Palestinian MP: New intifada if prisoners harmed
Elior Levy
Published: 21.02.13, 13:23
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1. Go ahead, rise up!
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
We'll squash you like a bug just like we did your previous two intifadas. The ersatz "Palestinians" don't have a clue, and they never learn from their mistakes. Must be the DNA. Ship them home to Jordan, where they can live amongst the rest of the genetically-challenged rabble.
2. Oh yeah...
AJ - Raalte   (02.21.13)
Islam is veeery strict when it comes to preserving human life...!!! That's something we see in the Moslem world every day of the week. NOT.
3. "Non-violence", in Arabic,, means the use of fire bombs and
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.21.13)
rocks, but not rockets, designed to hurt, indeed to kill people!! And, an "intifada" in this case is a violent act against the rightful authorities of Israel in areas controlled by Israel based on signed bilateral agreements between Israel and the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO). And, if the PLO's officials promote such acts which are contrary to agreements with this organization, why should we, Israelis, trust any future agreements...??!!
4. 1
George ,   Sydney Australia   (02.21.13)
You really are an odious racist. How you can think your appalling sentiments differ in any way from the ideas the Nazis spread about the Jews is beyond me. You are an embarrassment. I await the crude stereotypes you'll inevitably throw at me. Using Australian (CSIRO) invented WiFi no doubt. Crawl back into your hate-filled hole Sarah B. Oh, that's right - you're already in there.
5. Preservation of human life.
Jessop Sutton ,   South Africa   (02.21.13)
"My son is a human being before he is an Arab or anything else. The three monotheistic religions are very strict when it comes to preserving human life – but Israel isn't, and thus it violates Jewish law," Tarek Issawi said. Contradicts practice of children used as suicide bombers.
6. Now I dearly would like to know
Mira ,   Vienna   (02.21.13)
what a "non-violent" Intifada would look like. As for now all of them were extremely violent. I hope the Israeli gov remains steadfast this time. Nobody will die with their funny on and off hungerstrike. violence will not cease even if all prisoners would be freed, quite the contrary.
7. so if you starve yourself, you get free of your crimes
naftules ,   jerusalem   (02.21.13)
give me a break, so if you starve yourself you get out of jail for free and dont have to answer for your crimes. These guys are master manipulators and every time they open their mouths out comes lies and manipulation
8. To: No. 4
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
Oh, shut up. Given what a bunch of British criminals off convict ships did to millions of Aborigines, who the hell are you to criticize me? Clean up your own house before you worry about mine. By the way -- the ersatz "Palestinians" have engaged in seven decades of unremitting terror, visited against Jews both in the State of Israel and in the Diaspora. I find that pretty odious. It isn't a stereotype if it's true, now, is it? The ersatz "Palestinians" are predisposed to violence. Rock-throwing, terrorism, suicide bombings, random stabbings -- all their supposedly "peaceful protests" turn violent at the drop of a hat. That's not a stereotype -- that's just fact.
9. Arab Palestinians like to murder and like to die
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.21.13)
their intifada will fail. their economy will collapse. they will once again destroy the little they were able to build up. yet, they fly arround the world, making demands for a state--when they want to launch a new intifada for four voluntarily starving mass murderes.
10. #5 it's better than that..
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.21.13)
First, Israel is not harming Samer Issawi. He gets 5 meals a day and free medical care. That he decided not to eat is his own decision as a human being. As for Issawi's father rant about preserving human life. The father must know that Samer proudly admits that he personally shut up civilian vehicle and multiple civilian buses with an AK47 in the hopes of murdering Jewish women and children. He also made and gave his friends IED to attack Jewish civilians.
11. Administrative detention, Justice Minister
This is a prime opportunity to communicate this issue of administrative detention. This doesn't help promote the peace that we pray for. Are these issues so sensitive that they can not be made public? The repercussions of this administrative detention you'd think would outweigh the administrative detention but it doesn't look like it. It would be better to charge them or let them free anyway. Tzipi Livni has been given some appointments by PM Nettanyahu. She's in charge of the peace process with the Palestinians. Congratulations to her on that. She's been at the forefront of this effort. She has also been given to be in charge of Justice Minister. Her guidance here should help in shaping every echelon of justice in the government. It would be helpful if she would come out and make a statement to settle this situation. Tzipi Livni has been tasked with huge responsibilities. We can hope, pray and support her success for all the people on the land. Hopefully, between the Palestinians and Israeli, something really wonderful and beautiful can work out and spread to other places like Syria and Egypt.
