Ramon: Livni headed for disappointment
Yuval Karni
Published: 20.02.13, 17:52
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1. The world congratulates israel's political decision
Joe Mevorah ,   Lincoln, U.S.A.   (02.20.13)
It doesn't matter what the world thinks. Over 2,000 years of history has taught is that Jewish actions speak louder than relying on the world's gratitude toward Jews in general. It doesn't really care!
2. Let's wait and see...
Sam ,   Kfar saba   (02.20.13)
I have never for a moment wanted to give Bibi a chance. This is the first time in 8 years. Perhaps naive, but is he realising that his stagnation and tricks of the past 8 years are now set to have fatal consequences for the country he says he is honored to lead? Start with Livni and continue to form a broad coalition that answers to the aspirations of the majority of the country is the most sain way forward. Revert to past ways by leaning too far either to right or left and that spells disaster. For the first time I say, let's give Bibi a chance. Livni may not be perfect but she certainly can make a helpful contribution.
3. I wanted Livni in the Government
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.20.13)
I thought Livni in the government was a good thing and I thought Hatnua would put forward Green ideas and perhaps Livni could be the environmental minister. I never imagined though that Livni would be the first to join the government and that Bibi would give her the Justice ministry and put her in charge of negotiations. This directive must come from Washington and if so, there is not much we or Bibi can do as the US has immense influence on Israel.
4. Ramon's Right
Anon ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
Livni as "chief negotiator" will not have a mandate from the government to make any real concessions. She won't be taken seriously by the PA or anyone else. Within a few months, she'll storm out of the government "on principle". She's just a fig leaf for a new right wing-Haredi government.
5. Ramon
Shalom ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.20.13)
The "root of everything that is wrong here" is the foolish idea that the Middle East would become an ocean of peace by removing Bibi. That is what Israelis were fooled into believing back in 1999. They got rid of Bibi and got a bloody intifada in return. Right now the security situation in Israel is better than for years, while Bibi has removed most check points in the West Bank and eased restrictions on Gaza. So both Israelis and Palestinians are much better off than they were when Ramon was in office. Ramon should interrupt the delirious hatred of Bibi long enough to ponder that contrast.
6. Haim Ramon is a sexual predator.
Ken Jurist   (02.20.13)
Sexual predator Haim Ramon, wants to divide Jerusalem with the 'Palestinians. Rabin was for a united Jerusalem. In 2007, Haim Ramon convicted of forcing himself upon an Israeli female soldier. Haim Ramon should read Rabin's final speech.
7. garbage picker
milson   (02.20.13)
ramon is a nothing but olmert's water carrier who offers concessions if an arab bus moves. He and olmert offered to flood israel with some plo arabs and to withdrew to 67 lines. The man knows nothing, has a criminal past and is useless. That bibi chose livni is political monouvering. However,a fter 2 terms, the writing is on the wall. Bibii should step down and make way for lieberman, lapid, feiglin, bennett, and others contend for the leadership. Bibi cannothold his convictions, labour's ideas have been tried, mofaz is nothing much, and lapid may be a one time flash in the pan. one thing for sure-ramon is useless and that he was livni's advisor shows how weak and useless she is.
8. Can any one explain why she did not join Likud
Nachman   (02.21.13)
when she led Sharons defunct party Kadima???? Would she not have much more power then ??? I mean if would ask for the justice ministry then would she not get it ????
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