Street cleaner attacked in TA: 'They called me 'stinking Arab'
Gilad Morag
Published: 24.02.13, 21:58
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1. We are no better than some Palestinians
Helene ,   Merkaz   (02.24.13)
2. Shameful!
Nick Sporek ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (02.24.13)
3. It hurts me to read that this can happen in Tel Aviv
exUK ,   Tel Aviv   (02.24.13)
DISGUSTING>Hope the perpetrators are caught and severely punished.
4. sad ... but.....
alsky ,   toronto   (02.24.13)
I dont ever hear about Arabs condeming Arabs who insult, kill Jews. I do hear about candies, and naming squares after them.
5. to #4
Alon ,   Rishon LeZion   (02.24.13)
doesn't matter, hold yourself to high standards. they can act how they want, but that's no excuse for us to act like that. "us" meaning jews
6. and you call this not hate crime
observer ,   Egypt   (02.24.13)
7. It hurts me this could happen anywhere!
Mark ,   London, UK   (02.24.13)
Being drunk is no excuse.
8. Jews at their worst
Truthseeker ,   USA   (02.24.13)
This reminds me of the time when Jews were beaten on the streets of Germany just because they were Jews. I find no difference between these young Jewish louts and the Germans who beat Jews. Their racism is exactly the same.
9. #1, Nope, we are not...
Yossef   (02.24.13)
It's why we need to be humble when we talk about society issues, values, right and wrong etc. etc.
10. They are your future 'border guards' ;)
snag ,   USA   (02.24.13)
11. define "we"! I didn't attack anyone
Israela   (02.25.13)
The attackers will be treated by law as any other criminal,and as should be. Let the criminals take the blame
12. Shameful.
Philip ,   London uk   (02.25.13)
13. only in this case tha attackers will be jailed.
a small difference   (02.25.13)
So think again. Maybe there is a difference?
14. What's wrog with us?
Mordechai ,   Jaffa   (02.25.13)
My granparents were beaten many times in Poland just because they were jews. I don't care if arabs do or did the some to Jews in their countries. We should be better.
15. Get off your high horse
David ,   On this planet   (02.25.13)
We are better. NO we are not and we should not be. All people on earth are the same . When they will quit their BS we will do the same. We will not turn the other cheek, get over it
16. Throw the bums in jail for a long time
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (02.25.13)
Throw the bums in jail for a long time.
17. Hang on a second guys...
Frank P. ,   Jerusalem   (02.25.13)
All we have is this guys word, no witnesses. It could have been anyone.
18. Its unfortunate but ...
Kevin ,   Tel Avi   (02.25.13)
I'm sure a Jew in an Arab village would be treated perfectly well
19. #4, what's your point?
Jeff ,   USA   (02.25.13)
That Jews should behave no better than Arab terrorists? You're an idiot.
20.  TO NO 1 Helene greeting to you
sam ,   colorado   (02.25.13)
Helene greeting to you the spirit of brotherhood. All human beings are born free equal in dignity and rights,they are endowed with a mind and conscience and them to be treated one another in a spirit of brotherhood.
21. ?
Cheryl ,   Chicago, IL   (02.25.13)
I don't believe him. Jews don't do that. It was Arabs, but he wants to blame the Jews. Arabs lie.
22. Disgusting and very very sad if true. EOM
RichInBoston ,   Boston USA   (02.25.13)
23. 14 Mordechai
alsky ,   toronto   (02.25.13)
we are better. dont let a few bad people taint all Israelis. Israelis will always have the moral high ground. I have seen it many times !
24. Disgraceful
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.13)
Go after the rock throwers and tire burners, if you wish, but for heaven's sake -- leave the decent, hard-working people alone. I blame the parents of these thugs. 4:00 in the morning, and not at home in bed? Stinking drunk? Where do I begin?
25. To: No. 8
Sarah B ,   U.S.A. / Israel   (02.25.13)
Very reminiscent of black Americans being taken off the street and lynched for no reason. I find no difference between what these thugs did to this innocent man just doing his job and the centuries of terror which American louts visited upon innocent black Americans. Or the misery that Americans visited upon Japanese Americans during World War II -- you know, putting them in concentration camps, taking their property -- read the U.S. Supreme Court case called Korematsu, you despicable hypocrite. You worry about your country -- let us worry about ours. There is plenty in America that needs fixing -- why not start at home before turning your gaze elsewhere?
26. Jews, if you cannot...
USA   (02.25.13)
Jews, if you are incapable of being light to the world, then Christians will. Muslims unfortumately have failed at this in the centuries since their religion appeared.
27. Every society has low lives, but it is how society itself
leo ,   usa   (02.25.13)
reacts to incidents like this that counts and I must say that comments here made me feel much better than after reading the story.
28. I'm truly sorry it happened!
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.25.13)
In Arad most people have a good relationship with the Arabs and the Bedouin. We buy in their shops and eat in their restaurants. The young Bedouin have gel in their hair and they open and work in stores. Surely this is the way to a peaceful future?
29. #10 - would you have the courage to be a border guard?
Michael Redbourn ,   Arad Israel   (02.25.13)
30. Just look at the usual chest beating Jews: they love to com-
tom ,   tel aviv   (02.25.13)
pare themselves to Arabs as: "we're just as bad as they are". What a sorry bunch you are! This incident being disgusting, shameful and unexcusable is nothing to tens of years of Arab persecution& killing of us Jews just because we are Jews; and remember: Muslims don't drink alcohol, so even that excuse is no good to them. Ye, it's what makes the Peace camp feel so...RIGHTEOUS.
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