12. Arab Incitement from Jail allowed...Why ?
Roland Seener ,   London England   (02.21.13)
13. To No:8
George ,   Sydney Australia   (02.21.13)
As expected all you have to use are stereotypes and propaganda. Fewer than 100,000 convicts were transported to Aust. Many of whom were Irish political prisoners. Some of the First Fleeters were Jews. Every child in Israel is brainwashed with anti-arab propaganda from birth. Just as the Arabs are brainwashed with anti-semitism. Then the Jewish Israelis (except the fundamentalist Haredi) are given weapons to defend a racist state. The Palestinians have few weapons except rather useless rockets and stones. You are a hate-filled person. You are also (as a previous comment suggested) singlehandedly the greatest cause of anti-semitism on these pages. Perhaps you would be a nicer person if you got some much needed therapy. It is beyond belief that you can't see that there is little difference between your "justified" racism and that of the the anti-semite. Oh, and by the way: there weren't "millions of Aborigines" in Australia at the time of the invasion. And most non-indigenous Australians are appalled at the colonial history of this country.We are doing our best to rectify the situation. At least we acknowledge it, which is more than I can say for the majority of correspondents on these pages. You are a sad sad individual.
14. Intifada shows Palestinian priorities
ky   (02.21.13)
A prisoner may fall over and accidentally hurt himself in Israeli jail but another thirty one people blown up this morning in Syria. Result : Intifada against Israel- Dead silence against Arab murder.
15. New antifada to no1
Edouard ,   Canada   (02.21.13)
Sara why r u even answering this no 4 guy ?? The history did not teach him anything! Long before 1948 Arabs in israel tried to killed Jews. Hajj Amin el huseni was hitler friend and encourage his friends to join the waffen ss A lot of this Palestinians would of get capital punishment in most civilize country for what they did Not to talk about Arab country where they would of be behaded with in mater of days We are total idiots we are giving them warm meals and clean beads and cloths And if the stop heating we are freeing them This guys should be shoot on the spot immediatly and not cost the stat so much money and become the subject of negotiations and mediatisation They are master manipulators and criminals and we are complet idiots and naive
16. Amnesty
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (02.21.13)
With Obama about to visit Israel lets parole the most violent of the Palestinians to the Obama household. I am certain they will enjoy Obama's two girls and possibly Michelle. In this fashion the bleeding heart liberals and the Palestinians will have the cockles of their collective hearts warmed. Imagine the Palestinian barbarians playing with the Obama girls and the dog on the Whitehouse lawn.
17. to #13
nigel ,   london   (02.21.13)
George I am not in Israel but London. I abhor the deaths caused on both sides by the continuing lack of progress toward a peaceful solution to this long standing conflict. However You state that Israelis are brought up to hate Arabs. This is absolutely and categorically false and shows a lack of knowledge about Israel and its people. If you care to look through the history books, you will see that, in the past 65 years, there have been numerous attempts to broker a deal where both sides can co-exist. Each time it has been the Palestinians who have pulled back from reaching agreement. Before the last election, polls conducted in Israel stated that over 65% wanted a peaceful solution based on the principals of a 2 state solution. what percentage of Palestinians would agree ? Clearly not enough or their leadership would have to take notice. If you visited Israel, you would see Jews and Arabs working, dining, shopping, using the same beaches, using the same transport systems, using the same judicial system, playing football etc etc together. Of course, you do not know or see this as your perception of the country and its people are wide of the mark There are more Arabs in the Israeli parliament than Jews in all of the Middle East Governments put together. sadly, Jews were expelled en masse from most o fthe Middle East. You should also note that an Israeli footballer, playing for a UK club was barred entry to Dubai last week. This would never happen in Israel. Indeed, every Israeli football club in its premier league has Arab players. The Palestinians do not just have a few rockets and stones - you trivialise the massive weaponry built up by Hamas and Hizballah ( the latter now using their weapons at the behest of the Assad regime) Finally, you will note that your comments were freely published on this an Israeli site. Can you imagine an Arab website publishing Sarah or any other pro-Israeli's comments on their sites You might want to check why the people who are on hunger strike were arrested,. Then put yourself in the position of the families whose children j/parents were blown up,. These families also have the right to justice. Something you clearly do not understand Please, before you spout rhetoric, do try to actually relate it to some facts rather than supposition and sensationalised accusations. This is a serious issue which needs resolution. Not speculation and ignorant hate filled comment/s.
