Romania: 2 Israelis suspected of human egg trafficking
Attila Somfalvi
Published: 19.02.13, 21:31
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1. Congratulations ,...
split ,   US   (02.19.13)
People used to call it holy land, now it's a safe haven for fugitives and criminals ,...
2. for a nation that has
Holy Warrior ,   UK   (02.19.13)
Sold its soul to the devil, whats a few human eggs and organs?
3. So what ?
deavman ,   Acco, Israel   (02.19.13)
The haters are going to dmeonize the country once more. What is the law that has been broken here. Everyone is on the up and up, is it that Jews are making money and that pisses off the locals. Anything will be a reason to blame the Jews for the ills of the world. #1 and #2 already lead the dance.
4. To #3
Ilana ,   Tel Aviv   (02.19.13)
There was a law broken: in Romania only donation is legal, not selling of organs/ova. The minute money changed hands, they broke the law and they knew it.
5. What a conundrum
Think about it - how many Israeli women will soon give birth (or already have) to goy babies from goy eggs!! So will the babies *really* be Jewish or not? How will the Rabbis decide this?? If it is as prevalent as it seems (based on the fact that this is not the first time, therefore there are more than one fertility clinic doing this), how many Israeli babies are really Jewish?? Talk about goy infiltration of the Jewish state by getting around Israeli, what a conundrum this is going to be.
6. 4
ok they broke the law. however, it is not like murder or killings.
7. Oh, this is too good...Doesn't that put into...
Edithann ,   USA   (02.20.13)
question the Jewishness of a chlld who's mother is Jewish but the egg is not???? So much for honorable Jews.. TATA
8. # 3...Are you kidding? You and yours broght this
Edithann ,   USA   (02.20.13)
one on add fuel to that fire all the time...and to say 'SO WHAT', means you're embarrassed when you should be heartsick that your own should do such despicable things ...This isn't the first's historic!!... You're very good at whining...but then you've thousands of years pracice..It's not the money dear, thieves always have more money!.. TATA
9. Are you sure you're not a Catholic egg? TATA
Edithann ,   USA   (02.20.13)
10. They broke the law #3
Csaba Clujanu' ,   Cluj, Romania   (02.20.13)
I am jew from Romania so I can be more informed.... In this case is no way Antisemitism ... Is just an illegal transaction of ovules.... It happened to be Israelis to play with fire this time.
11. It's not like that. 1-An egg is no organ
Ibrahim Sued ,   Brazil   (02.20.13)
2-There is a cost in extracting the eggs, its done through hormone stimulation besides to the ultrasound guided puncture of the ovaria, that's the main cost of fertility treatments 3-When it comes to egg donation that's not 'insemination' but rather 'in vitro' fertilization 4-Rewarded medical work is not 'proffit' at all.
12. 1
selling fertile eggs to give life to those unfortunate not to be able to get pregnant is a blessing. on the other hand, arab palestinians bomb themselves and innocents on a regular basis. i would take the eggs over suicide bombers and arab terrorists any day. by the way, the holy land is called israel, in case you didn't notice.
13. what is it with these damn stories
Jeff ,   USA   (02.20.13)
I support Israel as much as the next guy, but it seems to be becoming a borderline-regular thing now that a bunch of crazy Israelis somewhere get nailed for organ trafficking (or something similar) and it winds up making the international news. Leave peoples' kidneys and eggs alone... it's creepy as hell.
14. #13, maybe israeli law too strict about these issues.
Ibrahim Sued ,   Brazil   (02.21.13)
As the article states it doesn't allow human eggs donations.
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