Robert ,   Australia   (02.20.13)
I presume you could be referring to Australian ex-patriots who turn against their country of birth.
12. Farshtaist P B
#8 there are cases of tenth month birth. Problem is that by using Aussie "covers" for killing, Israel thus endangers innocent Aussie citizens who may be traveliing in M.E. region.
13. Prisoner X
Asten ,   Canberra Australia   (02.21.13)
Anyone who comes to notice changing their passports as often as they do their sox will provide the Australian authorities with much amusement. Ben's case officers mucked around with this ex CSG lad and stuffed him completely! I would like a dollar for every instance I hear of a Machon informing back in Australia that he was approached to become an extra special "Helper of Israel" Still the tragic comedy continues...crikey now who's flogged my passport??
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