18. To: No. 13
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
Six wars and seven decades of terror have to count for something. It was the Arabs who started the wars -- and lost all six times. Do you truly mean to suggest that they should be rewarded for their violence and terror? Are you that delusional? There were massive population transfers following both world wars. Italy lost the entire province of Istria. Germany lost East Prussia. There are consequences to waging wars of aggression. Those consequencees extend to the ersatz "Palestinians" as well. They need to take responsibility for their bad decisions instead of constantly insisting on reinventing the wheel. What's done is done; no sane or rational person thinks they should be rewarded with a third state. Jordan and Gaza are enough. They will have to settle for that. To the victor, after all, belongs the spoil. That's just the way of the world and no amount of rationalizing can justify establishing one set of rules for Israel and another set of rules for every other nation. By the way -- if racism is based in unrelenting terror, it can hardly be called racism, can it? The ersatz "Palestinians" have sown the wind for a very long time. Now they have to reap the whirlwind. Stop painting them as innocent babes in the wood. Read some of the charters of the thirty-odd ersatz "Palestinian" organizations. They all call for the destruction of the State of Israel and the expulsion and/or extermination of the Jewish people. Not a single ersatz "Palestinian" organization has repudiated its charter. Not ... one. But I suppose you'll find a way to justify such ersatz "Palestinian" intransigence.
19.  #13 Israel racist state?
ky   (02.21.13)
Israel is a state made up of many races equal under the law not only Jews and its laws protect all those who live within its borders. Can you tell me the same thing about any Arab state? LIke any country its citizens have a right to protect themselves from attack . Only a racist would suggest otherwise .
20. Non violent intifada
Rhonda ,   Chicago, USA   (02.21.13)
Non violent intifada? Huh? Stop throwing rocks, concrete, Molotov cocktails and burning tires at Israeli soldiers and border guards. If you tried doing that at the Chicago police you'd wake up dead. If you want to protest carry signs, picket and stay away from the security fences. As for people refusing to eat in prison, that's their choice. It's not as if the prison guards are withholding food from them. Accept the consequences for your behavior. And finally, stop bringing your children to protests where you instigate an escalation with the IDF. Children have no place at such events where they might get harmed. SEND THEM TO SCHOOL!
21. 30 Seconds Before Any Arab Protest Turns Violent
emanon ,   USA   (02.21.13)
22. To: No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
Administrative detention is essential to protect the identities of Arab sources of information in the West Bank and undercover Israeli operatives. I believe that all countries have some form of administrative detention covering enemy combatants. The United States certainly does -- at Guantanamo. Israel's terrorism concerns are a lot more immediate. You're a dreamer if you think that there can ever be peace between Israel and the ersatz "Palestinians." They could have had peaceful coexistence -- which would have been immensely beneficial to them -- at any time since 1947. They have rejected all opportunities. They are not interested in living side-by-side with Israel; they are interested exclusively in supplanting Israel. That's never going to happen. Threatening a sovereign state with terrorism and violence is really not the way to go, but you'll never lose any money betting on the ersatz "Palestinians" to make absolutely the worst possible decisions. Still, that would be their problem, wouldn't it? Isn't it time that they took ownership of their incomprehensible choices and recognized that there are consequences, some of which may be extremely unpleasant? Ultimately, we all must accept the consequences of the choices we make. Why should the ersatz "Palestinians" get a free pass ..... over and over again?
23. No: 15
George ,   Sydney Australia   (02.21.13)
Edouard, you completely miss my point. Most people making comments on these pages resort to the same stereotyping about Arabs as anti-semites do about Jews. They are hate-filled and quite tragic given Jewish history. You might want to consider an outsider's perspective. Both sides justify their racist hate by using selective examples of the other's crimes. It's just that one side has nuclear weapons and all the land and the other has stones, pathetic rockets and Bantustans. Your attitudes are contributing to Israel's demonisation in the Western media. Without US support you'd be completely isolated. As it is you're the tail that wags the American dog. But that won't last forever will it. Americans are waking up to the way their foreign policy has been at the beck and call of the right-wing elements in the Jewish Diaspora (neo-cons anyone?). I await with glee the barrage of anti-goy racism I expect to come my way. Oh, and by the way, the Arabs don't claim to be "a light unto nations". Your mob do. Fancy stealing another passport pet? Or killing another naive Australian Jew who's made aliyah? You're just as racist as many Arabs. Look in the effing mirror. And whilst you're at it - develop a better command of English before you post on sites like these.
