Palestinian prisoner dies in Megiddo Prison
Raanan Ben-Zur
Published: 23.02.13, 20:32
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1. prisoner deaths happen
Cipora Julianna Kohn ,   Z   (02.23.13)
in france alone, over one hundred prisoners die every year, most from suicide.
2. Arrested for Throwing Stones
Harold ,   USA   (02.23.13)
Why those settlers who throw stones on Palestinians, burn Palestinian cars, cut Palestinian olive trees and spit on Christians are not in jail/ Are the Palestinains human or not. South African did not do these crimes.
3. Yesterday a bomb in Damascus killed 100 people.Discuss.
Alan ,   SA   (02.23.13)
4. Good lesson for Fakestinians - lead a calm and peaceful life
Harry Wright ,   UK   (02.23.13)
Stop the drama and excitement of confrontation, stoning and fighting and increase your life span by decades. WTF, Twenty nine years old, with pains and medical issues and he did not go to a Fakestinian doctor to see about it? Not even for a diagnosis? Pure negligence! Like he engaged in violence so he could get a free medical from Israel upon his arrest. Tough luck!
5. 1. Another 'Zygrier' prognosis for torture
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.23.13)
Israel is running out of excuses for the numerous unexplained deaths in Israel Abu Graib. The Chosenites most probably have already harvested is vital organs.
6. That's a shame...
Aharon   (02.23.13)
7. #5
it is not the chosenites. it is THE CHOSEN and rightly so.
8. sounds like the nazis telling the jews
doug ,   usa   (02.24.13)
Work will set you free.
9. 4, Hard to have a peaceful life when squatters
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.24.13)
When est Euro migrant squatters steal you blind they would wish the whole world fall asleep and not witness their thievery. WTF 29Y and a rubber bullet to the leg and a gas grenade to his stomach and Israel is claiming he died of natural causes.
10. #5 Disqusting racist
Alex   (02.24.13)
Are you happy living on aboriginal land to which you have no connection?
11. #2 obviously you have a list of every single person in
israeli jail to make such a statement right?
12. #2
Howard ,   Seattle USA   (02.24.13)
Hey Harold I guess you must have been on the moon or sleeping when the Palestinians were blowing up familes in pizza parlors,buses, and shopping malls and then literally celbrating these murdurs.To this day those suicide bombers are considered heroes and martrys in Palestinian society.If you did not live in such a sheltered world you might have a bit more common sense.
13. #10 Yes I am happy
And my fellow Aboriginals are happy too. Thanks for asking.
14. Prisoner Had History of Violence
Chaim Ben Kahan ,   Efrat, Israel   (02.24.13)
The prisoner has no one to blame but himself for the predicament he put himself in. He led a life of violence and died in prison.
15. dummy should have not thrown rocks at anybody.
d-boy ,   America   (02.24.13)
16. To #14
Truthseeker ,   USA   (02.24.13)
Begin and Shamir led lives of violence. I guess that you would have had no problem had they been arrested and died in prison. Their violence far exceeded anything that Jaradath did. BTW, when one has been forced to live under a brutal occupation, when one's land and water resources are stolen, when settler squatters comit acts of terrorism, throwing stones is nothing. Chaim I would love to see you living in a condition similar to the Palestinians. You would probably pick up a gun instead of a stone.
17. #12
Harold ,   USA   (02.24.13)
I'll do the same when someone occupies my bathroom. Wise-up you occupier.
18. LOL at Harold and Lydia
Ben ,   Confederacy   (02.26.13)
Both live on blood soaked land and they try to teach Israelis how to live? Give back the land to Indians and Aborigines, move back to where both of you came (or your grandparents) and then we will talk. For now, no one care what you say or think P.S. the only occupiers in Israel are the Arabs, they need to go back home to Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon.
19. 18. Deluded one! 250UN res says you are IDIOTA
lydia ,   Brisbane   (02.27.13)
Show me where or when Australia practices trial by missiles, indefinite detention or attack unarmed civilians with cluster bombs, du or wp. Show me where Australia has been brought before the UN numerous times for 60y of illegal occupation and mass murder. Show me where or when Australia arms illegal squatters with malice and weapons to murder the Indigenous civilians. Show me where Australia restricts the movements of is Indigenous people with countless checkpoints, barbed wire fences an illegal walls or STFU.
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