Likud hints: Haredim may be excluded
Yuval Karni
Published: 24.02.13, 11:58
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1. With any luck the harideem and Shas will be out
Haim ,   TA   (02.24.13)
it seems the party for the free loaders is finally coming to an end.
2. Its the beguinning of a beautiful future..
Avouskila ,   South America   (02.24.13)
Yes, I want the Shas to be out of the coalition, that will oprn an era of the Moroccan Jewish community in Israel to finally establish its own genuine political organs that will express the actual express its participation of the running of the country. That was initially I hoped that the minor revolution brought about by Yesh and Habayit will change the current and past skewed governance. While Bibi is having field day trying to get the best deal that would postpone any possible reduction of Likud-shelanou,-political domination of Israel politics,its the time for the disparition of Shas, as such, and allow an energetical Sepaharadic parties to emerge for a better Israel, as to education, welfare and fair play in the division of the wealth they created for the country, without enjoying their efforts.
3. Coalition Building
Elka ,   Netanya, Israel   (02.24.13)
The exclusion of the Hareidi parties would be excellent. There needs to be a change in the way this country works. The Torah,/Talmud tells us how to fight a war. It tells us who can and can not fight. ie. a man in his first year of marriage. These laws would not have been given if the expectation was that you sit and learn and do not serve. All of our leaders from previous years, Rashi, Ramban, etc. --they ALL worked as well as learned! Where today's method comes from is beyond me. Yes, there needs to be a few thousand serious scholars who learn full time and are supported by the community and who are excused from service. BUT being Hareidi does not automatically make one a Talmid Chachim, any more than not being Hareidi means one is NOT a Talmid Chachim.
4. big mistake
ray   (02.24.13)
you can expect death and destruction from all around if the idiots try to smother the torah study in israel. this is like a fireman chief telling everyone to come and work on putting out the fires. even those who are working on drawing water for the water hoses
5. Only himself to blame
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.24.13)
Netanyahu could have (and arguably should have) immediately set-up a Likud+Jewish Home+Haredi coalition, or a Likud+Lapid+Jewish Home coalition. Instead, he did everything to humiliate and exclude Jewish Home, making himself look petty and vindictive and forcing Jewish Home into an alliance with Lapid. Let's hope this stupid move has no long lasting effects on Israel
6. Not enough to exclude the Haredim
Dan   (02.24.13)
Export them.... to Iran where they will feel at home.
7. Question for Elka, #3
Vered, Israel   (02.24.13)
You say, " Yes, there needs to be a few thousand serious scholars who learn full time and are supported by the community and who are excused from service." Why? Why should anybody be able to be excused from service ? We are only talking about 3 years. They should serve and then study full time, if they want to, but not on our shekel. Just like University, the best Torah/Talmud learners should receive scholarships, but not for their entire lives, just for 4 years, like any other full scholarship.
8. A Country without a Government,,,,, WOW
Ricky ,   The Bronx   (02.24.13)
Damn,,,,,, Obama might cancel on this one. In the words of Eddie Murphy "I got Places to go and People to see", Obama's Israels itenirary, "sights to see" has nothing to do with Peace,,,,, should go to HaMechpela(itenirary) at least,,,,,,, with no formed coalition who will he be rapping too, Bibi only? LMAO. The media will have a feild day with these 2 Cads. Wow weeks after an election and no government,,,,,,,, The Jewish Sring has arrived folks.
9. A propaganda campaign is needed
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.24.13)
to explain for haredim we are living in 5773 or in the XXI century. Carefully and patiently explain for them that lifestyle, what they are doing is intorelable.
10. #3 - I agree 100%
Nathan ,   Delhi   (02.24.13)
11. Wet dreams
2Mad ,   גולה בצרפת   (02.24.13)
Easier to outlaw anything Jewish then look after that darn missing ketubah. How original. How come nobody ever got this brilliant idea before ?
12. #8 Dont LYAO too soon
A ,   Belgium   (02.24.13)
Forming coalition governments is always tricky. Ever hear of a place called Belgium and how long it took to form the last government there? After almost TWO YEARS without a working government, Belgium still survived. If Bibi can't form a government, Peres will give the next in line a chance, and meanwhile, the government is still functioning.
13. government without haredeem
google ,   israel   (02.24.13)
I sure hope that you are right . From your writing to the eyes of God
14. Jeez, come up with some compromise already!
Sean ,   Phoenix   (02.24.13)
While service is important, it is even more crucial to integrate the Haredi (and the Arabs) in the work force. ASAP. Get them working and not taking yeshiva allowances. They can start paying taxes so at the very least they are paying for the IDF. Israel's tax base is shrinking. Reducing/eliminating yeshiva stipends all together would turn Israel's budget deficit into a surplus. Bibi is considering yet another tax increase on the contributors but apparently doesn't consider cutting these stipends. Another tax increase scares businesses from setting up shop and discourages Aliyah from places like the US and Canada. Israel needs more businesses and more Aliyah. The notion that Israel only has a 6.9% unemployment rate is laughable given that only 1/3 of Haredi actually work. The rest read Torah all day and get an allowance. By the way, the Haredi in every other country work! In the US they privately fund their own religious schools, work in the labor force doing everything from diamond cutting to construction to teaching, while still having those big families. In fact the Haredi are one of the fastest growing groups in the US next to the Amish. In other words, working won't damage their communities... and no, reading Torah is not work.
15. Shas out?
Israeli ,   Haifa   (02.24.13)
Best news I have heard all year!!!! Time to lose 'em!
16. Let it Be, let it Be, Let it Be. Good news' weekend !!!
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.24.13)
17. New Situation
Jake ,   Haifa   (02.24.13)
Bibi saw the polls, knows he will get crushed if he cannot put a coalition together, Jewish Home is holding tight with Lapid, and all the sudden, like magic, maybe he does not need the Haredi after all. Good! To all the Haredi, this is not the Soviet Union and if you dont want to serve, you can leave. I am sure when you explain it is your studying on State money that protects everyone, all countries wanting to cut defense spending will rush to give you visas. You can protect them. If not, stay, serve, work.
18. Messianic Jews a good example to follow
Tom-ChristianZionist ,   Melbourne, Australia   (02.25.13)
Perhaps the Harideem could take a page out of the book of the Messianic Jews. Their rate of volunteering for the IDF is 100%, they hold jobs, and study the New Testament on their own time, at no expense to the state!
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