'Two states' an empty slogan
Shaul Rosenfeld
Published: 25.02.13, 18:35
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1. EU is also being flooded with Middle East refugees
2. Israel must stop playing games & claim Judea/Samaria.
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.25.13)
Israel should no more talk to P.A. terrorists than America should talk to Al Quaeda. Thousands of Israelis have been maimed and murdered by these "peace talks". Moreover their intention is to steal Jerusalem, Judea & Samaria from Israel and render Israel defenseless, with a 9 mile waist. Israel must stop playing stupid games and claim Judea and Samaria. Judea and Samaria are ours and necessary for Israel's survival.
3. Israel is Israeli state. People of many religions live in IL
Michael ,   California, USA   (02.25.13)
4. Time is precious waste it wisely!
Obsessive ,   Turkey   (02.25.13)
Two states for two peoples is the only,only and only AND ONLY solution. "We do not need the Palestinians to recognize us as a Jewish state". Yes, no need to be afraid. Courage vaccine is not available yet and you can't buy it. Sorry but righteous never feels insecure. How can I give a lifetime warranty and who will give me? Life is in Almighty's hands. I can distinguish between plastic and steel but I can't be an instrument of someone's desires!
5. Partners for what?
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.25.13)
Well written. Why is Bennet forming a partnership with Lapid?
6. #5 possible answer
israel israeli ,   tel aviv   (02.25.13)
It is a mystery, and no one is giving an answer. Maybe Bennet thought Netanyahu wanted a Haredi / Zippy / Lapid coalition to violently ethnically cleanse Judea, Samaria, Jerusalem and Golan of Jews. Maybe Bennet offered Lapid support against Haredim in exchange for protecting Israel?
7. Clearly, until and unless the Palestinian Arab leadership is
Jehudah Ben-Israel ,   Qatzrin, Israel   (02.25.13)
ready to accept Israel's RIGHT to be, to exist as the sovereign nation-state of the Jewish people, and not only accepting the FACT that Israel exists; and, until and unless the leadership of the Palestinian Arabs are ready to accept a peace agreement as the end of the conflict and the end of ALL future demands, there is no sense in pursuing anything but the management of the situation in the best possible way.
8.  Israel wants to remain a Jewish majority country
Sam ,   Canada   (02.25.13)
Saying that Israel wants to remain a country with a Jewish majority is less offensive to non-Jews inside and outside Israel than calling it a Jewish state which implies privileges only for Jews.
9. they are simply saying they want a" HUDNA "
Galut ia ,   Selah   (02.25.13)
Quote:"Op-ed: Palestinians reiterate their 'commitment' to peace process, but refuse to recognize Israel as Jewish state" THEY SIMPLY ARE NOT INTERESTED IN TWO STATES ....
10. stick to what you know!
michael Pielet ,   israel   (02.25.13)
Sam, stick to what you know, Canada. Are you proposing that Israel allow an arab terrorist state sponsored by iran to exist in Judea and Samaria with the purpose of threatening Jerusalem and Gush Dan? Better idea terrorist state in eastern Ontario threatening Toronto!
11. Who cares what they call Israel?!
David G   (02.26.13)
While I seriously doubt a two state solution will ever happen if it does and it resolves all disputes and results in a lasting peace agreement who the heck cares what they call Israel?!
12. #12 What the majority in Israel wants is acceptable to me
Sam ,   Canada   (02.26.13)
A 2 state solution is acceptable to me if that is what the majority in Israel wants. Building the land of Israel is acceptable to me if that is what the majority wants. In all scenarios Israel will have to figure out what is the best solution it will give to Palestinians.
13. Two state solution
nadyac ,   California, USA   (02.26.13)
Stop with the Judea/Samaria lingo, no such place on modern maps.
14. Jewish STATE
X   (02.26.13)
8 states voted against the palestinian STATE: United States, Canada, the Czech Republic, Panama, Marshall Islands, Nauru, Micronesia, Palau Most of them are unknown, How many of these states have recognised Israel as a jewish STATE. Answer: No ONE did! So Why asking palestinian? Answer: because palestinian refugees have the right of RETURN in their lands.
15. only global solutions in a global world
Zsolt ,   Wanganui,NZ   (02.26.13)
I agree with the article, that "two states" is an empty slogan. The deadlock in between Israel and the Palestinians is the most striking example of a seemingly local, regional problem that is impossible to solve locally, regionally. It does not matter what agreement is reached, or signed between Israel and any of the Palestinian representatives as long as Israel's status is not settled with all the other Arabic countries and their international supporters. By widening the scope we can see the same is true to any other geo-political flash-points in the world, or to any other non-geographical, or political aspects of the global crisis engulfing humanity. The world, interests, benefits, relationships have become so intermingled, everybody has become so dependent on everybody else even for daily necessities, that any problem can only be solved with global, mutually considerate planning and action. And this is where everything breaks down at present as there is neither willingness nor actual capability from any party to engage in such solutions. Only Jews and the nation of Israel possesses the blueprint, the historical experience to achieve the unity of seemingly strikingly different, even hateful people based on a covenant, some sort of "supra-natural" connection, providing them with a lifeline through thousands of years. And today, when humanity faces the greatest existential challenge of our history, the time has arrived for the Jews, the nation of Israel to fulfill their mission of becoming "Light onto the Nations", providing them with the practical, working positive example of that national unity, mutual guarantee, that has to spread like a virus around the world.
