Palestinians riot in WB; prisoners stage 'breakfast strike'
Elior Levy
Published: 24.02.13, 14:44
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1. The 19th Anniversary ! ! !
Abdel Karim Salim ,   Jerusalem   (02.24.13)
Is it a sheer coincidence that this arab Hebronite dies exactly on the nineteenth anniversary of the Baruch Goldstein incident of late February 1994 in which scores of arab Hebronites got killed ? Anyway , if people are wise then they should learn from their terrible mistakes . It is always the people whom you trust most are the first ones to stab you in the back...
2. rioting
caleb ,   israel   (02.24.13)
Stones are a lethal weapon. IMO anyone who throws stones at soldiers, policeman, citizens has the right to shoot back at them in self defence. The IDF should 're-instate' its balls and create an impressionable and lasting deterrent. The pacifist reaction is a return to the holocaust mentality of submission.
3. picture worths 1000 word
raed ,   west bank   (02.24.13)
so what shall we understand from the picture of rioting settlers with the IDF soldiers ? simply : the soldiers are prtotecting the terrorist setters .
4. If these low lifes
ed   (02.24.13)
weren't commiting crimes they wouldn't be in jail. And then they wouldn't have to stop eating. My heart bleeds for them???????
6. They went on a breakfast strike?
Devorah   (02.24.13)
Catherine Ashton is going to have a nervous breakdown.
7. Inevitable :)
Michael Steiner ,   Bahrain   (02.24.13)
So long as we insist on being amid them, but disallow them from being amid us, this is going to happen. And this is just the beginning. There will be rioting, strikes, civil disobedience, court cases, boycotts, international P.R. campaigns, million-man marches... Give it a decade or two, once memory of the Shoah has evaporated completely, and we'll be a pariah state, the way South Africa once was. We have to either get out of the damn West Bank or grant the three-plus million Palestinians full Israeli citizenship. There IS no third option! I know which I prefer!
8. i also skipped breakfeast today
Haim ,   TA   (02.24.13)
Man this new diet is a toughie
9. Yet again more pointless gestures
Sammy ,   Newcastle   (02.24.13)
For every stone hurled..I can give you an example of Jewish/Palestinian cooperation that goes unreported, of thousands of people employed in Israel, of trade, of technical cooperation...yet the PA do not want to try to temper these hot heads merely use them as some sort of stupid bargaining tool On both sides of the divide we have to urge the leadership on both sides to reboot negotiations toward Palestinian Self Determination and economic prosperity Hurling stones is hardly gong to kick start anything..but give Netanyahu more excuses to stall
10. Clearly, the "moderate" Palestinian Authority is behind the
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.24.13)
violent acts carried out by its unleashed thugs. And, if this is how the Palestinian Authority acts with total disrespect to international law as well as bilateral and bilateral signed agreements, why should we ever trust its leaders, e.g. Mahmoud Abbas, etc....??!!
11. Taanit Ester
Tambour ,   Eilat   (02.24.13)
Kind of them to fast.
12. #7 michael
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (02.24.13)
There is one more option you didn't mention,CLOSE THEM OFF COMPLETELY FROM THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL.if we must herd them like cattle to jordan where they belong.
13. Why doesn't Mr. Obama demand of Abbas to stop his hunting...
Jehudah Ben-Israel   (02.24.13)
...dogs from acting to undermine any chance of future peace?
14. Breakfast
Arturo   (02.24.13)
LOL!!!! They refused bradkfast. Israel should take them up on this and reafuese to feed them, full stop.
15. No peace. Violence inevitable.
Sam ,   Canada   (02.24.13)
Settle the refugee issue and then Israel will at least know if Palestinians accept Jewish majority Israel. You have to start somewhere or nothing changes.
16. It's time to move forward
Yossef   (02.24.13)
Annex are C, gives the full israeli citizenship to all the Arabs living there. Dismantle PA, and give complete autonomy to the mayors of the arab cities of zone A and B. Negotiate their political rights and affiliation with King of Jordan. Participate to a mixed economy of the arab cities, open the roads for everybody and pray for peace.
17. Arab costumes just in time for Purim - and
Barbara ,   Haifa Israel   (02.24.13)
Arabs use any excuse to riot and be in the streets - they've got nothing better to do.
