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Hezbollah targets kosher restaurants in Europe
Published: 21.02.13, 00:50
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1. Hibullah member uing Swedish pssport no problem
Jarred Stone ,   London UK   (02.21.13)
It's okay for terrorists to use Swedish passports,the Swedes won't complain.Using a Swedish passport to kill Jews sits well with these Swedes.
2. Grinding up Lebanon
Steven L. Edwards ,   Palm Springs, USA   (02.21.13)
If Hezbollah is going to start targeting Kosher Restaurants in Europe, or anywhere else, this is the best opportunity for Israel to start targeting Hezbollah in Lebanon; a threat for a threat!
3. As an European Jew I only have to say
Sephardic Jew ,   Sefarad (Spain)   (02.21.13)
that it's a SHAME that Hezbollah has not been declared a terrorist organization by the EU. The EU is led by dhimmis and liberals. How many innocent Europeans have to die for the EU to declare Hezbollah a terrorist organization?? We Europeans are sick of the EU!
4. Question Von Hagel
Zechariah   (02.21.13)
It's true hizbollah was created by the brutality of the Lebanon war exacerbating inherent tribal conflicts and secondary to the Viscious circle of plo murder ofnJewish children..This is NeoNazism by Hizbollah Nasrallah is a Mutant Islam man like the Palestinian The Grand Mufti of Jerusalem a collaborator with nazism.The pictures are there.
5. Problem with the EU....
Lenya ,   Australia   (02.21.13) that their leaders seem to be inherently anti-Jew and Pro-Arab. Take for example their FM Ms Ashton who felt exhilarated, after her meeting with the Iranians as she gushed "Wow these guys mean business" or other words to that effect. Until these people at the top are replaced by level headed people the EU will remail anti-Semites.
6. to #3 (Sepharadic)
Marcelo ,   Berlin / TLV   (02.21.13)
Hola! may I attempt to answer your questions: (1) Jews in the eyes of north and south europeans, are not europeans. For that matter, it is irrelevant for them. (2) I still remember the voices in Buenos Aires claiming that in AMIA dies Jews and innocents...that is the same message you find in the old continent (3) when Ashton and co. start seeing the problems moslems bring with them and stop critizying Israel for whatever does while closing their eyes to real human rights abuses, maybe, it would be a start point discussing whether Hizbullah is a terror member in their eyes...until then, you will always be welcome in Israel :-)
7. trying to change the EU mind
tiki ,   belgium   (02.21.13)
As long as the targets are 'only Jews & Israeli's they won't, because (secretly) they still view the Jew as the untermensch.
8. An admitted member of the terrorist organization
A ,   Belgium   (02.21.13)
(even if the EU=Empty and Useless isn't convinced yet) Hezbollah, using a European passport, is sent to check out kosher restaurants in various cities in Europe, but NOT to carry out terrorist attacks, or so he claims. Why, are the moslem restaurants so terrible? If there is one thing these people are able to do, even if its still inefficient, is lie.
9. Hezbollah needs to be irradicated
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.21.13)
hezbollah is scum and modeled on nazi germany's totalitarian racist regime, including their youth camps. the europeans are craven hypocrites, where fascism and marxism are still important ideologies and where jews are still despised. now they let their muslim shock troops carry out the attacks on jews.
10. Hezbollah - The cancer of South Lebanon
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.21.13)
However much they try to dress themselves as the self appointed 'Protectors of Lebanon'...NOTHING they say or do can hide the truth They are a despicable depraved lying bunch of thugs who make the mafia look good..and have stolen control of one half of Lebanon and whose loyalty is ONLY to their paymasters in Iran
11. As a swede
guntax ,   stockholm, sweden   (02.21.13)
I will have to confirm this. The hate for Jews is pouring out of the closets and the official answer to this is a jawn.
12. i doubt hizbollah has a 'where to eat in europe guide'
tsfatisha ,   tsfat   (02.21.13)
perhaps hizbollah is going into the tour guide business and that's why they needed to know where to eat in cyprus..
13. 10. Hezbollah
Maxine ,   London   (02.21.13)
Well said and completely correct !!!
14. 6 to #3 Sepharadic
Maxine ,   London   (02.21.13)
Just to make things clear we will never see the killing of Jews as irrelevant, EVER !! While we dont see them as European doesnt mean we dont think about or value them. I think you will find most British people dont consider themselves European either, I know I certainly dont... The problem with those who refuse to criticise islam is fear, plain and simple. I can understand this but a bully will always be a bully and the only way to deal with a bully is by standing up to him, its time we did this with the likes of hezbollah and stop hiding in corners waiting for the problem to go away !!!
15. More rumors spread by jewish hasbara, like the rumor that Ch
USA   (02.21.13)
Chuck Hagel gave a speech to "Freinds of Hamas"
16. #15 - G-d, you're dumb
William ,   Israel   (02.22.13)
NYT was the source for the article's facts. Are you saying the anti-Israeli biased New York Times is now an Israeli hasbara outlet? Anything to fit the uncomfortable facts into your existing agenda, I guess. As for Hagel, that rumor began in the Republican party, not by some mysterious Israeli Hasbara effort. But it was viable enough for reporter Dan Friedman to run with it, huh?
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