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Putin: Jewish texts to stay in Russia
Published: 20.02.13, 07:03
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1. Each day this man Putin is allowed to live is a crime!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.20.13)
2. precedence vs. Justice in Russia
ej ,   tlv   (02.20.13)
So according to Putin, it is ok for the State to confiscate private and communal property during campaigns of persecuting minorities? Moscow is obligated to right the wrongs of the tyrannical regime that it succeeded. This means giving back property stolen from citizens of the State. This is a NO-brainer really, at least it would be in a real democracy.
3. Putin Justifies Theft
Shimon ,   Cincinnati, USA   (02.20.13)
Putin: "Returning property belonging to someone else would be a truly moral act. Therefore, we cannot do so." Putin: "Stopping the murder going on in Syria would be the right and moral thing to do. Therefore, we cannot allow it." When will the Russian people see this cheap dictator for what he is: An amoral tyrant.
4. I agree that
daniela ,   panama   (02.20.13)
all the books and scrolls that were stolen and are in Russia be given back to their rightful owners. But I also suggest that the treasures in art, valuable writings, sculptures and ancient artifacts that are in the museums of the world and were stolen be sent back to the countries they were stolen, or to the owners. In that i include money from WWII in swiss banks, statues at the Louvre, British Museum and the Berlin Museum among many..
5. Putin is not russias president, he is russias dictator!
EU   (02.20.13)
6. what significance jewish text has for russia?
ygalg ,   israel   (02.20.13)
is he going to use it to emphasize russia's historical antisemitism? otherwise he should stop being blockhead and return the jewish property to its rightful owners.
7. 5.Putin is the guy with real balls not fake onew
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.22.13)
8. Russia keeps Jewish Text
Jimmy ,   Georgetown, USA   (02.22.13)
I guess Britain agrees with the idea. The crown jewels will remain in the crown...
9. I see Washington's new foreign policy is
Az   (03.29.13)
"Piss off literally every single country on earth... including the USA" This is a revolution in diplomacy!
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