18. To go on hunger-strike you have to be alive.
Rocky ,   Wales   (02.24.13)
Many of the Israeli victims of these Palestinian prisoners do not have the opportunity or ability to embark upon a hunger-strike in protest at their terrorism. Many of the Israeli victims were killed, maimed or wounded, and have to live with their incapacities, while those responsible participate in a media-circus designed to draw attention to their own so-called plight.
19. Riot Industry
Dan ,   Florida - Tel Aviv   (02.24.13)
It is high time that the West Bank be sealed from Israel. Palestinians who have worked in Israel no longer have any jobs there. Jordan & Saudi Arabia can give them jobs. We are seeing that allowing a Palestinian state will only bring chaos, destruction and more death to Israel and Jews. Let them riot and destroy what they own but ban them all completely from Israel.
20. Breakfast Strike??
Moshe ,   Givataim   (02.24.13)
They dont want to eat? No problem stopp feeding them. Never heard about a "breakfast strike". This is so typically for this bastards, even when going on hunger strike, they cant do it the right way. So STOPP FEEDING them.
21. What's the problem, let them starve if they want
A ,   Belgium   (02.24.13)
Why should Israeli tax money be used to keep murderers happy and healthy in prison anyway?
22. This coming from the PA who straps bombs on their children
Dan Kelso   (02.24.13)
Just google Hussam Abdu 72 virgins. Fatah promised the boy $22 and 72 virgins if he blew himself up. From the article. Sent To Die (March, 2004) If you needed more evidence of Islam's vile and heinous nature, the cover story from the March 25, 2004 edition NY Daily News certainly obliged. For $22.00 and the promise of 72 virgins in Allah's paradise, a mildly retarded Palestinian boy was coerced into becoming a human bomb by Islamic clerics. Compelling young children to do their dying for them seems to have become a favorite tactic of the Islamic fundamentalists in control of Yasser Arafat's political party called Fatah.
23. Mayhem
Brod ,   USA   (02.24.13)
Mayhem is a tactic of thugs, terrorists and savages.
24. And this is why you must expell arobs as they are
Moshe ,   Usa   (02.24.13)
religious imperialists for which nothing matters to them even terrorism. No one except arobs would strike and demonstrate over jailed terrorists. There is nothing that will stop them from their path to wipe every one, including Jews off the face of the earth.
25. People incarcerated in Israeli prisoners are convicts of
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.24.13)
minor as well as major crimes, including the mass murder of people. Why should Israel release them if the court of law found them guilty and deserving punishment? Would any other country release such prisoners? And, if not, why demand of the Jews to do so?
26. Dichotomy
Jonathan ,   Berkeley California USA   (02.24.13)
If the PA and the surrounding nations put down their arms, there would be no more fighting. If Israel put down its arms, there would be no more Israel!
27. #24 and others: Amazing I say get the Pals out.....
Dee Bee ,   Israel   (02.24.13)
And my comment gets blocked by YnetNews! No doubt ther person at YnetNews who read my post was a Peace Now! and down with Israel dude! Get sick of YnetNews so I am going to Facebook!
28. #7 Michael in Bahrain with Freedom of Speech!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (02.24.13)
Nice idea but do you really think that the the real issue is the West Bank or the Palestinians? You might like to ask some of your Bahraini "friends" if the Arab world, particularly Hamas, Fatah, Hezbollah and Co will EVER accept Israel. You obviously didn't hear Khaled Mashaal state that "Palestine is from the Sea (the Med) to the Jordan River! The real issue is that some Jews, like the BDS think that the Arabs are their friends because they vilify Israel. That what the Jews in Germany thought when Hitler came to power and they GERMANS! The root of the problem is Jew Hatred - Antisemitism is too mild a term and this is inbred int the UK and Europe! If the issue was Human Rights and Civil Liberties pray tell why the do-gooders of this world are not hammering China over Tibet?
29. #25 Nice though but they are being held ...
David ,   Israel   (02.24.13)
In Administrative Detention just as the British did in Northern Ireland and South Africa did during the real "Apartheid Era". Try them in court and then, if proven guilty, lock them up and throw the key away. But try them in terms of the law and prove to the world what they stand for!
30. Let them starve to death. It's their choice.
Baruch ,   Boston, USA   (02.24.13)
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