24. #3 Jehudah: Well said! No sucj thing a "non-violence"
David ,   Israel   (02.21.13)
25. George 13
When you say the Palestinians have few weapons but "stones and useless rockets" did you forget these stones and "useless" rockets have actually killed people,and injured people for life are you sympathetic towards that? Sure sounds like it. Sounds to me like your guilty of the very thing you accuse Sarah of. The Palestinians have brought on most of their own misery with their hatred and murderous actions against the innocents. Did you forget about all the terrorist attacks they have committed over the years,and the deliberate brutal murders of Jewish children even babies?Many of them think these murderers are heroes. People like you who try to make the Palestinians sound like some oppressed, sympathetic noble,freedom seeking people really sicken me. However though I think your selective hypocritical outrage towards Israel can be explained in one word antisemitism.
26. Execute "Palestinian" terorrists within 48 hours of capture.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.21.13)
Israel's pampering of genocidal "Palestinian" terrorists is absurd and self destructive. All captured terrorists should be interrogated (for information leading to the capture of other terrorists and to prevent terrorist atrocities) and than immediately executed within 48 hours of capture. Enough playing games with those who seek to mass murder us all.
The use of TASERS. in ALL SECURITY -MATTERS.. IS A MUST.. to be used by..ALL disciplines.. CIVIL/POLICE/ MILITARY..... TASERS.. ARE NOT AN EXPENSE.. BUT AN INVESTMENT, IN SECURITY. SOCIAL ORDER & DEFENCE.. ALSO.. ALL who carry that..' ugly quad-coloured-rag'.. are guilty of sedition... TASERED.. CONFISCATED... BURNED... the aarbs know there are no repercussions.. so on they go..!! it should be a federal crime to show the flag of those who are so hostile to the JEWISH -STATE..
28. well this is kinda lopsided
the mad zionist ,   san francisco   (02.21.13)
we should do what the Palestinians do. they take no prisoners alive. they will usually tear'em up into shreds and drag their bodies through the streets while singing "alahu-akbar". just like every other Islamic ruled dictatorships in themiddle east.I love how the world is up in arms over Palestinians murderers in Israeli prisons, but when you go to YouTube and type in alahu-akbar, thousands of videos from various Muslim countries pop up, and all you see is the blood and body parts blown all over the place while being narrated by only two words "alahu-akbar". there are many people on ynet and the world that still claim Israel is the worst offender and peace is impossible while Israel remains intact, and at the same moment not acknowledging the barbarity and evilness of radical Islam. and those are the same individuals that have absolutely no credibility because of their deep rooted hate for ANY jew. the ones with credibility, are the ones that can be completely honest and call out the wrong from either side. allyou pro Palestinian posters on this site should do a little due diligence rather then taking chomskys' word at it. why not do a documentary on Muslims livingin Israel, and oask them privately if they would movie to a Palestinian state if it's ever created. trust me, in private they would always choose Israel, not all, but most. I'm working on a documentary right now for HBO on "gays in the Arab world". at the moment I'm in tel Aviv interviewing the 46th gay Palestinian that left gaza and snuck into Israel because his family was going to kill him because he's gay.he and many others have sought refuge in extremely gay friendly tel Aviv. and you know what, there's hundreds more maybe even a coupe thousands more. but in a Muslim country, they can't even live for being who they are. Israel is their only safe haven to go to if they don't want to hide in fear it pretend to be something they are not. now I'm a liberal, but not a backwards progressive faux lib. if anyone is a true liberal, then Israel(which does have allot of problems in certain religious areas, but not murderous religious like in an Islamic country) is your wet dream. aside from pre-arab spring Tunisia, (which it was very progressive before but now after taken over by extremists, it's not progressive anymore), there is no other place in the middle east where you can think like you want, be what you want, and do what you want like Israel. AND THAT'S A FACT DOGGIE!!
30. I ask once more
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.21.13)
where are the sophisticated, non lethal weapons, that can disperse the arab gangs.
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