16. UN '67 borders define Palestine Israel, 2 States, 1 Country
Steve Benassi ,   Silver Bay, MN USA   (02.26.13)
17. no two states
rm ,   Amsterdam NL   (02.26.13)
ok so than what one state for all? With equal rights and obligations? Unlikely? The Jordan option? Not viable. The current situation continuiing indefinitely? Not just.....some solutions please before jumping to conclusions
18. #11 The Reason it is important
Meir ,   Toronto Canada   (02.26.13)
The reason it is important for Abbas et al to recognize Israel as a Jewish state-is not for the sake of Israelis or Jews. It is true we don't need their affirmation. It is for the Palestinians. By not being explicit The Palestinians continue to harbour the expectation of Israel's destruction. The 'peace agreement' is nothing but a Hudna.
19. #14 Only way Pals get right of return is to destroy Israel
Sam ,   Canada   (02.26.13)
Palestinians are delusional if they think they are going to get a right of return. Israel won't give it and there is no law or resolution that will make them, After 65 years it's about time Palestinians saw the writing on the wall. If Palestinians prefer living with their fantasies they will be living in a dead end with no change in their status.
20. not an empty slogan...
k   (02.26.13)
...it's a very meaningful slogan, it aims at destroying Israel!! Time for Jews to wake up!!
21. The Land of Israel
Brod ,   USA   (02.26.13)
Judea and Samaria-the Land of Israel is Israel's Liberated Historic and Biblical Homeland. Israel should say NO to the usurpers and their Hitlerite supporters.
22. # 19 right of RETURN
X   (02.26.13)
1. Nobody Will have to destroy israel, Israel is doing the job, And very well. 2. After 3000 years you give yourself that right, but you Think the palestinian, must Forget their recognised right after 65 years, Why? 3. Except for Jordan, palestinian Refugees in the other countries are not citizen of these countries. 4. They are patient, they have no choice..
23. #14
aaron ,   toronto,canada   (02.26.13)
I agree with you 100%,now lets send them all back to palestine,oh wait a minute,can you please draw a map where palestine is cause my world map doesn't have the country of palestine on it.I think that you mean let them all go back to jordan where 80% of the palestinians live.
24. #23
Rau   (02.26.13)
perhaps you would like to draw the map of judea n samaria. my world map doesn't show it.
25. # 23
X   (02.26.13)
Call it Palestine or Israel or any other word you want. Geographically everybody knows where it is lacated. They have the right to go back to their land, some of them still have the keys of their houses which are not in Jordan.
26. #22 Pal extremists fight any effort to resolve situation
Sam ,   Canada   (02.26.13)
Pre-Israel Palestinians did their best to keep Jews returning to the area. Jews don't owe Palestinians any favours. The Palestinians could have their situation resolved. Any goodwill to do so is attacked by Palestinians who want to immigrate to Israel only for political reasons.If Palestinians prefer waiting they are welcome to do so.
27. #24
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (02.26.13)
Get a new map - because it sure shows on millions of maps. Stupidity on your part is not our fault
28. #22 Pal extremists fight any effort to resolve situation
Sam ,   Canada   (02.26.13)
Pre-Israel Palestinians did their best to keep Jews returning to the area. Jews don't owe Palestinians any favours. The Palestinians could have their situation resolved. Any goodwill to do so is attacked by Palestinians who want to immigrate to Israel only for political reasons.If Palestinians prefer waiting they are welcome to do so.
29. Actually the content is a laten war.
Miron ,   USA   (02.27.13)
Where murdered victims trickle in while the conditions for living are gradually moved from terror acts to regular light bombardment. The next step in this ladder will only tighten the bolts. It's important to push the West into the arena and admit that they are a party to the war. And if they do not chose sides for lack of preference, they need to be carefull not to overplay their own hand. Because in the end Jewish nation and Israel as a whoe state are committed to peace, regardless of the circumstances. Our neighbors have signed peace with Israel before and they know, those are significant events. And some people in Israeli neighborhood are waking up to the value and quality of this proposition. Which shines little under the sun, but comes invariably handy when time comes.
30. Two state solution?
Avraham ,   Jerusalem   (02.27.13)
Good article, but without any new suggestions what should be done to bridge the differencies. Maybe Israeli authorities should consider the idea of changing official name of the state so that in the future it would be called THE JEWISH STATE OF ISRAEL! Anyhow, the Partition Plan for the British mandatory Palestine in 1947 had clearly and repeatedly used the expresion: "The Jewish state".
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