Arab couple denied medical care
Noam (Dabul) Dvir
Published: 21.02.13, 19:22
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1. Hippocratic Oath
MD's take these when they practise medicine. Denying care based on race, religion, sex etc is nothing less than discrmination and the MD should be disciplined. Don't these people realize their racism is played up in the International media that only plays into apartheid claims in Israel. These actions by those in power of providing life services only prove to the International community that apartheid does exist in the democratic state of Israel.
2. This is not racism
Vlad   (02.21.13)
Jews who go into Arab areas of Jerusalem can expect stones and mobs, and even emergency vehicles passing through have been pelted. In one Arab neighborhood, the dogs are running wild because the Arabs drove Jewish dog-catchers away. Well, you get what you ask for in the end.
3. More questions than answers, is this a 1 time occurence?
David ,   Boston, USA   (02.21.13)
So if you look at the records of the medical company, is this a one time occurence or a regular thing? Is it from the person who answered the phone or company policy? I think this is a poorly written article, very biased. I want more facts. Is it really a safe area or not? Is the Arab an Israeli citizen, hold a blue card, what? And a a consequence what is the companies legal obligation. as for doctors in general, I know many and all will help those in need regardless of circumstances. Please add more to this article. Too many gaps in information
4. I wouldn't either
Carl   (02.21.13)
How many phone company, electric company crews and other Jews have been nearly killed there? If I were a doctor I wouldn't set foot in there either.
5. No arab doctors in her area?
Anna M Sedda ,   Rome   (02.21.13)
She should complain to' PA mohamudd abbas,he get billions of dollars from EU,USA,UN for medic care and hospitals...
6. Arab neighborhoods are danger to our lives
yoni the Jew ,   Jewish Homeland   (02.21.13)
I live near Issawiyah an arab neighborhood in jerusalem. While the residents use the banks stores and post office as well as parks freely here if any French Hill resident was to wander into their neighborhood his life would be in great danger. 1. the police do not enter most arab neighborhoods without army protection. Even within municipal boundaries of Jerusalem. 2. About a year ago there was a delivery man that entered by mistake due to his GPS navigation and was almost killed. 3. When the mayor Barkat came to innaugurate a school funded by the city in the arab neighborhood he was attacked and barraged with stones. There are many more incidents in ALL arab neighborhoods that endanger the lives of Jewish Israelis. It is time to wake up to the problem and face reality. They teach and breed violence.
7. Arabs must be
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.21.13)
obligated for an oath of fidelity for Israel. If it is done, then can expect rights from the state. Enemies must be treated as enemies, until they prove to be not enemies.
8. Is this public service or a private company?
Avi   (02.21.13)
I'm wondering because of the use of the word "company", and not Magen David. It implies a private company is involved so I don't understand the article's general headline. If anyone can clarify please do. As for the notion of racism, I'd wager against it. Arab neighborhoods and villages are very dangerous. If it's not regular crime then it's directed attacks against jews and public workers alike. They were asked to bring the husband to the clinic so the doctor's life wouldn't threatened. This proves it wasn't a matter of the origin of the patient but rather the safety of the doctor. Still, perhaps the police should have been asked to accompany the doctor.
9. Exception to the Rule
Alon ,   Israel   (02.21.13)
There are many Jewish doctors who work in Arab towns in Israel-and I am one of them. The doctor who refused to go- if its true- should be sacked.
10. To No. 7
Bertram ,   London, UK   (02.21.13)
Some might also say that Hungarians should be treated as Roma-hating racists unless they prove otherwise. I wouldn't say that.
11. I Used to Wonder Whose Side Ynet Was On...
Dan ,   Forest Hills   (02.21.13) I know.
12. You ignorant fools - I go there often!
Brian Cohen ,   Judean Peoples Front   (02.21.13)
Why do Ynet readers who know nothing post talkbacks that show how ignorant they are? Take #4 for example. Nobody has been killed or injured in the last 25 years in Beit Safafa that I know of. And I drive through there several times a week. My kid's soccer team plays against their kids soccer team because believe it or not, teams from Judea and Beit Safafa both play in the Jerusalem area league! Natali is a private company - and they should be sued. Just like the wussie companies who refuse to come to Judea because it's "too dangerous" in "the territories". Tel Aviv is much more dangerous than where I live! So, Carl, post your apology. Then do yourself a favor and go to Beit Safafa and see for yourself. I'll even meet you there if you're brave enough. And Anna #5, Beit Safafa is in Jerusalem you fool, and the address for complaints is the Israeli ministry of health, not the PA! Oy, why do we have to suffer the blatherings of fools like you!
13. doctors view
Anna Donen ,   lincoln, uk   (02.21.13)
as an english doctor who has been through Beit Safafa a few times on my way to Pat I should say I never experienced any problems. That said, I was careful not to go alone at night as there was this niggling feeling that something might happen. If Jewish doctors are scared of going to Arab areas it's understandable, but their employers should then give them bodyguards to visit arab patients. as doctors and as Jews we have every obligation to treat arabs ( and anyone of any religion)
14. Refund
Rob ,   Hadera, Israel   (02.21.13)
Firstly, thank you Alon. I hope there are many more like you. Secondly, if it is company policy then they need to refund the entire amount of premiums paid, from the start, by the Alias family, plus interest, plus compensation for fraudulently offering a service they were never going to provide. They knew their "member's" address from the very beginning and should have refused to take the business (and the money). On top of this they should have their licence to operate revoked and the management charged with criminal charges (or face hefty fines, or both preferably, as I guess our incompetent law makers forgot about protecting its citizens). If it wasn't company policy, and the rep was acting on "initiative", the call will have been recorded and the employee should be sacked, together with the on-call manager from that shift, together with the head of the call-centre.
