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Brahimi: Damascus bombing a war crime
Published: 23.02.13, 13:02
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1. Arab League hypocrisy
andy ,   manchester, uk   (02.23.13)
Did the Arab League ever condemn even once all the Arab terrorist suicide bomb attacks against Israel?
2. Suicide car bomb = terrorist act
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.23.13)
No doubt about that. Either UN takes the opportunity to condemn all such actions, or remains silent and tactily accepts this is an acceptable way to achieve political ends. Condemning a single act in Syria is meaningless.
3. US policy unleashes mayhem
Zechariah   (02.23.13)
The US policy reveals it does not comprehend or does not care about the capacity for violent murder amongst the Islamic factions tho Europe was like that till the Balkan wars in the dissolution of Yugoslavia.Barak noted Israel exists in a jungle rendering nuclear proliferation terribly risky and the need for SuperFortess Israel .
4. the west and sunni arabs support the terrorism in syria
name witheld   (02.23.13)
they fund and arm these terrorist rebels while pretending to stay uninvolved. The war is a sectarian religious civil war and by the west and the gulf states along with turkey supporting the sunnis against the shites supported by iran and their proxy terror groups the other minorities are caught in the middle. I have no problem with sunnis and shites exterminating each other, the minority groups shouldnt have to die in the struggle. The only hope is that assad wipes the terrorists out and restores order.
5. Hizbalah won??
USA ,   USA   (02.23.13)
anyone here the lady in the video say that in the 2nd lebonon war "hizbalah won by all accounts" yea I don't know what she's talking about. there infrastructure is still messed up from that!
6. and assad murdering 70,000 plus
innocent civilians is not a WAR CRIME??????????????????
7. Is Syria going to condemn itself at the
A ,   Belgium   (02.23.13)
United Nothings Security Council? Assad calls the rebels "terrorists", but they are Syrians just the same. A United Nothings condemnation makes about as much sense as a "palestinian" state.
8. Terrorist act - seriously?
Sol ,   Toronto   (02.23.13)
Israel has so often been reminded by the intellectual luminaries in the Moslem world, the West and Russia, "one man's terrorist is another man's freedom fighter", and in the fight for "freedom" the means matter not one bit. Why the fuss then? By the standards they condoned and frequently advocated a suicide bomber is after all just a poor man's jet bomber, tank or scud. What hypocrites. They are now consuming and being consumed by what they so gleefully sowed. I am not rubbing my hands with glee at the senseless slaughter, anything but, it is sickening. I just cant stand hypocrites.
9. The Arabs own weapons turned against them.
Jon ,   Johannesburg, S.A   (02.23.13)
For years the radical Islam has promoted suicide bombing as a legitimate weapon (because it suited their anti west purpose). They sanctify death, and they cheapen life. Now those weapons are being turned against them, and they use western political and legal infrastructure to try and protect themselves.
10. Why the fuss? We are told they prefer death to life
Alan ,   SA   (02.23.13)
Its opnly us Jews who prefer life to death. So they died happy.
11. Muslims are getting a taste of their own medicine
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.23.13)
muslims have been funding and training terror attacks against the west for many decades. the rich gulf states and shia iran are directly responsible for the vast majority of terror in the entire world. it was inevitable that terror would eventually visit them as has been the case all over the middle east. terror is like an infectious disease that one unleashed it spreads.
12. Interesting, isn't it?
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.23.13)
I don't remember anyone condemning the raft of suicide bombings perpetrated against the people of the State of Israel as "war crimes." I don't remember the United Nations Security Council convening over the suicide bombings in Israel. I guess it's only a war crime if the victims are not Jews.
13. To: Cipora at No. 11
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.23.13)
Syria has long been known as a state sponsor of terror. Despite the horrific carnage in Syria, I confess that I derive considerable satisfaction in seeing the chickens come home to roost. I note for the record that, unlike Arabs everywhere who celebrated each and every suicide bombing carried out against the Jewish people with delirious outbursts of pure joy, no one in Israel is passing out sweets.
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