Preparing for the fall of Jordan
Yoel Meltzer
Published: 24.02.13, 11:22
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31. #2:With the "Gatekeepers" we've got, they just might get it!
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.25.13)
32. Inane
Froy ,   Meh   (02.25.13)
Palestinians in Jordan are the base of the Muslim Brotherhood there. If you empower Palestinians to have their state there, you will end up with a "Mursi" anyway. Also, this doesn't change the aspirations for the five million Arabs West of the River, who will not be moving to this new "Palestinian" state, as Israel would love to. Israel has to solve its own problems, not dump them on its neighbors.
33. Abou Fayez in Brussels
belgium ,   belgium   (02.25.13)
You can keep dreaming a little more, because the Arab Palestinians will finally wake up and understand that they can stop fighting over something they already have: a Palestinian State! They have the land & the majority! The only nuisance stopping this from happening are the 'self appointed Hashemite kings. This will change when the old leadership will be gone and the Palestinian awakening & logic will prevail.
34. you're not arab an't you?
PS ,   PS   (02.25.13)
Stop being Jews,hold on your breath and defends on your land,Jordan Palestine are the same we're all arab we should be one hand.
35. To: No. 32
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.13)
Only around 2.5 million Arabs in Judea and Samaria; all of them Jordanian citizens. We are going to send them home. If you have a problem with that, too bad.
36. To: No. 22
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.13)
Forget the West Bank of the River. That's ours. You'll just have to make do with the 77% of Palestine that the British illegally carved out of Palestine in order to appease the little brother of Feisal, who had just been made king of Iraq. (Abdallah wanted to be a king, too.) If you want Gaza, you can have it. You're setting yourselves up for an "East Pakistan - West Pakistan" ordeal. As to demilitarization -- hey, remember the Weimar Republic? That was demilitarized. Remember what happened next? Israel will annex Judea and Samaria, and repatriate all those Jordanian citizens. What they choose to do is their business. Frankly -- I don't really care. Internecine Arab conflicts disgust me more than interest me.
37. Sarah B
On the Balcony ,   NY, Kyiv, Akko   (02.25.13)
We have no right to dispossess and evict the Arabs under either biblical or modern law. There are many of us in Israel who would much rather have our children in the IDF removing people like you from settlements once and for all (by gunpoint if necessary) than forever subjugating and humilating Arabs while shooting rubber bullets and gas at their rock throwing kids. Shall u send all of us to Jordan too? It is said that the world is led by people with small brains, big mouths and full lungs. If one can substitutes written words for lungs then -Welcome to the leadership!
38. #25. Palestine is forever fictional.
Cham ,   Israel   (02.25.13)
#25. I'm afraid you're the one dreaming. Palestine has never existed, as a state, and never will. It is forever fictional. You are dreaming your life away waiting for an event that will never occur.
39. Crazy, delusional piece
Romano Antonioni ,   Roma   (02.25.13)
What an absurd piece of information. Ir really belongs to the realm of the imaginary and allucination. The King fall? Palestinian country? The King will find a place in Europe? OMG. I've just come back from Amman and never saw a leader being so adored by his people. All those cars with the symbols of the monarchy, the talks with simple people and their devotion to the Hachemites... I wish my country Italy had stable leaders like that. Manifestations growing? Where? In Europe we have hundreds of people every week.. .i Jordan it does not reach 1000, after the prayers. I was in love with that country. Buildings everywhere, new malls, huge sophisticated hotels... Absolutely nothing to do with this article. This is completely irresponsible journalism. I fell here by chance after googling Jordan but will deleted immediately this site and will recommend no one to ever access it.
40. Odd Logic
Robert ,   NYC USA   (02.25.13)
I've never understood this logic. What makes anyone think Israel's problems will be solved by helping to topple Abdullah and allowing Palestinians to assume leadership of one of the Middle East's most capable military forces? Will the Palestinians give up their claims to the West Bank? Will they give up their claims to Jerusalem? Will they be content with an essentially landlocked, resource-poor backwater? This is the stupidest argument I've ever heard and it discourages me to hear Westerners propagating it.
41. Yearning for Palestine
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.25.13)
Pallys are yearning for an Arab state of their own, just like Syria, Egypt, Lybia, Yemen, Saudi, Lebanon, Iraq etc....all riven by division and clan loyalties. A whole swathe of failed/failing states in a state of high or low level warfare and violence - and living on the edge of destitution with a elite class creaming off the revenues and monopolies. What a vision!
42. Enough Room for Most
Zechariah   (02.26.13)
Ever heard of MEGACITIES there are a few cities in the word Reith more than ten million people in China with good flats even houses for the very productive workers they intend to move more than half a billion from Rural areas.No need to expel Arabs from Israel if they can live in piece with the Jews and each other The Messiach has not arrived on arrival we will all be free .Like the song One more Shabbos and well all be free. .
43. # 37
Eaglebeak ,   Left Coast, USA   (02.26.13)
Shall u send all of us to Jordan too? No, we should make them all stand out on the balcony until they are smart enough to come back in.
44. #42
It is Israel that is truly standing on the balcony. Few Jewish-Israelies, and certainly not I, actually LIKE the idea of giving up the settlements but it is the right thing to do and the only way to know/prove for ourselves and the rest of the world either that peace is possible under a two state solution or that it is not.
45. #21, 32, 43 et al: Send who where and why?
On the Balcony ,   Akko   (02.26.13)
Those of us (Jews and Israelies) who think that Israel has the right to expel or ghettoize Palestinian-West Bank arabs "because they don't belong here" have learned absolutely nothing from the pogroms and ghettoes of our own history. Can you not understand that your calls to either ghettoize the Palestinian Arabs by denying them full rights of self-determination or to expel them from "our" land are no different in nature than those used by our enemies throughout history? Can you not see how Arabs who are living on "our" land and listening to you might justifiably confuse the Mogen David with another hated symbol from our recent past? Shame on you!
46. Jordan
Philip ,   London, England   (02.26.13)
Nothing new here. I dont why the press bother printing this story again and again. Neither the Hashemites nor the palestinians will accept this unless it is part of a larger palestin which includes Israel proper.
47. Jordan
WadiAra ,   Israel   (04.19.13)
What absolute rubbish! It is obvious from reading this that Meltzer has, at best, superficial knowledge of the issues facing Jordan. Jordan remains the most stable neighbour we have and recent reforms are transforming it from a Constitutional Monarchy to a Democratic Monarchy. Shame that people read this and presume the author knows something about the topic!!!
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