Likud's new referendum bill meant to delimit Livni?
Moran Azulay
Published: 20.02.13, 20:23
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1. Any Deal To Give Up Jewish Land Must Need Referendum of All
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.20.13)
All Jews worldwide must be participate in any referendum that hands over our national homeland to our enemies. a 80% majority of all Jewish people worldwide should be required in three votes. The first vote would be the Knesset, 80% of all ministers must vote for it, the second would be Israeli citizens a referendum where 80% of Israelis must vote to give up any of our land and if this passes a third referendum vote requiring 80% of all Jews worldwide would be required. If these three votes pass then we can consider it. In truth no one has the right to deny the Jewish homeland to future generations of Jewish people. We have already surrendered too much when we walked away from the East Bank and the Sinai.
2. #1. There is no excuse to cede a grain of Israeli sand.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.20.13)
#1. The Arabs already have more than 600 times as much land as Israel. Moreover, Jordan is part of the original Jewish Homeland Mandate. There is no excuse to cede a single grain of Israeli sand. In fact, virtually all Israel's problems stem from giving away our land. Israel needs to retake all our lands we so foolishly abandoned.
3. never trust referendum bills
zionist forever   (02.20.13)
Olmert passed a Golan referendum bill saying that giving it up must be as a result of a referendum but what he didn't advertise was that it was also a Jerusalem referendum bill. If the people vote in favour of giving up one plot of land then the government takes it as an ok to give away away the other. If we were not willing to give up Jerusalem but thought that peace with Syria was worth the Golan we would hold a referendum and if we thought it was worth doing then the government could give away Jerusalem and if people object can say look you had your referendum and gave us the ok to give up Jerusalem. Referendum bills are easy to draft so your always going to get the result you want. so we need to ask a simple yes or no question and it should be drafted by somebody independent make sure there is no careful drafting of words.
4. Fighting peace but not war
avramele   (02.20.13)
This is a cynical attempt to thwart any peace agreement. Does going to a war of choice require anything more than cabinet or in fact inner cabinet approval? Cannot a government even discuss and voice its opinion on a peace agreement without holding a referendum? Government by referendum is seldom a good idea - treaties and international relations by referendum is a decidely bad idea
5. Livni will not give away anything
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.20.13)
livni will negotiate within parameters set out by netanyahu. she is not the prime minister.
6. #1 - only Jews living in Israel!
Why should Jews that live abroad be allowed to vote? If they choose to live abroad then so be it. Let them vote on things in the country that they live in, but not things that affect me!
7. An israeli "give away" anything! Impossible.
$%^   (02.21.13)
8. #4. Israel is fed up with leftist "peace making".
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.21.13)
The leftist Oslo "peace process" alone cost Israel thousands of maimed and murdered civilians. In total, tens of thousands of Israelis have been maimed and murdered by leftist "peace making". Sane Israelis won't allow any government to cede our ancestral heartland and trim Israel's waist to 8 miles,. Israel is fed up with leftist "peace making". In fact, Israelis should be able to launch class action lawsuits for thousands of wrongful deaths against leftist "peace makers".
9. #5 Cipora
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.21.13)
And do you know Netanyahu´s parameters? If yes,please,expose them ,because I don´t know.
10. Both Livni and Lapid are disasters for
Reuven   (02.21.13)
Israel. She sahould not be heading negotiations and neither should be Minister of Justice.
11. Delimit Livni?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
Hardly. Abbas isn't going to give up his list of demands and preconditions, so there won't be anything to negotiate. Israel is in the proverbial catbird seat on this one -- Abbas screwed himself royally. That seems to be an ersatz "Palestinian" specialty.
12. Natanyahu ploy - Golan Al-Qaida in the crosshairs forewarned
Eliyahu ,   USA   (02.21.13)
This was a ploy from Natanyahu to wake up the religious and charedim parties to move on a little faster. It seems that after al-Qaida is being finished with Assad in Syria, they will turn to war for the Golan. It's in the crosshairs. Yidelech, you are forewarned. Get your belief in HaShem stronger. Natanyahu, Are you prepared. Don't say you didn't know. I just told you. By Eliyahu
13. 11 Sarah B USA/Israel
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.21.13)
i agree with you. abbas is so high up the tree that it is impossible for him to climb down. bibi might make some pro forma gestures, but not anything substantial. as regards livni, i am sure that she and bibi made secret agreements on security issues, including iran.
14. Livni to empower the PA ?
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.21.13)
What is wrong with you Jews and Israelis ? Havent you read the articles and Op Eds by Mark Langfan a US topology expert on the real dangers of giving up the West Bank even East Jerusalem ? Lanfan has made it clear in no uncertain terms that giving up the West Bank will jeopardize the supply of all the water tribituries to every major Israeli coastal cities. He has proven by maps and clear illustrations including videos that Israel will cease to exist without even going to war if this regions are surrendered to the PA. Will his expert opinion be rejected? If this will be the case, Israel will have to agree to a one-state solution...a Palestinian state ruled by the PA.
15. Amazing!
Keren ,   IL-BR   (02.21.13)
It´s amazing how some people-unfortunately ,many people!-operate their minds based purely and totaly in wishful thinking. That´s why the "reality" these people create is always frustrating. But the more frustrating is that these people absolutely refuse to awake and are even very proud to keep living , thinking and stuggling in their fantasy. That´s indeed amazing!
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