15. In the USA no house calls
Zechariah   (02.21.13)
In the USA paramedic ambulances take such patients to hospitals .An arabi Israeli Ambulance goes to his house does primary care and brings him to hospital.Its a law now in many Western countries that guards accompany doctors on house calls especially female doctors because of the risk I'df assault by Drug addicts and even ambulances have been threatened and need Police escorts .
16. #12 Sued? You're so full of BS
Alex   (02.21.13)
If the company or whatever determines the risk is to high, they have no obligation. When I lived back in Europe, Sweden to be precise there were Arab neighbourhods in the city where medical workers had to come under police protection to even be able to enter. But the difference is they had to because they weren't a private company.
17. I wouldnt go either
alsky ,   toronto   (02.21.13)
I dont blame any Israeli for not going there. You never know when you will be stoned or killed.
18. #1 Look at # 2 for an answer to your naive comment!
Mira ,   Vienna   (02.21.13)
19. To: No. 1
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.21.13)
Actually, Jews -- and most doctors -- take the Oath of Maimonides. The Hippocratic Oath bans too many procedures -- Caeserian sections, abortions, to name but two. Denying care based on race, religion, or gender is discriminatory. Denying care based on geographical location is not illegal, and happens all the time. I guess the complainant's husband wasn't as sick as she thought he was. She did, after all, turn down the offer of a home visit the following morning. Or perhaps she did what she should have done in the first place -- called an ambulance. If someone is as sick as she indicates, you don't wait for a house call, right?
20. #1 - like the Israeli Arab doctor that refused to treat
William ,   Israel   (02.22.13)
a woman because her last name was "Kahane"? I don't recall that being played up in intl media.
21. There is another issue here
William ,   Israel   (02.22.13)
Care wasn't being denied because they are Arabs, but because physicians feared for their own well-being if they entered an Arab village. There has been a long list of attacks on ambulances, fire trucks, police, electrical and telephone repairman when they enter Arab villages, so the fear is justified. The real issue here is why can a large part of the Israeli population NOT enter a city in their own State?
22. # 2 This is racism
Ferdinand ,   Israel & France   (02.22.13)
Vlad claims this is not racism, and talkbackers click to like his comment. If in New York a doctor would refuse to visit a sick patient because that patient lived in a "Jewish area" it would be racism. It's just as much racism now.
23. denied
sarah ,   LA, USA   (02.22.13)
Firemen refuse to go to muslim areas in Sweden and France, what"s the big deal? Why should some Jew go into an arab neighborhood if he feels it is dangerous for him to do so? Tell her to call a taxi, or get a friend to help her. If her husband was able to waint hours for the doctor, he was not that sick.
24. #22 did you even read?
Vlad   (02.22.13)
Are you aware of just how dangerous it can be to enter an Arab area of Jerusalem? Something like two years back, a Jewish repairman was almost lynched for repairing some guy's house in Issawiya, and a group of Jews had their car mobbed and faced barbed-wire obstacles when they entered it. Now, what Jew in his right mind would enter an area like that?
25. Why is this news?
Mike ,   Raanana   (02.22.13)
Again Ynet continues its trip in the leftward direction. How is this news? If ambulance, police, and other civil servants avoid Arab areas, even on the occasion that specific protection details are provided to them, then why should an unpretected doctor go and put themselves in harm? So hamas can kidnap them? Good on the doctor's and anyone who refuses to assist them. When they hand over their "bad apples" and declare allegiance to the state then we can work on make the areas safer, and only then consider sending doctors in without a security detail.
26. Just following the Torah. Jews are not allowed to treat goy
Jim USA   (02.22.13)
27. How often does the reporter go to Arab neighboorhoods alone
Mordechai   (02.22.13)
Go there alone and you risk being kidnapped and become the next Gilad Schalit. The Arab Knesset members have all said Arabs in Israel are not loyal to the country and see their allegiance to "Palestine" and are working to destroy the Jewish state of Israel. Should we not believe them?
28. ambulance?
Talyah ,   Israel   (02.22.13)
If she was so worried about her husband, why didn't she just call an ambulance (or a cab to take them to the hospital)? Why wait till morning?
29. not true
benny sudakov ,   los angles   (02.22.13)
I live in LA, I wounder how many doctor will visit ghetto in south la, I do not think many. If I would be this doctor I would also probably be afraid to visit Arab neighborhood of Jerusalem. Doctors are not paid to take risk, you confuse them with policemen
30. 22 Ferdinand
alsky ,   toronto   (02.22.13)
you are trying to compare apples with oranges. NYC is not the same as Israel. Last time I checked, New Yorkers werent getting stoned and/or lynched. Try again !
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