Livni: World congratulated us on coalition agreement
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.02.13, 10:38
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1. Of course they're Smiling
ray   (02.20.13)
it gives them hope that israel will be destroyed
2. sad
Ilana   (02.20.13)
Sad that she belittled and degraded Netanyahu before elections and then makes a coalition with him. Sad that she is such a minority and got such a seat. Sad that our country will not change as we had hoped. Same old dirty politics and politicians. Ugh.
3. #2 Bibi got his sitting down place kicked royally by voters
miki ,   tampa   (02.20.13)
Without Liberman Bibi would be asking Naftali for a job. Livni will save him until next time but that won't be long.
4. Hysterical
Susie ,   Nitzan 2, Israel   (02.20.13)
This must be one of the funniest articles I have read recently. Is Tzipi so deluded that she thinks she will have actual influence in this government? She has merely shown that she is a practioner of the oldest career in the world. She has prostituted herself and her party. I am curious to see how long this Tzipi Livni Party will survive this move.
5. DISGUSTING. They are both disgusting egoists who could care
Eliezer ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
less about Israel or anybody else but themselves and satisfying their huge EGOS. Makes me sick.
6. Mrs. Livni
David ,   Herzlia,Israel   (02.20.13)
What a 2 faced woman,she ruined the chances to change things in Israel 4 years ago when she got 28 mandates, she did nothing during her years in the opposition, and now that she got only 6 mandates she thinks that Netanyahu will have any respect for her, she is in his pocket exactly like Mofaz was last year when he joined Bibi and see what happened. There is old joke about God asking a young mother what does she want her son to be .. A politian or a ....... . the ones who know the joke will understand
7. Congratulations to Bibi
Sam ,   Kfar Saba   (02.20.13)
Bibi is finally coming to his senses and realising that he needs to take responsibility for the country - hence this agreement with Livni. His 'policies' of his past two terms have led the country in to the dire state it now finds itself. Of course many will not like this appointment, but the stagnation of the past years can not continue. Congratulations Bibi - this is the first time I have had some hope in you for the past 8 years.
8. Tzipi Livni
Henry Tobias ,   Maale Adumim, Israel   (02.20.13)
I recently told friends of mine that Tzipi would 'sell her own mother' to be in the government'. Seems I was right.
9. Stagnation cannot continue. Amir for Defence Minister!
10. livne
sue ,   jerusalem   (02.20.13)
the woman is good for nothing. we have seen her in "action" before. she is totally over-rated and is not capable of doing anything.
11. Not only her mother
Doron ,   Tel aviiv   (02.20.13)
Tzippi sold both her heroic mother and father a long time ago. May the wisdom and of Eitan Livni fall on someone's shoulders in thsi new government
12. This oman is delusional. Obama is NOT everybody..!!!!!!!!!!!
Eliza ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
The people of Israel didn't vote for you because we can't stand you.
13. She is not creating "new hope"
Sagi   (02.20.13)
She is creating something that the people did not vote for. Never in the the last 30 or so years has Israel had a government representative of the popular vote. At this moment I am hoping for new elections, but if this does not happen then this move will come back to hit BN and ZL in the face.
14. Show ur displeasure: Vendetta masks for Purim
V masks for Purim ,   Jewish Spring Israel   (02.20.13)
Image Google Guy Fawkes or Vendetta masks Or the converse: photos on Purim showing little or no Vendetta masks will indicate Israel's apathy -- something I suspect and it seems BB and his cronies are betting on.
15. Labor ought join
Zechariah   (02.20.13)
If labor joins with Yesh Atid that's forty centre left advocates as compared to Likuds thirty one .The established settlements can stay a land swap taking in the grumbling Arabs in Israel equalises it .
16. livni took away the hope of this country for next 4 years!
Jew1 ,   Ashdod   (02.20.13)
We all whished for change. A change towards democracy and equality. Livni took that hope away. What a two faced woman! We will remember you BB and Livni. We need new elections now to wipe them off but if not another 4 years are not far away.....
17. Obama+Kerry+Livni: God help us all!
Johannes ,   Norway   (02.20.13)
18. A disgusting betrayal of Israeli voters.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
Livni heads a small Knesset faction supported by practically nobody. The last thing most Israeli voters wanted was Livni to occupy any important position in Israel's government. Once again, Bibi has completely betrayed the vast majority of Israeli voters and made a pact with destructive leftists to harm Israel.
19. Bibi sold Israel Out
Bill Stein ,   USA   (02.20.13)
Bibi has shown his true colors I was hoping Jewish Home would split from Lapid then join the colition before Livni joined now that Bibi betrayed Likud voters and has turned his diplomatic policy over to Livni it shows Bibi can't be trusted with Israel's foreign policy and the Protection of the Jewish people. She will go back to the 67 borders and will sell Israel out for personal fame. This Goverment is turning into a puppet of the US. Now maybe it's time for Likud members to revolt and show thier dissatisfaction .
20. "World congratulations" ?
Raptor   (02.20.13)
If there was an Oscar for slimy disgusting politics Livni and Peretz would both win with a standing ovation. They have betrayed the will of the people. Once again a seat is more important than principles. As for Peretz, nobody, but really nobody, wants to see this man in government, yet he is managing to crawl back in. This is the essence of our so called "democratic" warped system. Nobody wants him, but he is there anyway.
21. Ms. Livini
HAppy Settler   (02.20.13)
I think Livini has finally brought an element of respectability to prostitution. Now that she is justice minister she can hold her head up with dignity as Israels no. 1 madam
22. Will Bibi next put Yossi Beilin as Foreign Minister
Ed Frias   (02.20.13)
Bibi just appointed a woman who wants to give away the Golan, the West Bank, Half of Jerusalem and the Wailing Wall to the 67 line. LIvni's party got only 6 votes in the last election. The people in Israel dont want an appeaser in Livni. It should be noted, Olmert and Livni offered to Abbas to transfer control of these Jewish holy places including the Wailing Wall to an "international body" consisting of Saudi Arabia, the Palestinians, the US, Israel, and a couple of others. Thus the Jewish presence and access would be "guaranteed" by others, not Israel. Now, as you know, the Muslims now claim the Western Wall is a MUSLIM holy place called "Al-Buraq Square" and so they would demand the right to pray there as well, and thus restricting Jewish rights there, at least along the lines of those that existed during the British Mandate, which incoluded a prohibition on blowing the Shorar there. I don't think anyone would think Saudi Arabia would worry too much about Jewish rights and Jewish access, nor would the other members, beside Israel. Olmert stated that he intended to go back to the original plan for "Internationalization" of Jerusalem in the 1947 UN Partition Plan. To think Bipi puts Livni in his goverment. Bibi is looking like another version of Barak, Peres and Olmert.
23. Coalition Agreement ? I'm skeptic !
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.20.13)
Will believe it when I see / hear it in forthcoming issues.
24. # 21 Response
Sagi   (02.20.13)
Correct, but slightly "below the belt".
25. "The world congratulated us"
Shalom ,   U.S.A.   (02.20.13)
The antisemitic world.
26. #22
Diane ,   USA   (02.20.13)
Summarizes it best. What was Bibi thinking???? And the world congratulates???- The same world that makes Israel the villain? I think it was Livni and Olmert that both went to the US to meet with Obama on how to topple Bibi's government. It looks like Bibi invited them in- must have been for some worthless guarantees. The good news is God fights for Israel and that is where you must put your trust- perhaps this is why it has been allowed to take place. Ugly times are coming upon the world for their treatment of Israel and upon Israel herself for forgetting God, but God promises to still fight for Israel, but it is still going to be ugly.
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