Abbas: Israel seeks chaos in Palestinian territories
Published: 25.02.13, 15:30
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1. for the good of Israel just make sure Bennett is not part of
sam ,   kfar saba   (02.25.13)
the next government.
2. To abu mazen Challes, Israel Doesn't
Have to do anything to get the arabs restless. The sooner arabs accept that trans-jordan is there land they so seek the sooner there will be peace?
3. Bibi trusting terrorist P.A. with Israels security. Madness!
Chaim ,   Israel   (02.25.13)
The P.A. terrorists are the root source of the problem. Bibi trusting the terrorist P.A. with Israel's security is utter madness! Israel needs to drive the P.A. from our land.
4. Abbas: Israel seeks chaos in Palestinian territories?
David ,   Israel   (02.25.13)
The Palestinians don't need any excuse to create "chaos"! They do it very nicely by themselves! Abbas, a terrorist himself (Ma'alot School Massacre, Achille Lauro and other heinous crimes), should take a good look at his own MUSLIM world: Syria, Pakistan, Bahrain, Lebanon, Malaysia, Iraq, Egypt, Yemen, the Maghreb, Afghanistan, Iran and others to see how the Muslims are in Chaos and live in a state of total reliance on violence to do anything! Killing is the Muslim way. Saving lives is the Jewish/Israeli way. Islam only knows the way of violence and killing and that we see every day on the TB News media even with their Israel Bashing policy!
5. Unbelievable chutzpah!
Jane ,   EU   (02.25.13)
What unbelievable chutzpah! The utter audacity of the PA is beyond words. They cannot get what they demand so they riot. Then they blame Israel for the Palestinian decision to engage in violence. It is akin to a child killing its parents and then blaming them for making him an orphan. They attack Israelis and blame the Israelis for retaliating. It is a culture of impunity and martyrdom. The Palestinian situation is a self-inflicted tragedy spanning six decades. With such an attitude and refusal to accept responsibility, it will continue for another six decades too.
6. Inversion of Reality Tactic - who's stoking chaos?
GZLives   (02.25.13)
7. Look at yourselves rather than Find somebody to blame
Martin ,   SA   (02.25.13)
Look at yourselves rather than: find somebody to blame. Use your police force to rain in unrueliness. Prisoners are in prison for act of not towing the line or outright disobediance. Terror activists want to test us. They should not expect special treatment, which they get anyway except if they push too far out of accepted bounds.
8. Yes, Israel is teaching Palestinian kids to hate and kill
Carl ,   USA   (02.25.13)
Israel preaches hatred from the Palestinian mosques. Israel runs summer camps teaching Palestinian children the "glory" of jihad martyrdom. Israel names town squares, streets and schools for terrorists who murdered Israeli children. Yes, it is Israel that seeks chaos and stokes unrest in spite of the message of peace and tolerance shouted from every corner of Palestinian society. Right...
9. #1. Why? So your neighbors in Kalkilyah
A ,   Belgium   (02.25.13)
can calmly walk into a house on Weizman Street and slit a few childrens throats? Bibi had a defense minister from the left who was a pathetic disaster, and another pacifist, weak, "give everything they want to the palestinians" government is in the making. Is that what you want?
10. More than 70000 killed in Syria
Mordo Kaye   (02.25.13)
among them some thousand Palestinians too. More than 30'000 Pal's displaced also in Syria It doesn't move any one neither in Ramallah nor in Gaza. It's not amazing that they make a big show for a prisoner before the autopsy arrive to a conclusion ?
11. bho stay home! we know you are helping your muslim brothers
Cylia ,   Modiin, Israel   (02.25.13)
12. It's not rocket science that Israel is instigating chaos
Edithann ,   USA   (02.25.13)
and they will continue until all Palestinians are in Jordan... That's the Israeli rational... and to say anything else is another Israeli Lie... TATA
13. Abbas coments...
michel ,   Ashkelon   (02.25.13)
The comments of Abbas lately make think he has a brain problem.They are so pathetic , ridicoulous and paranoid that I think his people must die of shame. A child would find better arguments than his.
14. #10 Yeah
I know you wish that the situation in Syria would give you more freedom to do your own dirty little things, but world is a bitch.
15. What is the real provocation for Abbas ?
Istvan ,   BUDAPEST HUNGARY   (02.25.13)
The very existence of Israel. Hopeless to talk a simple word with such a person.
16. #14 Yeah
kevin ,   usa   (02.25.13)
you failed to answer the question.
17. #12 Edithann - Those poor Palestinian vicitms
Carl ,   USA   (02.25.13)
They try so hard to make peace and teach their children to love and honor their neighbors. And those mean Israelis just keep fomenting violence and hatred. Yup, you sure have a good grasp on reality (NOT)!
18. #16
You mean the irrelevant question about autopsy? I wonder how Israel would react if Shalit died of a heart attack in Palestinian prison.
19. 18.
Birdi ,   Israel   (02.25.13)
dumb question to ask. shalit was in a hamas prison in gaza. gaza is governed by hamas. try not to ''wonder'' to much, your brain may explode.
20. # 17...You got that right for a change...
Edithann ,   USA   (02.26.13)
Israel want's all of Palestine..without the Palestinians...Do you live under a rock that you don't know that already? When you have your home and crops taken over by foreigners, then let's see what you'll do...Oh, I know, you'll run to Israel...The 'light unto nations"....too're just too, too funny... Your not even close to Rocket Science material...... TATA
21. Core Terms
Zechariah   (02.26.13)
The Palestinians cannot realistically expect a state while Iran Races to nuclear capability .With only six million Jews in Israel Right of Return is Out cannot conceive of it in the Real World.
22. corrupt geriatric fraud
bernard ross   (02.26.13)
the pals have been in mental shackles due to leadership like abbas who is of course very rich. I dont expect anything to change
23. What does 'Peace' wtih Israel mean anyway?
Will it mean they can have their homes and lands back? What peace and why should the PA's try for peace if there is no way they will get their homes and lands back... TATA
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